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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Open Thread: Help Me Out Here

So, what's been happening while I was on blog break during Warren's visit to the AOW household and the D.C. area? All of us were having too much fun to be much concerned about politics!

Please bring me up to date about what happened from July 14 through July 22.

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  1. Russia, Russia, Russia...

    Now, you're up to date!

  2. Nothing worth talking about. In your case, ignorance of "current events" and "news" is bliss.

    1. SF,
      Along with OJ, OJ, OJ? I heard something about that, too, and the talking heads were going back to the murder trial. Sheesh. Old "news."

  3. FJ took my thunder..... Sessions Sessions Sessions for second place! So glad to hear you had wonderful break. (Nothing really new)

    1. Bunkerville,
      Nothing really new

      That seems to be the case!

      I didn't really read any newspapers for a week. A whole week! Warren was here, and all of us were having too much fun to be much interested in the newspaper.

      We took a few glances at the web in the evenings. Instead of looking at computer screens, we were talking with each other. How quaint!

      I think that Warren read himself to sleep by using his Kindle.

  4. Fredo suddenly remembered there was a known Russian money launderer attending the "adoption" meeting.
    President Happy Hands is feeling the noose tightening and is asking if he has the power to pardon himself.
    Lot of speculation that he's going to can Mueller.

    The rethugs are making fools of themselves trying to get the Affordable Care Act repealed.
    Without its tax cuts for the top earners funded by denying health care to the poor they can't proceed with much of anything.
    Tax reform (but not for the working class base) is stalled.

    No signs of the wall.
    The infrastructure giveaway is on hold.

    The only progress on the alt-right agenda has been Betsy DeVos pimping for fraudulent for profit colleges.

    Time to see what your book has for an over/under on Happy Hands pulling a Nixon.
    Time to admit he's a disaster.

    Not that it should all be a loss, hope you got to the Smithsonian.

    1. President Trump is not a disaster, but Democrats are beating the GOOP like a Drum.

      The Dems are the minority everywhere, but they hold every high card and drive the agenda. Brilliant.

      Meanwhile the GOOP learned nothing from all the years Democrats controlled things: Stonewall. Pull a Loretta Lynch and flip the bird to people concerned she met with the husband of a perp under investigation.

      The GOOP--gaining majorities everywhere and finally in control of everything--remind me of the dog who finally caught the car.

      ...and then the car backed over him and smashed him flat.

      I do predict the the Repubes will get tax cuts for the rich done, and they'll also do a nice job one-upping Obama by exploding the debt even more than the Chicago Syndicate did.

      If you're looking for heroes in DC, or virtue or honesty or consistency, you're a fool.

    2. Duck,
      hope you got to the Smithsonian

      We did, and more: Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, WW2 Memorial one day; Air & Space and American Indian another day; Natural History another day; NRA Firearms Museum another day.

      Too hot for Mount Vernon.

      Warren is a museum lover -- as are TMW, Mr. AOW, and I.

      We had problems with Mr. AOW's scooter. He needs a more powerful one to do museums; as it was, he lost over 2 hours each day when he had to plug in at the museum.

    3. SF,
      Democrats are beating the GOOP like a Drum.

      The Dems are the minority everywhere, but they hold every high card and drive the agenda. Brilliant.

      Looks that way from where I'm sitting, too. **sigh**



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  5. We expected this, didn't we?

    The Swamp is draining El Donaldo.

    If the Democrats can get their vulgar, loony left fringers to tamp down their violent, mouth-foaming rants, they could win back the normals and make some big gains in the mid-terms.

    I don't see the GOOP getting much done besides perhaps tax cuts for the rich and maybe kicking off five or six more Trump investigations led by deputized Democrats.

    If the GOP can't leverage this historic opportunity to move President Trump's agenda, they're toast, including One-Term Donald.

    The mountain West is no longer the land of wide open spaces. We are increasingly demographically dominated by a handful of teeming urban centers indistinguishable from those that hug and crowd the coasts. Invading progressives fleeing the hellholes they created are driving the demographic shift.

    Face it, the global trend is strongly toward internationalist progressivism. It feels good, with all the pre-canned platitudes to spout to one another, the virtue signaling, the heady rush of destroying ancient shibboleths and erecting post-modern totems over the ruins. Conservatism is a hard sell, made even harder by the crapulent, moralizing, tin-eared dullards peddling it.

    Progressivism is easy. All the cool kids are doing it!

    It's a shame, really. Conservatism, as eloquently enunciated by Russell Kirk, is a beautiful philosophy grounded in brute reality and a wise weather eye on unchangeable human nature.

    Too bad nobody in the GOOP has even a passing familiarity with it. Too bad nobody in the GOOP knows how to advance conservatism by putting it into practice and allowing its flowering successes to sell itself.

    My only consolation will be sitting back as an old man and laughing as I watch the millennials and their progressive fellow travelers--who have been screaming for socialism--get it good and hard. They will end up with nothing but bitter fruits:

    Trudging off to work in an ever-shrinking world hemmed in by the We-Say-So State, only to fork over the majority of their earnings projects of a higher purpose than caring for their own families...

    Deep down, we all knew this would happen. Hillary was the candidate of the Democrats and Republicans. Donald Trump ran against both parties, but alas and inexplicably, he didn't lawyer up. He entered the DC Swamp with a few naive friends and family and a plunger, when he needed an army of experienced shysters equipped with industrial grade hazmat gear.

    The entire Republican-Democrat DC Duopoly must defeat President Trump. Not only to save themselves and their corruption-bloated carcasses, but to also warn off any other outsiders with the temerity to think they can barge in to the People's Government, tame it, and turn it back over to the people.

    President Trump and the millions he represent are so yesterday, unfit for this Brave New World.

    Stateless Global Corporations and the Political Elite have too much to lose to allow us to run our own lives, and the GOOP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of that crime syndicate from hell, so fie on them all.

    1. SF,
      And Too bad nobody in the GOOP has even a passing familiarity with Russell Kirk. I doubt that many in the GOP have even heard the name of Russell Kirk.

      Few today are interested in ideology as far as I can tell.

    2. SF,
      The Swamp is draining El Donaldo.

      It's more than a swamp. It's a cesspool with pockets of quicksand.

  6. Other than that... it was a good week.

  7. Replies
    1. Ed,



      Priebus no longer works for the White House?

      I'd heard that Scaramucci is the new Director of Communications. I guess that Melissa McCarthy is out of her SNL job.

    2. PS: I haven't done much reading of the news today. I spent hours catching up on emails, then getting some sleep.

    3. I said Priebus, meant Spicer.

    4. Ed,

      I understand that Spicer resigned in a snit because of the appointment of Scaramucci. Is my understanding accurate?

  8. Sessions hasn't fired Rosenwhatever for appointing Mueller. He should subsequently step down or unrecuse himself. Like SF said, we haven't learned the rules: No Rules.

    And thank God for you coming back.

  9. Welcome back. Sounds like you were able to hit the best places in that sweaty cesspool. As much as I try to avoid it, since I'm likely heading overseas again soon, my girls talked me into taking them to the Spy Museum this week.

    You probably heard that POTUS appointed a new [and inexperienced] WH Communications Director. A rather min-me clone of Trump, who is a gun control advocate and has a history of voting for and contributing to, Obama and Clinton. What could go wrong?

    - CI

    1. CI,
      I've never been to the Spy Museum.

      I don't know much about Anthony Scaramucci -- except that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum. A globalist, IMO.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. But DJT is not HRC. That alone garners support for DJT.


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