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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Essence of Marxism

(Note to readers: Two posts today. Please scroll down)

"Why do you have a right to your money?" Video:

The above quotations is 28 seconds in during the confrontation between a Tea Partier and a union member:


  1. To answer the question at the top of the post, I will cite a few lines from Liberty and Tyranny.

    "The key to understanding the free market is private property. Private property is the material manifestation of the individual's labor--the material value created from the intellectual and/or physical labor of the individual, which may take the form of income, real property, or intellectual property. Just as life is finite, so, too, is the the extent of one's labor. Therefore, taxation of private property, or the regulation of such property so as to reduce its value, can become in effect a form of servitude, particularly if the dispossession results from illegitimate and arbitrary state action."

  2. Unreal. Absolutely UNREAL!!!

    I say work that punk like a rented mule and then take at least half of what he would earn.

    I'll bet he won't wonder about a right to his money then.

  3. we are so doomed if Hussein O gets his way..the huge govt is already in effect apologizing to terrorists while we fund their programs!!!

  4. Michael Moore has been in Wisconsin saying the same thing. We are hearing this class warfare more and more from the left lately.

    Bottom line is the left is chasing away most of the moderates and it is becoming more and more like socialism everyday.

    We have people like the Duck who are complaining that Obama is too moderate.

    How far left do you have to be for Obama to be in the middle?

  5. I had that video up at my place as well. They are openly sharing their ideas. Hopefully, the people pay attention.

  6. Class warfare, you children haven't seen it yet. Class warfare starts when they pull you out of your car a beat you with tire irons.

    You folks are a stitch.

  7. The answer to that question is within the question itself. Why do you have a right to your money? Because it is mine. My labor produced it, the sweat from my brow seasoned it, and my time aged it. If what I personally produced is not owned by me, then who owns it? If I work for another making widgets, then my time was purchased by my employer and the widgets produced by my labor belong to my employer.

    By removing the worker from the product of his labor you create an unsustainable system. Does anyone recall the 5-year plans of the Soviets? No matter how they tried to use the stick or the carrot, each attempt was a massive failure. One would think that we would have learned that lesson well, but if so one was probably not educated in America. Such is life.

  8. No Nostradumbass, class warfare is when they try to pull me out of my car and I shoot them dead on the spot.

    Of course, with you it would be classless warfare since class is definitely one of the qualities you don't possess.

  9. These young idiots have no clue what they profess to champion. The search for intelligent life on earth continues...

  10. Those who say we don't have a right to our money are the first to assert that nobody should take THEIR money away from them. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    I guess that it all comes back to Orwell's Animal Farm: some animals are more equal than others.

  11. There is nothing cerebral about this punk's attitude: it is greed, that's all, the age-old desire of the bandit to take by force the property of others. These pirates simply want your booty and are unhampered by any code of morality or any feelings of empathy for those they rob.

  12. The female was pretty breathtaking later on in the vid, too. She thinks Harley Davidson laid off her husband because they are greedy.

    Nothing to do with, you know, the necessity of earning money in order to stay open, or anything.

    Oh but it's rude to call them socialist, I'm sure.

    Great find, thx for posting this.

  13. Oops, I'm the Linda at NoOneOfAnyImport, BTW


  14. "Why do you have a right to your money?"

    How the heck do you answer a question like that, i mean really how do you get through to that sort of mentality.

    I suppose one way is to help yourself to their money and then when they wind up for a whine, throw it back at them. Perhaps that'll sober up their inner fascist.


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