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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Obama Is All About Himself

Hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the graphic below:

As Midnight Rider said in a comment to his post "At Least the Romans Got Fiddle Music":
There is still unrest in Egypt, though little reported. Bahrain is melting down so the Saudis have rolled tanks [to crush] their own nascent protests. The Iranians threaten to (presumably) roll their own tanks into Saudi Arabia if the Saudis don't roll out of Bahrain. Meanwhile the Iranians themselves are crushing their own internal dissent by, in some cases, throwing children as young as 14 at the protesters thinking that the protesters will be less likely to hurl rocks etc for fear of taking down a kid. Yemen is still in [its] own throes. Israel has stopped 2 arms shipments by sea -- 1 to Egypt and the other from Iran to Gaza -- and one by land to Gaza. The only thing loser to Hell on Earth right now than Libya is probably Japan where they are sleeping in sub zero temps with winds and snow, little or no food and water while our government decides that our troops must stay 50 miles from the reactors to protect them from harm. The very same troops who WILLINGLY volunteered to go in harm's way for others. And of course no one knows what the real situation in Japan is with the reactors because the gov't there can't get its story straight and meanwhile here OUR gov't [via White House Press Secretary Jay Carney - watch the video] tells people like Jake Tapper that they should get the story from their own reporters and not our gov't...


Meanwhile, Obama goes golfing and makes sure he gets his March Madness picks in. And oh yes, is planning a 2 or 3 day trip to Brazil soon with the wife and kids....
Also see "President Obama's Trivial Pursuits."

The White House's disconnect is surreal.


  1. For the first time in my adult life, I fear for my country...Every damn day!

  2. I've talked to Democrats that are even starting to admit he is in over his head.

    I think if there were a serious primary challenge he could go down then. (I personally think Hillary may try).

  3. In response to Randy’s comment, I would say that this is what happens when conservative Americans nominate a RINO (McCain) to run for the presidency; this is what happens when far-right conservative Christians decide they will “sit out” the election … and so I suppose it is true that the American people deserve who they elect. Please recall that progressives/communists in the House of Representatives didn’t overwhelmingly elect themselves in 2006 and 2008, and Obama was no miracle.

    In response to my friend Chuck, I am inclined to believe two things: One, Obama is so far over his head he will never make it to the surface, and two … very close to one-half of the American people continue to “like” the messiah. This tells me that close to a majority of Americans thinks that propping up an idiot is more important to them than the safety of their country. I could not be more disgusted … and who is standing in the queue for the next presidential candidates? Why, more RINOs, of course.

  4. I do not see how we will survive until the next election. Worse, even Hilliary can't wait to get out,and at the last two interviews I saw of her, her inappropriate cackle was unnerving.

  5. Yes, Obama is all about himself. It is awfully disgusting. Last night on the locall news at 11:00 P.M. I was galled to learn that Obama is picking the winners of college basketball while their is a crisis in Japan. What the heck is this man doing? NADA! And they had the gall to call Bush an illegitamate president. I believe Obama is. Period.

  6. Politicians work to be re-elected.
    Statesmen work for the future of their country.
    We desperately need more statesmen.

  7. Move on folks, nothing to see here.

    We gave the Saudis the green light to cross the causeway. It's their way of stabilizing the oil market.

    Meanwhile Hillary is giving Egypt the Likud pre-approved options for removing military rule.

    Libya? If we weren't pinned down in Afghanistan and wasting time in Iraq we might have been able to do something.

    Not clear what assistance the Japanese desire. They have even removed some of their own personal and appear to have power to the cooling generators. All without the American military. Imagine.

  8. Duck,
    I happened to be online when notification of your comment arrived.

    When you say Move on folks, nothing to see here, you show your tail feathers and, by default, indicate that there is INDEED something to see here.

    Additionally, it is not your place to tell readers to move along when they are visiting my site.

    Finally, get your own site and tell your own readers to move along. If you can garner any readers, that is.

    That's all. For now.

  9. Mustang,

    very close to one-half of the American people continue to “like” the messiah

    I think you are reading too much into these numbers. A full half of the people that support him don't even know who the hell the President is. Don't you ever watch Jay-walking or hear the Howard Stern "Sarah Palin as Obama's Vice President bit"?

    (Hint: the Duck is regarded as intelligent on the left.)

