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Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See Colorado: Saudi Muslim who enslaved housekeeper for 4 years has sentence reduced at Creeping Sharia. More special treatment for the practitioners of the religion of pieces.


  1. Yup, so much for equality under the law too.

  2. This is fairly typical of how the Saudi's treat their infidel servants in the Middle East with only the most severe cases of abuse going to trial and then only a light sentence is imposed.

    It's nice to see that the Saudi scumbag has picked up American convict behavior so well though. At least our criminal culture is making an impact on these guys. That at least will be somewhat familiar when these losers impose Sharia on the rest of us because of the left's love affair with multiculturalism.

  3. You mean they didn’t have a liberal ass lawyer pop out of the wood work?

    You know, like the one that is working to sue a mom and her blog on a rapist that raped her 11 year old that wants to sue her for her blog about him!?

    Where is the liberal ass human right morons for this!?!

  4. Sharia coming soon to a town near you.

  5. More special treatment for a Muslim! Rape and enslavement are perfectly acceptable under Sharia, which Islamists try to import everywhere they go.


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