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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Intel Agencies Continue Spying on President Trump

Silverfiddle Rant!
You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you."  -- Senator Charles Schumer

CNN Headline:

Trump at center of new intelligence storm as whistleblower mystery explodes

A weasel in the bowels of our nation's overfed and undereffective Intel agencies has called a whistleblower hotline claiming President Trump "made a promise to a foreign leader."  We don't know what the promise was, or to whom, but I wonder...

Did he whisper to Vlad that he would have more flexibility after his reelection?

Did he hand Iran's criminal dictators hundreds of millions of dollars?

Who knows.  Here's what we do know: 

US intelligence agencies are spying on the President.

Go here and watch the video snippet. CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd is a Trump-hater, and he rightly calls this what it is.

“The president can say what he wants. It’s not the responsibility of the intel guys to go police the president and go snitch on him to the Congress. Ridiculous!”

Depending on the circumstances, it could also be illegal.

This is another ginned up Democrat political stunt carried out by a toadie stooge at one of the agencies.  Ordinarily, the whistleblower would be listened to, the matter investigated, and that's it.  I suspect the Trump Administration is giving this full attention to avoid charges they used their power to squelch it.  As a bonus, Schiff and the Pelosicrats in Congress will run with this, and it will be one more nothingburger blowing up in their faces.

Wait for it...

Monday, September 16, 2019

Recommended Reading

See A Political Party Stupid Enough to Call You a Racist Is Too Stupid to Govern by Rick Moran at PJ Media.

What happens when a political party is hijacked by fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics who don't care whether they win or lose an election?

They lose elections.

That's where the Democrats are headed because they'd rather be "right" than clever. And when it comes to the issue of race, Democrats think they have a corner on "right."

They've got a small problem, though. In order to appeal to the fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics to tap them for money and support, they have to at least give lip service to their warped views on race. And that includes calling you and me and about 70 percent of the American voters "racist....
Read the rest HERE.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Musical Interlude

(For politics, please scroll down)

"Solveig's Song," from Peer Gynt, by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907):

[Read about Peer Gynt, which chronicles the journey of its titular character from the Norwegian mountains to the North African desert. According to Klaus Van Den Berg, "its origins are romantic, but the play also anticipates the fragmentations of emerging modernism" and the "cinematic script blends poetry with social satire and realistic scenes with surreal ones."  Peer Gynt has also been described as the story of a life based on procrastination and avoidance....]

Friday, September 13, 2019

Video: Who Owns You?

Hat tip to my dear friend Mustang, who emailed me the link to the video below:

How, then, should we proceed? What, then, should we do?

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Never Forget

Eighteen years ago today....

It will never be distant history for me.

For me, it is as yesterday.  And my anger still burns.

All those hours waiting to hear if two of my homeschool fathers were still alive. Phone services of all types were in a knot, and the wait seemed endless. Both of these men were unharmed, but one had a very close call: he was supposed to be in one of the Pentagon rooms directly hit that horrible morning. Thank God that he was called away to Capitol Hill a mere fifteen minutes before American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon.

And who can forget watching live the collapse of the Twin Towers after being struck by American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175?

And there were those long minutes awaiting the location of United Airlines Flight 93. Thank God for the patriots aboard that flight.

Yes, eighteen years is a long time ago.

But not for me.

And I will never buy into the whitewash of Islam.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Open Thread

My blog break has ended: Warren has returned home.

It was wonderful — rejuvenating — to take a hiatus from politics and enjoy Warren's company!

I'm not quite ready to publish a blog post, so I'm opting for an open thread for a few days.

Here are two links to get the conversation started:

1. Julián Castro Lauds How Muslims Have Helped Make America Great by Robert Spencer.

2.  Leftist Gestapo: 'No Laughing at Chappelle Jokes!': Progressives fly into a totalitarian rage after a comedian dares to mock their sacred cows by Daniel Greenfield.

So, what's on your mind?

Here is your chance to opine within the parameters listed below:

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1. Any use of profanity or abusive language
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Blog Break (Updated)

Comment moderation intermittently enabled.

Real life, this time, pleasurable real life, supersedes virtual life!

Warren is coming for a visit — his third visit to Washington, D.C.!

There's too much going on here to work on publishing blog posts.

Then, once Warren arrives, we'll be busy doing some sightseeing. First up: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.  After that, sightseeing plans have not yet been definitively made.

During this blog's hiatus, enjoy Classical Music for Reading - Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky...:

Index to the music on the above audio can be found by clicking "show more" HERE.


We have now toured both Thomas Jefferson's Monticello (on a brutally hot day) and James Madison's Montpelier (in cool weather).

Next up: National Museum of Health and Medicine.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Open Thread

In looking back through my posts, I see that it has been over a year since this blog has opened a full-on open thread.

Here are two links to get the conversation started:

1. 3-Way Lead as Dem 2020 Picture Shifts: Sanders and Warren rise; Biden drops

2. Why Everything They Say About The Amazon, Including That It's The 'Lungs Of The World,' Is Wrong

So, what's on your mind?

