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Friday, March 11, 2011

Who Wrote Obama's Books?

One factor leading to Obama's election in 2008 was, no doubt, the bestselling books he had authored.

Supposedly authored, that is.

From American Thinker (hat tip to Cube):
Three Cheers for Jack Cashill

By Herbert E. Meyer

Would you believe me if I told you that while in Milan last weekend, I'd been to La Scala for the world premiere of a new opera by George W. Bush? And would you ever again take me seriously if I published a review of Bush's new opera in which I wrote that "...through this work, so infused with the passion of Carmen, the musicality of La Boheme and the drama of Tosca, our forty-third president takes his place as the most gifted composer in the history of American politics"?

Of course not. No one, not even that former-Bush-White-House-press-secretary blonde who keeps showing up on Fox News, would believe this because it's utterly preposterous. A man who has displayed not the slightest musical talent simply cannot sit down one day and produce an operatic masterpiece.

And as Jack Cashill proves in "Deconstructing Obama," it is just as preposterous to believe that President Obama actually wrote his lyrical, extravagantly praised autobiography, "Dreams from My Father." On page after page, chapter after chapter, Cashill shows why it simply isn't possible for Obama to have produced such a high-quality autobiography....


...Cashill reports two specific instances in which Ayers acknowledges his authorship of "Dreams." That's interesting, to say the least....


By "Deconstructing Obama" page by page -- and piece by piece -- Cashill brings the reader to understand that in 2008 "Barak Obama" wasn't a candidate but a carefully created myth....
Read the rest HERE.

Further reading and worth your time: this series of articles by Jack Cashill.

I'm not by nature a conspiracy theorist. However, the few pieces of writing we do know that Obama actually wrote don't begin to show the level of prose used in The Audacity of Hope and Dreams of My Father. I can state so definitively as I've read both those books.


  1. Okay, raise your hand if you didn't know Obama ... and everyone and everything connnected to Obama, is a fraud.

  2. Great article. So Bill Ayers wrote that stuff. One more lie revealed.

    For the record, a Certificate of Live Birth is NOT a birth certificate. If you adopt someone you are given a Cert. of Live Birth by the court with you now listed as a parent, and no hospital is listed on it. That Certificate is a legal formality recognizing that a person exists and who their parents are. Nothing more. Real valid-sounding name though, huh?

    I Told You So Department: Back when bloggers were vilifying Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency, I was imploring them to vilify Obama and praise Hillary, because it was clear that one of them was going to win the election and of the two, Hillary was the better choice of poison.

    No one listened. It probably wouldn't have mattered anyway, but it's like having a Wallace bumper sticker on your car after Nixon won. Talk about embarrassed, red faces and denial.

  3. Well, he's President now, and if his failed policies and indecision that has thus far marked his presidency doesn't convince the world that he is a fraud, no book will.

  4. If Obama has pulled off such a fraud with these books, the fraud has brought him millions of dollars.

    According to THIS in the WaPo:

    Obama Earned Nearly $2.5 Million in Book Royalties in 2008

  5. How far have fallen when all that fraud get's one millions, and the presidency?

  6. I'm with Mustang, but I would like to follow the money trail here...

    Tear apart the finances and see who is profiting from this fraud.

  7. and the strings unravle more and more...
    this guy is nothing but a puppet, held up by his puppetmasters (whoever they are), and everything about him is fake.
    there is no way such a bad speaking graduated at havard, he wouldn't have gottin IN in the first place!
    There is no way he has done anything truely political besides speaking, and even there he's bad.
    and now his book is fake. no suprise, the guys a fraud. and a idiot.
    as for the certificat, zero suprise. The guy hates america too much to have acualy grown up here.

    though I doubt hilerary would be much better, at least she knows the job, and has acual experiance as a politition.

    I'm just praying this gets out, the more the public knows about the big fraud, the less likely he'll be re-elected.

  8. Wildstar,
    If the GOP doesn't get its act together quickly, Obama will win again in 2012. At least, that's my prediction.

  9. Black Sheep,
    I remember all that vilifying of Hillary.

    I, too, said at the time, "At this rate, BHO will get the nod and win the election."

    We are Cassandras, huh?

  10. Brooke said - "Tear apart the finances and see who is profiting from this fraud."

    One of the main puppet masters is George Soros. His billions fund a plethora of leftists causes and shadow organizations worldwide. I think he has been to the White House about a half a dozen times since "the One" has been elected. A lot of "the Ones" advisers and appointees have demonstrated ties to Soros funded organizations. I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe there is something to this. It's really not very secret at all.

    And yes, "O" could get elected again. He has BIG money behind him, the "mainstream media" is his lap dog. Unfortunately I still encounter many people I would normally consider educated, rational people who cannot connect dots. I had lunch with two colleagues who are Obama supports. I tried to have a rational, in-depth discussion about some specific issues and how Obama was addressing them. All I heard back was Democrat talking points and evasion of really hard questions, followed by more talking points.

    I did learn from them that the surging economy of Red China is a positive thing we should not fear, Iran really is just bluffing and doesn't mean it, and the Islamic Brotherhood will not take over Egypt because the people are too educated and like western ways. I also learned that "over taxation and over regulation" is simply an excuse used by corporate capitalists to lay off workers or move out of the country. We're not really that broke. That was the end of the discussion despite every fact and statistic that I brought up. Some people are just lost, period and many others are more focused on Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.

    And we still have too many Blue Blood Republicans that disdain the conservatives that uphold real Republican principles.


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