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Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Twelve-year-old Smokey lives in Northampton, England, and may set a record for the decibel level of her purring sounds:

Read more about Smokey HERE.

Our cat Cameo has a motor, but not nearly as loud as Smokey's. Cameo did come to intruder-alert status when she heard the soundtrack of the above video. LOL.


  1. We had an outdoor cat that had a purr like she had smoked for 30 years.

  2. Honey, are you mowing the lawn or is that the cat again?

  3. Cameo looks like one of my cats!

  4. I miss our cats. One died and the other went crazy so we had to take him to the SPCA. It broke our hearts but we really tried dealing with the feces and pee in guitar cases, and attacking us in the middle of the night.

    Now we have two pugs.

  5. Dcat,
    If you like cats, you might like to read something I wrote a while back: Cameo and the Christmas Tree.

    Is your Cameo-look-alike a male or a female?

    My Cameo is one headstrong cat.

  6. Steve,
    Two pugs?

    Just the looks of a pug can make a personal smile.

  7. BTW, Cameo's mother's name was Smokey. That particular Smokey was 1/2 bluepoint Siamese.

    Cameo doesn't look the least bit Siamese, though.

  8. It is funny how some cats purr loudly and others barely at all. I've always had my cats in pairs, and one has always been a loud purrer and the other soft.


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