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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beware Of E 15

You need to know — before you find out the hard way.

From How The Fiscal Cliff Bill Might Void Your Car's Warranty:
Thanks to the fiscal cliff bill signed into law last week, a blend of fuel that contains more ethanol could soon reach more consumers than ever. That's bad news, AAA tells car owners.

The nation's largest motor club says use of the fuel blend, E15, could void car warranties on most cars. More corrosive than traditional gasoline, some studies show E15 may accelerate wear and tear on engines and components....
Read the rest HERE.

What else is hiding in that fiscal cliff deal?


  1. Ah. NOW I know why they got rid of all those "clunkers".

  2. When ethanol is used up quickly, it poses less problems than when it sits for a while in your tank or gas cans. The longer it sits, the crappier it gets. It starts to turn to a shellac-like consistency and also absorbs the water out of the fumes. Where it is MOST detrimental is in small engines. Things like snow blowers, lawn mowers, weed wackers, snow machines, atv's, boats, and motor cycles get DESTROYED by leaving that crap in them, especially from 1 season to the next. It cakes up the gas tank, the gas lines, and worse yet, the carburetor. I just ordered a new carb for my snow blower, at a cost of $122.00, not including my time to install it. All because the government knows better than the experts when it comes to what is good for us.


  3. I still have my '96 blazer, granted it is the shop getting fixed, but we have our Z71 Chevy working nicely.

    I'll keep my paid off vehicle, thank you very much!

  4. Don't you love it when the government knows more than people who build things for a living.

  5. Corn-burners (ethanol) and coal-burners (electric) are eco-friendly?

  6. I drive my vehicles until they are nearly ancient. The very idea that the fuel is gumming up the works is infuriating.

    The Nanny State is the enemy and is the road to serfdom!

    Those of us not on fat salaries cannot afford to replace our vehicles and, as Average American pointed out, machines with small engines, every few years.

  7. Meanwhile the price of food will skyrocket. Pity much of the world that will have to bear the rising food costs. A cruel tax indeed.

  8. The inmates are truly running the institution, now.

  9. The article doesn't include that the old E10 will still be available. Those stations with a different nozzle for each blend this doesn't apply. Many gas station have blending pumps which have only one hose and nozzle per pump. The various blends are mixed while pumping. Customers of the blending stations are required - by law - to buy 4 gallons minimum because that's how much E15 gas remains in the line. What a boon for gas distributors - a guaranteed 4 gal sale.

  10. Indigo,
    Yes, some stations have only one hose and nozzle. That you for pointing out that important fact.


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