Here is your chance to opine within the parameters listed below:

We welcome civil dialogue at Always on Watch. Comments that include any of the following are subject to deletion:
1. Any use of profanity or abusive language
2. Off topic comments and spam
3. Use of personal invective

Note: comments consisting of blog gossip will be deleted as soon as an administrator of this blog becomes aware of such comments.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Musical Interlude

(For politics, please scroll down)

Für Alina by Arvo Pärt (1935-present), the most performed living composer in the world:

About Für Alina:
Für Alina is a work for piano composed by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. It can be considered as an essential work of his tintinnabuli style.


Für Alina was dedicated to a family friend's eighteen-year-old daughter. The family had broken up and the daughter went to England with her father. The work, dedicated to the daughter, was actually meant as a work of consolation for the girl's mother, missing her child. Its introspection calls to mind a vivid image of youth, off to explore the world....
Read the rest HERE.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

"Gender Wars" And The Choir

Insanity is everywhere!

Even in the highbrow music world.

From 9-year-old girl sues German boys choir over gender bias (dated August 10, 2019, emphases mine):
BERLIN (AP) — A 9-year-old girl is suing a centuries-old Berlin boys choir, arguing that her bid to join was only rejected because of her gender, in a case that has sparked debate over equal rights versus artistic freedom.

The State and Cathedral Choir is one of the most renowned boys choirs in Germany, founded in 1465 by Fredrick II of Brandenburg. Over its 554 years, it has never admitted any girls.

The choir contends the girl’s rejection was “not predominantly about her gender” and she would have been asked to join if she had displayed extraordinary talent and motivation and “if her voice had matched the desired sound characteristics of a boys choir,” the court said.

The choir also expressed doubt it would have been able to work with the girl’s parents....


...The case has elicited strong feelings, with many weighing in on the side of the choir, arguing that it’s less about talent than about tone, and that mixing the choir would bring an end to a traditional sound.

Writing for the influential Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, society columnist Hannah Bethke said “nobody has said girls can’t sing as well.”

“But the timbre is different, and judging that should be left to the musicians and the musicologists,” she wrote this week. “Anyone who wants to enforce a misunderstood gender equality here sacrifices a cultural asset.”...

Read the rest HERE.

That this case even had to go to court is insanity. 

Victory!  The court ruled in the choir's favor.   For now, anyway.

Sample of the pristine sound of the Berlin State and Cathedral Choir:

The Berlin State and Cathedral Choir's YouTube channel is HERE.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 19, 2019

The Swatting Of A Whistle Blower

[image credit]

If true, big tech thuggery.

From True Pundit (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):
San Francisco Police, its bomb squad and the FBI surrounded the residence of Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, just hours before he was scheduled to provide evidence to the Justice Department detailing how the tech giant has been manipulating its algorithms to promote an anti-Trump agenda and censor Conservatives on Google and YouTube.

Vorhies is a former senior Google software engineer, who on August 5th was in the process of delivering a Google laptop and internal documents to the Justice Department’s Antitrust division. But his whistle blowing efforts were stymied by police who stormed his neighborhood and locked down several blocks in an attempt to lure him from his San Francisco residence, at the request of Google executives.

What was Vorhies’ crime? Google executives told police that Vorhies was suicidal and a potential danger, Vorhies told True Pundit. The tech guru was red flagged by his former employer....

Vorhies, who said he has proof Google created complex algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms, discussed the details of his allegations and the bogus raid with True Pundit’s Thomas Paine in the video at the top of this story. The video of police detaining Vorhies is included in that video as well....
Much more HERE, including a video interview of Zach Vorhies.

The Daily Beast questions Vorhies's mental stability by proclaiming that he is a conspiracy nut.  On the other hand, swatting really does happen.

Additional reading: Google internal bias leaker Zach Vorhies goes public after “intimidation” from Google.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Irretrievably Broken?

Silverfiddle Rant!
Is our nation's politics irretrievably broken?

Our public discourse has become vulgar, angry and overheated, with everyone going nuclear on their favorite targets of hate.

Let's remove Democrats, Republicans and President Donald Trump from the equation and focus on Frank Miele's contention featured in the last blog post.  This isn't a debate on who started it, who is stoking it, or who is to blame. The question is, is Miele right, or wrong?
If politicians are willing to use the most extreme labels against their opponents, such as calling [someone] a racist or a white supremacist, then we have reached the point where majority rule is in danger of becoming serial civil war. You cannot negotiate with a racist, you can only crush him.

Nor can those who are falsely so labeled simply put the insult behind them and work happily toward compromise. Instead, power will be obtained for the sole purpose of settling scores, and if you are out of power, you will say or do anything to get it back — literally anything.
I think we are there already, and I see no way to reverse or even calm the situation. We are becoming a balkanized, polyglot, tribal, third-world, sh**hole territory that just happens to be ruled over by a single national government.