  10. Bunkerville said:

    Worse, even Hilliary can't wait to get out,and at the last two interviews I saw of her, her inappropriate cackle was unnerving.

    Yes, that cackle was strange. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Laughing instead of crying? Arrogance? As in, "Can't you see what we're up against with Obama as leader?"

  11. In my view, if the GOP doesn't get its act together, Obama will indeed get re-elected in 2012. Maybe that's what Hillary is cackling about?

  12. At least he's going to Brazil with his family. Clinton would have went alone ;)

  13. Here’s the way I see it… If breathing were not a reflex action, if it required ANY thought process at all, Barack Hussein Obama would die… Breathing would be above his pay grade…

  14. A quick reminder of current poll numbers.

    55% of Americans disapprove of Obama.

    A closer look at approval ratings reveals that 41% of Americans STRONGLY disapprove of Obama.

    In other words 41 of the 55 out of 100 Americans that say they disapprove of Obama are strongly disapproving of him.

    In other words, of the 55 out of 100 Americans that disapprove of Obama, only 14 of them could be persuaded to approve of Obama if he changed course.

    In other words, Obama's poll numbers are worse than Bush's during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    And the trend is such that Obama's poll numbers are dropping, not rising. Those 14 that disapprove will soon become strongly disapprove, and some of the 45approvers may shift to disapproving.

    Even the most pro-Obama partisan of pollsters would laugh themselves sick if asked if Obama has a shot at being re-elected.

  15. Of course, faced with such a easy victory in 2012, the GOP will nominate someone nobody wants to replace Obama with.

  16. Beamish,
    You once said: "The GOP -- pulling defeat from the jaws of victory." Or something like that.

    I'm quite concerned that such a defeat for the GOP could easily happen in 2012. **sigh**

  17. Recalling recent history, didn't the liberals point out the same as bush? They selected a handful of world "bad stuff" going on and tied it in with him playing golf.

    Granted he's a fool for playing golf during pressing times, but we should also be attacking the morons who elected him into office in the first place. After all, any idiot who fell for his magnificent speeches should be sent directly to the firing line.

    For Ducky: If there's nothing to see, move along folks, how come you stopped in here? You don't even have your own blog, hint hint.

  18. I fail to see what is so bad about playing golf... in my opinion the less obama does the better, that guy messes everything up.

    and parden my ignorance, what is he suppose to do?

  19. AOW,

    It's an adopted adage that I didn't come up with, but I've seen a time or two:

    "The Republican Party tends to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."

  20. Wildstar,
    in my opinion the less obama does the better

    You've got a point there.

    His playing golf and partying when grave matters are afoot -- the wrong image for a sitting President. See this recent article in a UK newspaper.

    What should a President be doing? At the least, issuing appropriate statements.

    We've not before seen any President behave in such a manner during times of gravity. Even Jimmy Peanut cut back on frivolous behaviors while Americans were held hostage by Iran.

    If a Republican President were doing as Obama is doing, the media would be having fits.

  21. Wildstar,
    Also see THIS.

    Such frivolity is not fitting from the President of the United States.

  22. I'm not entirely convinced that we need to worry about an election in 2012, considering the way so many things are stacking up. Do I believe the world is ending? Not particularly, however I do see a trend in both natural and man-made events that looks to be racing to a climax, and that Mayan calendar IS a bit unnerving. We are in fact wrecking the planet with our ever-increasing numbers, and getting along with each other less and less while spreading nuclear capability more and more. Something has to give.

  23. The MSM is silent about Obama's golfing during one of the worst disasters of our time... Can you imagine if GWB were in charge right now and doing the same?

    Where are the cries of 'Obama doesn't care about Japanese people'?


    Ducky is also not-so-mysteriously silent about Obama's impotence and incompetence.

  24. Ladies and Gentlemen...Ducky actually has made a good point. He is really the two faced Obama political strategy.

    In Obamas own words we are getting involved in Libya because the leader is killing his own people...um excuse me but then why Mr. Obama did you not intervene in Iran about a year ago, and now in Bharain, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, half the other nations in Africa where people are slaughtered by their governments???

    Face it Obama got us involved in Libya because France and England decided to get involved. We are following the French into battle...this can not end well.

  25. To ducky's other comment

    Why would the Japanese need our military? Ok maybe for logistics in moving supplies but only if they indicated they needed help.

    I fail to grasp how the situation in the Libya is the same as Japan but then again I am not a liberal.


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