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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Recommended Reading

See A NEW GENERATION by Mustang at A Montpelier View.  A glimpse of the future? Is there any remedy? Your comments welcome here at Always On Watch.


  1. " Is there any remedy?"

    Yes! The answer is for conservatives to get their kids and grandkids out of the public school system now!Home Schooling or private schooling are the only answers. Not easy, but it is the only answer in my book.

  2. Absolutely wrong headed.

    I can understand being critical of the level of achievement in American schools but not because you haven't achieved a particular political objective.
    It simply begs too any questions and I can't overlook the very sad irony of a marine complaining about indoctrination.

    It's not a concern for a lack of critical thinking. Not at all.
    No, in this case it's a sad belief that all should accept the foolish conservative tablets brought down from Sinai by Saint Ronnie Raygun with a background story about the imagined exceptionalism of southern culture.

    The basic concern may be valid but the answer isn't to call for extensive indoctrination. Because the fringe right embraces indoctrination so long as it supports the agenda we have rejected because it deserves to be rejected.

  3. Duck: when you refer to Ronnie Rayguns, you sound so... seventies.

  4. Either Home Schooling or private Christian Schools.

    Right Truth

  5. Saint Ronnie Raygun, Ed.

    mustang's the one waiting for his resurrection, not me.


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