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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Political Musical Interlude

With thanks to Big Bubba, who emailed me the link to the music video below the fold, a flashback to 2010:

Bryan Glover, the Tennessee football coach who co-wrote the above song and emailed to everyone in his personal-email address book (including parents at the middle school where he worked), was fired for doing so. Some who objected to the song and demanded Glover's dismissal, alleged that the song has racial overtones.


  1. Racist? By liberal logic, everyone who criticizes Bush hates white people...

    btw, that's a hand sledge in the video, not a carpenter's hammer that drives nails... Regardless, the song is excellent.

  2. Racial overtones? I think I heard it was "everyone of them looks like a nail". The coach did the right thing. More people need to lose their fear of being called a racist for critizing No. 44. I don't care what color Obama is. He sucks!

  3. Charges of racism are theLeft's "hammer".

  4. This racist loves that song. Oh, and a few watched it at YouTube too.

  5. Thanks, I had missed that one. Racist--well that's anyone that opposes any part of the Obama agenda. Racism is there one and only issue when losing the fight.

  6. I remember this song and the firing incident-suggestion:

    Glover -start your own- high end school-w/o any govt $$-

    gvt schools are doing poorly-he'd get LOTS of business!

  7. CUTE! Fun to listen to!

    Thersites, you sure got this one right.

    The song is certainly anti-Liberal, anti-Democrat and anti-Obama Administration, and it's logic may be a tad shallow, but RACIST?


    As for the firing, well it reminds me of blog owners and blog personalities who cannot tolerate views that differ from their own, or simply take an irrational dislike to a poster, and start trying to ban -- or if they can't manage that -- persecute those deemed "offensive" with rude, harsh, unwarranted criticism in hopes of the "offender" will just slink away in shame and embarrassment with his chin pointing to the ground.

    Everybody ADORES "Freedom of Speech" until someone says something he doesn't want to hear.

    Human beings are funny creatures, aren't we?

    ~ FreeThinke


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