What say you? 

Please confine your comments to whether you believe Miele is right or wrong, and if the situation is reversible.  Please do feel free to provide other examples of what you think is "Nuclear Name-Calling," i.e. hanging a name on someone so bad that it renders the target unworthy of negotiation, or even a polite hearing.  An accusation so heinous, the target is worthy only of destruction.

Unsafe, Unhinged, Un-American

Silverfiddle Rant!
The election of President Donald J. Trump put the Deranged Democrats on a runaway train to Batshiteville.  Having arrived, they are now in a perpetual purple-faced rage and stoking frenzied racial panic in a desperate attempt to foment 1960's style race riots and bigoted backlashes.

The situation here in the US has gotten so unhinged, Speaker of the Hash John Boehner is urging everyone to chill out, fire up a blunt, kick back and watch the Fredo Show on CNN.

I hate the public confrontations that are exploding all over the place, and wish everyone would just back off, go about their business, and let others do the same.

Frank Miele's observation sums up the frightening situation our politics has devolved to.

Here's the money quote:

If politicians are willing to use the most extreme labels against their opponents, such as calling President Trump a racist or a white supremacist, then we have reached the point where majority rule is in danger of becoming serial civil war. You cannot negotiate with a racist, you can only crush him.

Nor can those who are falsely so labeled simply put the insult behind them and work happily toward compromise. Instead, power will be obtained for the sole purpose of settling scores, and if you are out of power, you will say or do anything to get it back — literally anything.

What say you?

Monday, August 12, 2019

Self-Policed Thought

Silverfiddle Rant!
George Packer has written a good article in the Atlantic:

In it, he excoriates President Trump and dilates upon the danger he presents to our republic. But then he aims his criticism at Double Speak the woke left indulges in, and laments how identity politics has become the standard for judging the merits of artistic works.

"Progressive doublethink—which has grown worse in reaction to the right-wing kind—creates a more insidious unreality because it operates in the name of all that is good."

Doublethink produces cognitive dissonance, confusion, and ultimately, emotional distress. A healthy, free and rational human being will reject the contradictions and throw it all on the trash heap. But tyranny makes you pay a high price for doing so, be it a boot to the face from a 1984-style dictatorial regime, or from today's social media pile-ons and banishment from the Woke Hive.

So, we develop coping mechanisms, and Packer's cogent description is brilliant:
Some people who register […] doublethink might be privately troubled, but they don’t say so publicly. Then self-censorship turns into self-deception, until the recognition itself disappears—a lie you accept becomes a lie you forget. In this way, intelligent people do the work of eliminating their own unorthodoxy without the Thought Police.
He sums up the dangers of this in his penultimate two paragraphs. Please comprehend them and tell us what you think in the comments.
Orthodoxy is also enforced by social pressure, nowhere more intensely than on Twitter, where the specter of being shamed or “canceled” produces conformity as much as the prospect of adding to your tribe of followers does. This pressure can be more powerful than a party or state, because it speaks in the name of the people and in the language of moral outrage, against which there is, in a way, no defense. Certain commissars with large followings patrol the precincts of social media and punish thought criminals, but most progressives assent without difficulty to the stifling consensus of the moment and the intolerance it breeds—not out of fear, but because they want to be counted on the side of justice.

This willing constriction of intellectual freedom will do lasting damage. It corrupts the ability to think clearly, and it undermines both culture and progress. Good art doesn’t come from wokeness, and social problems starved of debate can’t find real solutions. “Nothing is gained by teaching a parrot a new word,” Orwell wrote in 1946. “What is needed is the right to print what one believes to be true, without having to fear bullying or blackmail from any side.” Not much has changed since the 1940s. The will to power still passes through hatred on the right and virtue on the left.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Musical Interlude

(For politics, please scroll down)

Enjoy The Hebrides Overture by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1947) who is perhaps best known for composing the melody for the Christmas carol "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing":

Read about the above piece HERE. Excerpt:

Monday, August 5, 2019

What's Going On?

Silverfiddle Rant!
Our nation suffered back-to-back mass shootings this past weekend, and on cue, Democrats and their propaganda outlet known as the Infotainment Media Complex pinned it all on President Trump.

Is that fair?  If you think so explain why.

Is it the NRA's fault? If you think so, explain how.

What the Hell is Going On?

More importantly, why is this happening?  Why are people going off like sticks of dynamite?

Psychotropic meds? SRIs? Anti-depressants? ADHD medication?

Violent Hollywood "entertainment?"

Realistic first-person shooter games?

Societal decay? Declining moral standards?  Family estrangement?  Alienation?

Conspiratorial minds could posit darker forces...

