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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See Ohio: Kids brutally beaten for being bad Muslims, caseworker on trial for mentioning Islam in their file at Jihad Watch.

In America!


A caseworker is required by law to record in the file what the children say. Why should cases involving Muslims get a special dispensation from the rule of civil law?


  1. The county is rightly footing the bill for defending the caseworker. But that is money out of the taxpayers’ coffers — money spent to beat back the establishment of shari’a law in America.

  2. Tip of the iceberg. This is only the beginning.

  3. So true. And how safe will be the caseworker after the trial?

  4. UNREAL!!! I live very close to Franklin County. I haven't heard a PEEP about this in our local news!

    Of course, there is a large mosque around here. Mustn't offend Islam...

  5. Further, had a Christian done something like this, the HLN and such channels would be on this story like a dog with a bone!

  6. Brooke, in the article, the caseworker's asked if she'd have mentioned CHristianity had it been a Christian family's strictness and she says "She might have" Ya, right..as if she wouldn't have (or most wouldn't have?)
    NO peep of this in your news and you're in the area? TYPICAL.

    AOW, we have to stop this and it isn't working; I guess the DOJ is winning, huh?

  7. Political correctness has run amok. Nowhere is this more obvious than the shooting at Fort Hood. Now, a child protective services worker runs afoul of PC while merely doing her job. One would think that we would have learned, but then you would be wrong. Unbelievable.

  8. Because political correctness has everyone muted.

    Right Truth

  9. What are the chances that the case was handled with a blatant unprofessional prejudice towards Muslim? Would that be cause for professional censure?

    Of course we don't know but this is "believe anything Spencer puts on the plate" day. You are so willing to believe anything the little bigot says you me be cowing down on the pure stinky cheese.

  10. Ok its militia time!

    That goes for get the Republican lawyers NOW!!!

  11. A group of taxpayers need to sue!

    Start spreading the news!

  12. I saw a great bumper sticker:

    You can't have my freedom! I'm still using it!

  13. The PC can kiss my ass and then again let em just try it!!!

  14. Wow, what do you even say to that? PC is already killing a ton of people. I imagine it's only going to get worse.

  15. Duck,
    You can hate Robert Spencer all you want, but the post cited does have a news link and is not a story invented by Mr. Spencer.

  16. Wow, that comment by Ducky is completely incoherent!

    Why might that be?


  17. Brooke,
    You can't expect proper thinking skills from a leftist.


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