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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Israel 2013 - Czechoslovakia 1938?

(Two posts today, the earlier one about the fiscal cliff "deal."  Please scroll down)

Is history repeating itself?  Please watch the video below the fold.

(hat tip to Will of MFS - The Other News for the above video)


  1. Intentionally or not, US policy in the region is leading the region toward chaos.

  2. A lot of this nonsense is showing up since Chuck Hagel's name came up as a nominee for Sect. of Defense. He doesn't kiss enough Likud butt.

    Check out Glenn Greenwald's recent column.

  3. tiny quibble.... if i can make one: the Prussian dumb-dumbs in Stettin / Berlin / Baltic coastal summer houses didn't have to worry about tactical Nuclear weapons launched from Czech army bases... too bad for the poor old Czechs. [many of whom were later "led off" into the woods - not to be heard from again. -as you very well know.]

  4. Israel 2013? I would have labelled it "Every Middle Eastern country BUT Israel 2013"

  5. Nice one. Israel needs all the support it can get, now.

    The one thing I don't understand, truly, is why full-on war hasn't broken out over there yet between Israel and just about anyone else around. I guess the Israelis are loathe to be the first to initiate an actual war, but none of the Arab states are. Maybe they're still licking their wounds from previous efforts?

  6. Up to number 7 it was not bad and then it got all agenda driven and rather incorrect.

    No, apples and oranges, it started off fine pointing out they both come from trees, generally round and eatable, then they "squeezed" commonalities to try and make a point.

    Steve M

  7. Sadly, history does tend to repeat itself and we are seeing it happen again and again.

    Sad reality.

  8. When people forget their history then they tend to repeat it.

    Muslimes are no different than the Nazis of old, only they don't drink beer and eat wurst...otherwise it's the same manure.
    Islam is a cancer ...a scourge on this planet.
    it needs a heavy dose of chemo therapy....if ya get my drift.

  9. The Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well, serving their religion in the White House.

    Al-Gore sells CURRENT to Al-Jazeera, what could go wrong.

    Right Truth

  10. Likud has nothing to do with anything, Ducky. The terrorists, In Iran, who are trying to exterminate all Jews, approve of Hegel's nomination. It is quite clear that he is ignorant and gullible about the state of affairs in the world. But I suppose that its the right of the current President, who is also ignorant and misguided, to appoint such a person. Just as it is the right of Senators who are informed and concerned about serious international problems to vote against him.

  11. Black Sheep:Israel never starts the wars. LikeP oland in WW2, it is always the victim of unjustified and unprovoked aggression. And the aggessors happened to have been close allies of these aggressors in WW2 and share their mindset.

    Ducky seems to want to side with evil in about as clear cut a case of good and evil as exists in the modern world.


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