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Musical Interlude

(For politics, please scroll down)

The unusual piece Rapsodie pour orchestre et saxophone by Claude Debussy (1892-1918):

The story behind this piece is quite unusual. For example:
...Two years after receiving the commission, an irrationally frustrated Debussy wrote to his wife Lilly, likening her looming expectations to the Commendatore who appears to Don Giovanni in Mozart’s opera. He writes that Hall has “bored him” and calls her an “old bat who dresses like an umbrella.”...
Please see more from The Incredible Story of Elise Hall's Saxophone and Debussy's Trainwreck Commission. Excerpt:

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Name Calling Madness

To this we have come:

One of the latest absurdities:

Related reading: Soap Star Nancy Lee Grahn Smears Ivanka Trump as a Nazi for Getting a Dog.

Stop the world, I want to get off!

In the meantime, I will exercise this option:

Monday, July 29, 2019

Mueller On The Hill (With Addendum)

Hat tip to Powerline for the graphics below....

On Sunday, the Washington Post, in effect an arm of the Democrat Party, offered this interpretation of Mueller's testimony.  From this opinion piece by Nicole Hemmer, assistant professor at the University of Virginia and co-editor of the newspaper's daily historical analysis section:
...The GOP’s laserlike focus on Simpson, Fusion GPS, former FBI agent Peter Strzok and other bits of right-wing lore probably played well in conservative media (and, as a consequence, in the Oval Office). But it was almost certainly inscrutable to any American who is not dialed into Fox News, right-wing talk radio or conservative-leaning Facebook feeds....
Along those same lines, a Democrat at the swimming pool where I go for r&r every summer must have nodded her head in agreement if she read the above essay at the Washington Post. Last week, this woman opined to me that Mueller's testimony clearly demonstrated to America that President Trump is "a terrible man."


According to Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, "Mueller deserves a Medal of Honor." Excerpt:
...The close-up of Mueller’s face was a portrait of rare depth, the sort one is more likely to find on a Leonardo da Vinci canvas with all its shadows, hollows and his soulful, nearly weeping eyes. I found myself thinking of paintings of the Agony in the Garden, showing Jesus’ upturned face as he prayed....
You can't make up this stuff!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Stay in the Game

Note from AOW: Such a wonderful story! I'm leaving this up through the weekend.

Silverfiddle Rant!

“But we all know this world needs a lot more positivity.”

“It just goes back to that saying - be nice to everybody because you don’t know what they’re going through."

Here's a story of hope, told by a father. If you want something heartwarming, please read on. It will only take you five minutes.

Stay in the Game

Related: Saving the Dog that Saved its Owner.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Very Fine People on Both Sides

Silverfiddle Rant!
The unhinged rage and raw hatred directed at President Trump and his supporters doesn't make sense.  Unless you enter the leftwing fever swamp where Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolph Hitler and his election was the equivalent of the Reichstag Fire.

For a substantial subset of deranged Democrats, it is case closed: Donald Trump is a white supremacists KKK racist. They refuse to debate.  Shouting "Racist" is the nuclear stink bomb ad hominem:  It poisons the air and shuts down dialog.

The most pernicious lie that will not die, is that he called the Charlottesville neo-nazis, "very fine people."

Politifact sets the record straight by doing something supposedly responsible news and opinion outlets refuse to do:  Publish the entre press conference transcript so people can read and decide for themselves.  Here are the two 'Very fine people' excerpts...
Reporter: "The neo-Nazis started this. They showed up in Charlottesville to protest --"

Trump: "Excuse me, excuse me. They didn’t put themselves -- and you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. You had people in that group. Excuse me, excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name."


Trump: "Okay, good. Are we going to take down the statue? Because he was a major slave owner. Now, are we going to take down his statue?

"So you know what, it’s fine. You’re changing history. You’re changing culture. And you had people -- and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists -- because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Okay? And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly.

"Now, in the other group also, you had some fine people. But you also had troublemakers, and you see them come with the black outfits and with the helmets, and with the baseball bats. You had a lot of bad people in the other group."
Please go read the whole transcript.  It is even worse for the lying left when you read the whole thing and gain context.  That was a vehemently hostile press conference conducted by a rabid, badgering press that wouldn't even let the President finish a statement.  It is clear they did not want clear answers; they wanted news-making soundbites, the more distorted, the better to further defame and slander the President. 

The left screams "Racist!" to shut down all debate, because facts are not on their side.  They are in a frenzied hysteria, they have lost all reason, and the Infotainment Media Complex is egging them on.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Recommended Reading

See The Democrat Party Has Become A Mortal Enemy of The People of The U.S., and Of The Nation As Founded from "The Morning Report 7-17-19" at Ace of Spades (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the title used in this blog post).

Salient excerpt:
...The Democrat Party has gone from being merely a political enemy and morphed into a mortal enemy not just of the GOP and conservatives, but of the nation as founded, its distinct culture, traditions, heritage and its people. The spectacle over the last few days that we have had to endure, which is solely and wholly at the feet of the Democrat-Media Complex, will go down as a low point in our history, naturally depending upon who gets to write that history. For me, almost as repulsive as having to listen to the effluent coming from the flapping castanets of the Febrile Four Females of "The Squad" aka "The Aristocrats!" are the fools, stooges and confederates of the anti-Trump persuasion who cast equal if not more blame on this President and by extension the majority of the American people.

