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Friday, March 25, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE celebrates the Islamic invasion of Spain at Bare Naked Islam. Revisionist history on the state taxpayers' dime!


  1. I hope the ghost of Stonewall Jackson fetches his missing arm & haunts the place for the next 100 years.

  2. Let us hope that General Peay will at least remind his students of the feats of my 39th Great Grandfather, Charles Martel (Martel is the cognomen Hammer). It was Martel who defeated Abdul Rahman al Ghafiqi, saving Europe from further Islamic conquests at the Battle of Tours (also, the Battle of Poitiers) in October 732. There was no question then what the Moslems were all about; Martel rose to the occasion to defeat a “clear and present danger” to Christian society. Today, it appears more important to accept sizeable monetary gifts from rich oil sheiks. It may be true that General Peay at one time had the depth of integrity we expect from senior officers, but he has apparently lost it along the way. By giving aid and comfort to the enemy, he frankly now stands as a traitor to his country and his culture.

  3. Mustang stole my thunder a little when he mentioned MONEY.
    AOW, I simply can't believe these things are being done by thinking Americans who love democracy and our way of life. SOMEBODY is paying them.
    Over and over, we see more and more bowing to muslims who have never once marched against the terrorism in their midst; when they do that, maybe we'll talk.
    Until then, I see such unbelievable caving to them that I'm starting to think even our politicians are being either threatened with their or their families' lives or given tons of money. what do you think?

  4. VMI has lost ALL respect in MY not so humble opinion...

  5. This is sad news indeed. The military is the last bastion of honor, God and country. This is the firewall. If it goes, we are through.

  6. Yay the islamic invasion of spain, no doubt ushering in a wonderous era of peace, tolerance, love and human progress never before seen.

    Next year they'll be celebrating the attack on New York City. Well, let's hope they have enough brains to refrain from such crap.

  7. Sadly MK, brains are the one thing that the left is in dire need of. That VMI would dare to do such a thing references the shocking lack of understanding on the part of the West. If one would know the character of Islam, then examine the Palestinians in Gaza. That is the best example.


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