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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Entitlement Tsunami

(hat tip to Debbie of Right Truth)

Please take THIS QUIZ. Worth your time.

Neither of the two major political parties has even begun to batten down the hatches in advance of this tsunami.


  1. Republican party and Democrat party: Two wings of the same sick bird...

  2. To do what needs to be done would a politicians would have to be willing to give up their career. None of them are willing to do that.

  3. I hate to think of Social Security, which we as individuals have paid into our seperate accounts and which was meant to be 'Insurance', as an "entitlement". But I guess that government mismanagement, that no [real] insurance program could survive, has caused it to devolve into such.

  4. The day the Fed's bailed out INSURANCE giant AIG is the day that the separation between the "Private" and "Public" sectors ended and the "mercantilist state" was re-born out of the ashes of the Enlightenment.

    George III has finally extinguished the Revolution of 1776.

  5. How much more do they want to take from medicare after plundering it already for obamacare.

  6. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid ARE entitlement programs. WE paid into them and because of that, ARE ENTITLED to receive the benefits. THAT is NOT a bad thing. What is bad, in fact, BULLSHIT, is that somewhere along the way, the word "entitlement" became a bad word!

    If the Social Security program had not been plundered by political thieves over the years, and instead left to grow, there would now be TRILLIONS of unspent dollars just sitting there growing and we would be paying a lot LESS in S.S. taxes, and we would NOT be worrying about the system going broke!

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