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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Musical Interlude

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

In honor of spring (hat tip to Leslie), even though we're going through a last blast of winter here in the D.C. area this weekend, and never mind the final words on the videotape:

I have a yellow tiger kitty, so I admit that this video touched my heart in a special way.


  1. What a wonderful song ... It made my morning. Thanks

  2. Nice change of pace AOW. We get too bogged down in all the bad stuff and need something light. Spring is almost here, can't wait.

    Right Truth

  3. Gotta have some relief from the doom and gloom!

  4. wow, I haven't heard that song since my old madaline tapes... brings back memories.

    and they were so cute! adorabubble.

    P.S. AOW I hope your feeling better!

  5. That was sublime. My heart melted as the little fawn curled herself around kitty.

    We sure could learn from God's precious creatures.

  6. Wow! What a great video. Hearing Louie again was pretty nice too. Back in 1961 he and his All Stars were doing a goodwill tour of Africa, and they gave our two Navy destroyers in Abidjan a free concert for over an hour. Louie was a great guy.

    That's an amazing video. Great find, Mrs. AOW.

  7. Black Sheep,
    That's a wonderful story about Louie Armstrong. Yes, he was a wonderful person in so many ways.

    Glad that you enjoyed the video and that this video brought back great memories for you.


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