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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Inconvenient Reality

The facts about the Muslim Brotherhood (hat tip to Creeping Sharia):

The West likes to pretend that such facts don't matter. Of course, day will come when such pretense collapses in the face of reality.


  1. What I think is ironic is that the homosexuals, feminists, and the Jews who support these monsters will be the first to be beheaded if the Muslims take over.

    It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

  2. I have not seen any evidence that the gays are supporting them. It is a punishment of death for them to engage in this behavior.

  3. I can only conclude that most people don't want to know the truth and TPTB that do know the truth are going to let it happen for their own reasons. I'm not optomistic at this point.

  4. How much more can one write against Islam? Christians certainly have a blood filled history. I wonder who died and made any of us God, Judge, and Jury? The Lord said, "Judge not, for the measure you judge with so shall you be judged." Let God condemn, not man. Jesus also said to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Jesus did not say only love them if they are not Muslim. I am sick of the hate rhetoric. This world has problems from all sects of peoples, cultures, and religions and this hate only begets hate. Yes, the Muslim brotherhood is bad, but reiterating the hate is far worse. As Christians do we not know better? Love begets love. Has anyone prayed and asked the Lord for His guidance?

  5. Layla: Are you serious or are you doing a parody of a misguided liberal?

    Since you know The Bible so well, you also know about judging things by their fruits.

    The hate rhetoric emanates from the islamists, not Christians. And we are not "reiterating" it.

    We look at the misogyny, head cutting, gay-killing muslim lands, and we don't want it washing up on our American shores. If you love them so much, go preach to them in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia about Jesus.

  6. We ignore the truth about the moslem brotherhood and islam at our own peril.

  7. it is so much worse than we imagine AOW..u should see parts of NY..looks like saudi arabia...sick!

  8. Hi friends,

    I just finished listening to the most interesting radio program on IDF radio with four Israeli-Arab "Egg heads", discussing the current events in the ME.
    The main points which kept popping up during the 60 minutes program, were:-

    1 - The shocking discovery of how fragile and hollow were the Arab regimes and the traditional ruling families for centuries!

    2 - The painful sobering up from the hangover after the revolution ! There is no alternative ! They must start the whole thing from ZERO !

    3 - The fear from the " Allah's gift to humanity ", aka "One man. one vote, one time!" like the "A La Carter style democracy" in Gaza "

    It is going to be a very long story ! And extremely bloody ! ( IMO )

    They are already dragging Israel into the mess !

    They can not explain Jahanam ( Hell ) to themselves, without the presence of Jews !....


  9. And the people that know about it are being ignored. And millions will pay dearly for it.

  10. We know the day is coming when armed Americans will HAVE TO go to war in their own country to take it
    back from the hordes of radical muslims that are increasing rapidly
    thanks to the efforts of obama and past administrations.

    There are more than 1.6 billion bullets in this country and we
    will eventually win. But how innocent lives will be lost in
    doing so? Many of us(more each day)
    are NOT fooled nor will we bow down
    to any mussie potus or islam, period.

  11. Layla,
    We also have the following in the Lord's Word:

    Psalm 94:16 (NIV): Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?

    We are commanded to stand against evil and evil doers.

    Now, on a personal level, we Christians are commanded to reach out to all people. On a governmental level, we are not so commanded.

    The Israelites were commanded by Jehovah to stand against Baal and the prophets of Baal. In many respects, Allah IS Baal.

  12. BTW, sorry for not responding to all comments here. Yesterday, I was felled by a "stomach thing," either food poisoning or a stomach virus. No way could I even get to the computer! Nor did I want to!

    Still wobbly today, but much better than yesterday.

  13. AOW, I hope you recover fully today. Praying you are better.

    We have to expose what radical Islam is. It is violent, it is hate and it calls for the blood of the innocent. Look at the Fogel family. Look at all the Jews that have been viciously attacked and butchered by Muslim extremists. And not only Jews, but American soldiers and workers.

    If you are not a Muslim, you are considered an enemy. Plain and simple. We are infidels to them.

    My heart broke when I saw that poor woman crying over her beloved husband.

    We must never stop exposing the truth of Islam.

  14. Mark makes an excellent point and how they are taking over Egypt.

    Right Truth

  15. That is indeed who these people are. They do not hide their contempt for us or their intent to murder us. Israel has been offering them the olive branch for generations, but the killing continues. They will not rest and they will never relent. Hatred is embedded in their DNA.

  16. Yes and islam is full of nutcases!

    Hope you are doing better AOW.

  17. A very useful and frightening video. Linked at my place tomorrow.

    I believe each of us warning about Islam are doing the best we can in a sea of quicksand. We just need more of us. Our weight would displace the quicksand and enable us to stand firmly for what we know is right.


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