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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Cult Of Obama

Creepy (hat tip to Gateway Pundit):


  1. The paralells btween the Obama cult and the Chavez cult in Venezuela is unnerving. Should the Democrats take the House in 2014, there is no telling how far this populism movement might go. Some believe that the Obama (Chicago style) machine is planning coup on the DNC to drive out the Clinton Democrats. If true, Hillary may be disappointed again inn 2016.

  2. Definition of demagogue:

    1: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

    Sometimes, both demagoguery and cultism are combined.

  3. Electing this nefarious fraud to the highest office of our land demonstrated massive naivety. His re-election portends a nation gone stark raving mad! Watching the children's (those who stand to suffer the most in the long run) obsequious demonstration of their [indoctrination] speaks volumes.

  4. This... this is sickening. Absolutely sickening. No, not just because I don't like the man... that kind of worship of a mere man turns my stomach.

    Second coming, ya right. More like the anti-christ if you ask me.


  5. @ COF: "The parallels between the Obama cult and the Chavez cult in Venezuela is unnerving."

    Truer words were never spoken.

    I have lived in the third world, where cult of personality worship like this is common, and it is disturbing to see it arrive on our shores.

    However, I do not blame the artists. By their nature, they are idealistic and usually irremediably liberal, and that is the source of their artistry, so I do not criticize them.

    It took the Latin American cultural left almost 40 years to realize Castro was more of a tyrant than a hero, but they finally came around. In true artistic and charitable form, rather than outright repudiate him, they rather lamented his jailing of writers and dissidents, but otherwise refrained from further criticism.

  6. Wow. I was so ... TURNED ON. I mean, really, I almost had an orgasm watching that. I'm still shaking with religious awe, no really, I'm going to give my life to the Great Obama and worship him forever. Oowah. Oowah.

    Oh, never mind. I was laughing so hysterically that I got uncontrollable mirth and religious awe all confused, for a sec there.

    There was a similar cult over John F. Kennedy. No one claimed he was Jesus, just King Arthur bringing the second coming of Camelot.

    I don't make much of this, seriously. Look at all the dipwads that committed suicide to go to that Hale-Bopp comet. 38 people! Only the truly superstitious, the ignorant, nuts and religious space cadets will buy into this. Of course, that's most people....

    Maybe Obama is really the "missing 12th imam" that Ahmadinejad wants to bring back from the dead through the deaths of millions of people? Could he be the reincarnation of Jimmy Hoffa? Boy, the mystery just gets deeper and deeper, will someone PLEASE drop the other shoe?

  7. 1: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

    That doesn't leave too many others in the current Federal government.

  8. Black Sheep said........

    "Look at all the dipwads that committed suicide to go to that Hale-Bopp comet. 38 people!"

    Yeah, it's the same mentality but at least the Hale-Boppers are now out of the Gene Pool!

  9. ...apparently not all of them. Shame, that, JonBerg.

  10. Well any cult following is a dead end and there is some (not much) on the Obama side.

    However, JonBerg completely misses the presence of a very, very large anti-Obama cult.
    The birth certificate nuttery has given way to Benghazi fever. So maybe step back a bit and be a little circumspect about who's damaging the gene pool.

  11. It is a cult, but it seems to be a growing cult, one that has change the language used and has defeated the Conservatives, those who still believe the Constitution is relevant. I'm very concerned for the future.

    Right Truth

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  13. The sad reality of this video is that people truly believe this "fake" is a savior and is going to make the world a better happy place.

    Those that are truly saved, are fully aware that when the TRUE Savior comes, it won't be in a car, boat, or walking on land.

    Don't be fooled. The bible warns.

  14. SF said...

    "I have lived in the third world country"

    I never have but I've driven through East St. Louis,Illinois which, along with Detroit, seems to exemplify the ultimate result of Democrats in charge!

  15. The Liberal turds have to build some kind of false image/ bullshit around him....without that he is NOTHING.

    Total empty suit and total turd...thats the epitome of him.

  16. Ducky,

    Upon reading your last 'ditch attempt' at relevance it sounds like I really got to you! Sorry pal, I guess that you had to say something.

  17. Jon,
    Have you seen THIS VIDEO, titled "East St. Louis DHS Fight"?

  18. AOW,

    I just saw the video. Is there term [4th World]?

  19. JonBerg,

    I've been hoping for years that someone would tell me what the SECOND world is supposed to be?

    The so-called "Third World" I always think of as The TURD World.

    I would assume that "we" live in the "FIRST world, right?

    So who inhabits the second?

    I'm serously interested in learning, because i haven't a clue.

  20. FT,



    My question regarding the video was just rhetorical.

  21. I would have watched the whole thing but I thought I might lose my dinner.

  22. I've been serving the "first Messiah" for over 50 yers. If I thought He would be anything like this guy in His second coming, I'd renounce everything I have believed and run for the hills.

  23. I once asked a Obama fan late last November about the election since now it's all over . She answered the she not only voted for his but she also campaigned for him. Then I asked hers why she likes Obama so much. I was expecting to hear some kind of reason based on logic.
    Instead all I got was an answer based not on logic or reason but emotion only. For she said "I love Obama." This does sound a lot like some kind of Obama cult.

  24. Walter,
    It seems to me that a significant proportion of Americans have succumbed to gullibility -- and, yet, the kind of gullibility that makes them unable to recognize when they have been sucked into cultism.

    Saying I love Obama is weird, IMO.

    But the thing is that so many people are like that.

    We who love the principles upon which America was founded have cause for dismay.

  25. One never thinks that one's home could be turned into a third world cesspool, but then you wake up and realize that you live in a banana republic with a tin pot dictator who has a God complex. It is a bitter pill to swallow.


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