President Trump has rightly called them out in the plainest of terms for who and what they are and what they have said, vis a vis the bald-faced lies about or immigration and detention policies and more generally the nation and its citizens....The attitude and meaning of the phrase "America, love it or leave it" is unambiguous, and the only crime in Trump saying what amounts to that sentiment is that for far too long it has gone unsaid....
Read the rest HERE.

Related reading: When Democrats Threatened To Deport A Top Trump Aide, Media Yawned.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Musical Interlude

Perfect easy-listening music for this Summer 2019 Heat Wave in the Northeast:

About this piece:
Percy Faith recorded the most popular version of the tune, which spent an at-the-time record of nine consecutive weeks at number one on the still-young Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in early 1960.

It remains the longest-running number-one instrumental in the history of the chart. It reached number two in the UK. It hit number one in Italy under the title "Scandalo Al Sole".

Faith won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1961 for his recording. This was the first movie theme and the first instrumental to win a Record of the Year Grammy.

Faith re-recorded the song twice first, in 1969, as a female choral version, then, in 1976, as a disco version titled "Summer Place 76".

In 2008, Faith's original version was ranked at number eighteen on Billboard's top 100 songs during the first fifty years of the Hot 100 chart.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Fifty Years Ago: Apollo 11

(For politics, please scroll down)


What we today in the 21st Century commemorate with a yawn was not taken for granted in 1969.

From The speech Richard Nixon would have given ‘in event of moon disaster’: The White House prepared remarks in case the Apollo 11 astronauts couldn’t return to Earth (Washington Post, July 12, 2019):
To: H. R. Haldeman
From: Bill Safire
July 18, 1969


Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace.

These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice.

These two men are laying down their lives in mankind's most noble goal: the search for truth and understanding.

They will be mourned by their families and friends; they will be mourned by their nation; they will be mourned by the people of the world; they will be mourned by a Mother Earth that dared send two of her sons into the unknown.

In their exploration, they stirred the people of the world to lead as one; in their sacrifice, they bind more tightly the brotherhood of man.

In ancient days, men looked at stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.

Others will follow, and surely find their way home. Man's search will not be denied. But these men were the first, and they will remain the foremost in our hearts.

For every human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to come will know that there is some corner of another world that is forever mankind.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Asylum Abuse

Silverfiddle Rant!

What we have on the border is--to use a military term--a sh*tshow. Another military term that starts with "cluster" is the more apt term, but this is a family blog.

Our government clearly lacks the resources to handle such a surge of humanity. Our laws and lack of enforcement encourage abuse of our generosity and hospitality.

Regardless of your position, this article provides a good summary of the situation

Trump immigration change would all but end asylum requests for Central American migrants
The proposal "will decrease forum shopping by economic migrants and those who seek to exploit our asylum system to obtain entry to the United States," Attorney General William Barr said in a statement.
When people leave Central America and cross Mexico to violate our borders, that is exactly what they are doing: Forum shopping. By definition, true refugees or asylees fleeing a bad situation in their home country have found refuge when they get to another country.

Read stories about people coming here from other continents. Many go through five to 15 nations to get to the US. That is a gross abuse, and such people should be turned away at the border, and if found here in the US, forcibly deported to the last country they were in before crossing illegally into the US.

President Trump is also reversing Obama decrees granting asylum to victims of domestic abuse and gang violence. We have both of those here in the US. Just ask the Central American families on Long Island how the whole "escaping gang violence" is working out. MS-13 doesn't recruit white kids. They prey on children from Central America.

Election 2020 will be a referendum on illegal immigration

Do we want border enforcement and sensible immigration policy that includes swift rejection and deportation of abusers?

Or do we want what Democrats offer, which includes abolishing ICE, decriminalizing illegal entry into the US, free health care for illegal immigrants, and a stop to all ICE enforcement, including carrying out deportation orders issued by federal judges to deport criminal aliens?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Ilhan Omar: Lying Social Justice Warrior

Ilhan Omar

Not the first such lying social justice warrior, of course.

From Ilhan Omar Admits Lying to High School Students: Omar told a fake story to illustrate 'American racism, cruelty and injustice' (dated July 8, 2019):
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) admitted to flubbing the facts of an anecdote she told a large group of students to illustrate the "racism, cruelty, and injustice" she's seen in America since being accepted as a refugee more than two decades ago.

The freshman representative told 400 high school students she was sent to a Minneapolis courtroom where she witnessed a "sweet, old … African American lady" who spent the weekend in jail for stealing a $2 loaf of bread to feed her "starving 5-year-old granddaughter," according to the Washington Post. Omar says she screamed "Bullshit!" in the court room after the woman was fined $80 for the crime.

