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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Data Mining

Using the web comes at a cost additional to access fees:

Please read this article, as well as the embedded links, in the current edition of Time Magazine for more information.

Another interesting aspect to virtual life: Colleges' admissions departments scrutinize Facebook pages. I'm guessing that colleges' admissions departments check out other social networks, too, including blogs and Twitter.

Yet another hassle in the virtual world: the hacking of accounts. Recently, one of my homeschool students had his Facebook account hacked. As a result, he was locked out of his own account and had to watch helplessly as inappropriate material was posted in his name on his friends' Facebook walls,

I've also known friends how had their email accounts hacked with the result that everyone in the hacked account's address book received waves and waves of spam, which appeared to come from a trusted friend.

Remember the warning from Hill Street Blues as you surf the web, an arena with diminishing privacy and diminishing security:


  1. I'm appalled at some of the things I see posted on Facebook including talking about drug usage and other illegal activities. It will come back to haunt most of these kids...

  2. I understand that employers are now checking to see if prospective employees are on facebook and other social sites. Apparently there is software that gives them access via "criminal check" methods used to do a criminal background search. It would be wise for all to remember when using any of these social sites to beware what we write and whom we choose to be our friends. There are people that have lost job opportunities due to their sick tete ta tete's on Facebook and MySpace - not limited to Twitter andothers. Pathetically sad.

  3. Freedom always comes with a heavy dose of responsibility. The Internet has always had its snoopers and hackers. I doubt that is ever going to change. The last thing we need, in my opinion, is for the governmentt to get involved.

    BTW, this is a great site. I've added it to my blogroll and I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor.



  4. I have to say that I'm in favor of employers doing checks on social networking sites. I have learned, the hard way, that people that have no personal standards, will have no professional standards as well.

  5. It's all out there folks, and it's out there forever.

  6. A lot of fools out there who think they can behave like clowns and no one will find out. It's alright with me though, it improves my chances. :)

  7. Silverfiddle said:

    It's all out there folks, and it's out there forever.

    I do wonder if teenagers really understand "forever."

  8. AOW, for me 'forever' lasted from September until school let out at the beginning of June.

  9. I only allow Friends on my Facebook page. I do not play any games or allow anyone that I do not know on my page. I hope this will keep me from getting hacked.

    I worry for some of my friends who allow everyone and their uncle to post. Not very smart. I get a bunch of requests from kids from my church and I reject them all and even people that go to my church. I am very selective.

  10. I don't use social networking sites.

    I prefer face-to-face contact and minus that, phone or email contact.

    I just "unsubscribed" to another site which churns out bulletins and try to keep the lines clean. Do avoid Boxbe. It is a worm-infested creature.

    Good post and reminder of the hazards of leaving a digital footprint.


  11. Tammy,
    Thank you for weighing in.

    One of the books I'm planning to read shortly is The Flickering Mind. Supposedly, all this online engagement is altering young people's brains. I tend to believe that such is the case, but I don't know to what extent or how detrimental such rewiring is.

  12. hmm, I'm a teenager but do understand being careful on the web.
    I don't have a facebook (did for two days then get some sense and shut it down), twitter is under a false name and secondary e-mail, said email is under a false name, age, and location, my real one I never give out, and I am careful about what I say online.

    doing a google search... I've done that, but couldn't find anything on myself. still careful though


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