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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recommended Reading

See Direct Link Between Algeria Attack that Killed 3 Americans and Libya Attack that Killed 4 at Mike's America.


  1. Damn, I posted that on this blog a few days ago and was ridiculed.

    Also said that we were smart to get the French to agree to the heavy lifting.

  2. Yep, caught it on the news last night about the connections. So far Obama has done nothing to go after these people in spite of his dire sounding rhetoric. I'm strongly suspecting now that al Qaeda has evolved into a clone of the Muslim Brotherhood. They both spring from the same ideology and the same place. Now they commit the same acts that benefit each other.

  3. While the US makes wars and enemies, China is making deals and friends.

  4. What difference does it make?

    (That question is not original... heard it somewhere before.)

  5. Thanks for linking AOW. It's really amazing that the facts here are not deemed more newsworthy by the media. Obviously Al Queda is not on the ropes and it also appears that the Obama Administration is so caught up in their own campaign rhetoric that they have lost touch with reality.

    As I said in my post that the cancer will continue to spread and the deaths of more Americans will be the result.

  6. Mike,
    Yes, the cancer will continue to spread.

    What is so astounding to me these days is that Americans don't seem to care. They are all caught up in the Cult of Obama.


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