"I couldn’t control my emotions," Omar told the crowd, "because I couldn’t understand how a roomful of educated adults could do something so unjust."

The Post had several pieces of evidence indicating Omar was not entirely truthful about this experience.

"Omar’s story echoed the plot of ‘Les Miserables.' If true, it is also probably embellished," wrote Greg Jaffe and Souad Mekhennet, the author's of the Post‘s article.

"City officials said that police aren’t allowed to arrest people for shoplifting unless there’s a likelihood of violence or further crime. Typically, shoplifters are sentenced to attend a three-hour class."

Asked about the story, Omar admitted "she may have flubbed some facts," Jaffe and Mekhennet wrote.

"She might have had a prior [arrest]," Omar told the Post. "I’m not sure…The details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember."

Omar has also been dinged recently by the Post and others for "botched basic facts" during her attempts to "go viral."

"Recently, she told a group of veterans that about 45 percent of military families rely on food stamps," Jaffe and Mekhennet wrote. "She was trying to make the point that Republicans didn’t care for the troops. The actual number is less than 5 percent, according to Pentagon statistics."
One of the problems of such lies is that the retractions thereof do not reach the audience lied to.

Tucker Carlson on Ilhan Omar's hatred of America:

Additional reading: Ilhan Omar's Twitter feed.

And the beat goes on....

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Musical Interlude

(For politics, please scroll down)

Enjoy "Ur" from The Forest by David Byrne (hat tip to Warren, who introduced me to this modern work):

Listen to all the movements of The Forest HERE.

About The Forrest:

Friday, July 12, 2019

Nancy Pelosi: Obstructing Justice

See Pelosi Advises Illegal Immigrants on How to Avoid ICE (hat tip to Z for this link).

Important to note....Those subject to these particular ICE "raids" already been processed, then ordered deported:
The raids are expected to target recently arrived migrant families who have already received final orders of removal from an immigration judge.
Here is more of the related reality:

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Harvest Of Zinnism

Seriously delusional (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

AOC is also a liar: Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Drinking Out of Toilets’ Claim Drastically Falls Apart.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Independence Day 2019

(For politics related to current events, please scroll down)

What is there about America to love? The two selections below offer many reasons:

Happy birthday, America!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Slide Into Rigging Our Elections

Reading for the above graphic: Roberts Helps Dems Rig Elections: The Supreme Court temporarily blocked Trump's citizenship question on the 2020 census. First paragraph:
With the amount of information the U.S. Census gathers every decade, it seems logical that one of the questions asked would be simply, “Are you a citizen of the United States?” Yet the very idea of asking this simple “yes” or “no” question outraged the Left — which is in a headlong rush to offer free stuff to anyone who arrives. And leftists found a judge and a Supreme Court willing to stop the Trump administration from adding this longstanding question back into the 2020 census.
Read the rest HERE.

This wrong-headed SCOTUS decision came just a few days before America's 243rd birthday. Our Founders must be writhing in their graves.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Personal Update

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Overwhelmed here on the home front!

So, why have I been nearly AWOL from the blogosphere?

Short list, in no particular order:

1) Obtaining my Real ID Driver's License.  What a nightmare, one that has turned me into a rabid libertarian!  The DMV rejected my original birth certificate of registration — never mind that the certificate is signed and sealed by the state of Virginia. My certificate of marriage was also rejected because it was signed by clergy, never mind that he was acting on behalf of the court. Each of these rejected documents was good enough when I got my driver's license in 1967 and effected the name change in 1972 after I married. But not now! Hours upon hours waiting at the DMV before I got to the service window, the clerk of which obtained official copies of the needed documents through Virginia-government web sites; this immediate option was available only because I was born in Virginia and was married in Virginia.  All in all, this little experience cost me nearly $100. Last Friday, we headed out to the DMV again — that time, for Mr. AOW to get his Real ID. Fortunately, the process for him took only an hour: handicapped priority.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Musical Interlude

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Two examples of the wonderful music of film composer Elmer Bernstein:

Of note: Elmer Bernstein (1922-2004) studied under Aaron Copland, the influence of whom can be heard in the above two selections.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The New Ethos

Devolution and inversionism rule the day:

What's next?  The determination that pedophilia and bestiality are just fine and dandy?  "If it feels good, do it" is the new moral standard. 

Any objections to the new ethos make one a bigot.  Sit down, and shut up!

Related reading: Three High School Girls File Discrimination Complaint Over Dominating Transgender Athletes (dated June 19, 2019).  These three girls refused to sit down and shut up.  Good for them!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Musical Interlude

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Enjoy the selections and images from the mostly-Bach compilation Classical Music for Relaxation:

The selections on the above video:

Friday, June 21, 2019


What option(s) do you favor as the course to take in reaction to Iran's recent attack upon and shooting down one of our drones?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jeremiah was a Bullfrog

Silverfiddle Rant!
Western governments have seemed to be biased towards Christianity and Judeo-Christian culture, because that is where we came from! Regardless of an individual's religion, the Bible shaped and built Western Christendom.

Any system built by man has logical inconsistencies that spawn hypocrisies, and on the other end, abuses by those attempting to carry out every last jot and tittle of the letter of the law.

Given all that, Judeo-Christian praxis, even with its excesses and deficiencies, has built the most powerful and most advanced civilization humankind has ever seen. Our broad-based system of rights for all is not perfect, but where else is it better?

Despite Christianity's persecutors and inquisitors, the fundamental tenets of the Bible are essential for a salubrious and prosperous society.

That is why government appears to endorse or favor Christianity. Anti-Christians continue to scream about this, and my answer has always been the same: if you can build a secular system of morality with similar foundational bedrock principles, I am all for it as a national ethos.

But didn't the founders give us that already?

How often do public officials invoke our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Never. Like the founders, they wisely use broad euphemisms like the creator, or divine providence. That is the respect religious people pay to those who are not into that.

Outside of the early colonies, nobody has been forced to go to church here. We had a good set up. Religious people could live their lives, and the irreligious could as well. People were always free in this nation to practice their perversions, and the tribute vice paid to virtue was hypocrisy. People practicing perversions didn't do it in the public square; they respected community standards for the most part. They went off to their dens of iniquity, which town fathers and churchmen knew existed, and no doubt a number of them visited, but this unspoken social compact made for a healthy society.

What we have now is creeping neo-paganism, and it will not end well.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Outspoken Valedictorian

Not the proper venue, perhaps.  Apparently, however, frustration overcame etiquette, and Nataly Buhr decided to tell it like it is. Furthermore, what she decided to do is one way to hold a school somewhat accountable for what amounts to malpractice of education — a horror which, in large part because of tenure, has infiltrated all school systems, even the best of them. I myself have seen this malpractice of education over the years, but in the past four years or so, it seems to have accelerated, even in Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Blurb for the video below:
Gradation is supposed to be one of the happiest nights for students, instead a South Bay valedictorian took to the podium to call out a teacher and other staff in her commencement address that has since gone viral.
San Diego valedictorian graduation speech:

From Valedictorian delivers scorched-earth graduation speech (New York Post, June 13, 2019):
A California valedictorian delivered a scorched-earth graduation speech in which she thanked her guidance counselor for having “absolutely no role in my achievements” and a teacher who was “regularly intoxicated during class.”

Sardonic senior Nataly Buhr didn’t mince words in her speech to San Ysidro High School’s class of 2019 last Thursday, according to video posted [above].

She started by thanking, in earnest, her “hard-working” parents before launching into a tongue-in-cheek tirade. {She also commended some excellent teachers by name]

“To my counselor, thanks for teaching me to fend for myself. You were always unavailable to my parents and I, despite appointments,” Buhr deadpanned while dressed in a white cap and gown. “Only in these past few weeks, with the awards ceremonies and graduation coming up, did you begin making your appearance.”

She added, “And might I note, you expressed to me the joy in knowing that one of your students was valedictorian when you had absolutely no role in my achievements.”

The plucky teen also gave a shoutout to the “staff in the main office” for teaching her to be “resourceful.”

“Your negligence to inform me of several scholarships until the day before they were due potentially caused me to miss out on thousands of dollars,” she said.

Buhr drew thunderous applause from her fellow seniors when she brazenly called out “the teacher who was regularly intoxicated during class this year.”


Unsurprisingly, school officials were not pleased with the stunt....
Read the rest HERE.

What Nataly Buhr did will have no impact, of course. It's like screaming into the abyss. Our public education system is rotten to the core.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Musical Interlude

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Enjoy this Renaissance Dance Music, which reminds me of the wonderful music I've heard at various Renaissance fairs and could well be used in the classroom teaching of Shakespeare's works:

The pieces included in the video above:

Thursday, June 13, 2019

The June Force-Feeding

Celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month — or else! (graphic from The Patriot Post):

We've gone from Gay Pride Day to LGBTQ Pride Month. Sheesh. This is why, IMO...
LGBTQ Bigotry: Tyranny Masquerading as Tolerance.  A bit long, but important if we are to answer those who are promoting tyranny disguised as tolerance.

Meanwhile, we have this...Johns Hopkins Research: No Evidence People Are Born Gay or Transgender.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Recommended Reading

See 'Scorched Earth': Mueller's Targets Speak Out by Paul Sperry at RealClear Investigations.

The last two paragraphs therefrom:
Ex-Trump campaign official Michael Caputo, who went public earlier, complaining he had to remortgage his house after having to hire expensive Washington lawyers, wants Mueller and his team investigated for “prosecutorial abuses.” “Ruining lives was blood sport for them,” he said.

[Journalist Art] Moore agreed: “You look at the lives ruined — Corsi, Michael Flynn and others. That alone is enough to warrant a special investigation.”
Read the rest HERE.

Look. I understand that a lot of people don't like Donald Trump.  Disliking, even hating, any given President is an American tradition. But resorting to the methods as described in the RealClear Investigations essay cited above? 

Such measures are Kafka-esque. Orwellian.

Some say the methods of an attempted coup.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Musical Interlude

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Enjoy Walk to Paradise by English composer Frederick Delius (1862-1934):

About the above piece:

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

75 Years Ago On The Beaches Of Normandy

Honor The Greatest Generation....

The assault phase of Operation Overlord was known as Operation Neptune.  Operation Neptune began on D-Day (6 June 1944) and ended on 30 June 1944.

Reading for today, from The Last Longest Day by Richard Fernandez:
...It was an all-out throw of the dice. A maximum effort. There was no plan B if it didn't work. Had it failed, Eisenhower would have said: "Our landings have failed and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based on the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that bravery could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone." The consequences of defeat would have been incalculable....


...It is for the current generation to decide whether to build a new dark age of universal surveillance or one of expanding freedom. It is for the present to decide whether to succumb to new cults or keep the flame. The men of the Longest Day have done their job. Only the living can still make history. The past has already made it.
Read the rest HERE.  Worth your time.

The American military cemetery in Normandy, 2003

Claude and Kenneth, two of my cousins, served on the beaches of Normany during Operation Overlord — one cousin in the US Army and one in the US Navy. They were 19 and 21 years old. Miraculously, they both came home physically whole. But psychologically, Claude and Kenneth were forever changed and never again slept through a night without nightmares. Both of my cousins died young, one at the age of 39 and the other at the age of 44.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Planet of the Apps

Silverfiddle Rant!

“I think big data is so powerful that nation states will fight over how much data matters.” He added: “He who has the data can do the analytics and the algorithms at the scale that we talked about will provide huge nation state benefits, in terms of global companies and benefits for their citizens, and so on.” (Eric Schmidt, Google CEO)

WhatsApp--owned by Facebook--is a free app that allows you to have private networks and exchange text, voice, video, pictures, and even make free international phone calls. Yes, Free. The data Facebook gleans from users must be worth billions...

Turn off tracking on your cell phone?  You just turned off the information that is fed back to you.  The technology is still tracking you.  Every non-cash purchase is tracked, catalogued and fed into Big Data.

Are machines conditioning us?

You automatically respond to your phone's noises and vibrations, taking your attention away from a good book, TV, movie, children, social activity, or engaged conversation.

When seeking help, we take instruction from chatbots and computerized voices driven by programmed algorithms.

Two quotes from The Atlantic's How AI Will Rewire Us:
Parents, watching their children bark rude commands at digital assistants such as Alexa or Siri, have begun to worry that this rudeness will leach into the way kids treat people, or that kids’ relationships with artificially intelligent machines will interfere with, or even preempt, human relationships. Children who grow up relating to AI in lieu of people might not acquire “the equipment for empathic connection,” Sherry Turkle, the MIT expert on technology and society, told The Atlantic’s Alexis C. Madrigal
If AI is creating socially-stunted human beings who cannot create empathetic relationships with others, another worry pops up:  Are humans forming emotional bonds with AI?
As digital assistants become ubiquitous, we are becoming accustomed to talking to them as though they were sentient; writing in these pages last year, Judith Shulevitz described how some of us are starting to treat them as confidants, or even as friends and therapists.
Will computerized technology become like eyeglasses or a prosthetic we cannot do without?  We now have a whole generation of motorists who have never had to drive across their city or state without the aid of computerized navigation. Average intelligence is declining across the developed world.

Could humans become so hooked on technology that we would be literally helpless without it?

Is there a darker agenda?

Evan Horowitz: IQ Rates are Dropping
Daily Mail - Are We Becoming More Stupid?

Saturday, June 1, 2019

A Half Century Ago...

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Moi — in my college ID photo.

Those were the days, huh?

I still can't believe that I kept my college ID card.  But I did.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Summing Up — Thus Far

A follow-on to Silverfiddle's blog post Howls of the DC Damned:

Then, again, we have what Robert Mueller said yesterday, May 29, 2018, in his statement, which has again ramped up calls for impeachment:
... [I]f we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so....
Full statement HERE, which some interpret as goading Congress to act and which some interpret as muddying the waters for the 2020 General Election.

Additional reading: Bob Mueller Runs and Hides in Eight Minutes to Avoid Having to Answer One Key Question by Roger L. Simon:
...When did you know there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia?

If the answer, as many, including Andrew C. McCarthy [See THIS], are indicating, is somewhere in Fall 2017, what in the Sam Hill was Mueller doing putting the country through two years of prolonged agony? It's not likely he did all this to prop up CNN's faltering ratings.

Was it, just by chance, to induce obstruction from one Donald J. Trump who -- like a relatively normal person but with a shorter fuse than most, justifiable in this case -- would react like a stuck pig to being falsely charged for so long? That would have been essentially entrapment....