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Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack!

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

The 2011-2012 classes I teach end on Tuesday, May 29. For all intents and purposes, I don't have any "homework" now.

I'm looking forward to a summer of frequent blogging as we approach the November 2012 National Elections.


  1. I hope you and Mr. AOW have a great summer. I'm sure it won't be dull.

  2. Sweet!!! I can't wait to hear all of your dissertations!

  3. And I'm looking forward to your posts!

  4. Brooke,
    I'm not sure that I'm going to be providing dissertations. Hehehe.

  5. I simply haven't been able to keep with blogging as usual with all that's been going on during the school term. Oh, sure, I did post with some frequency. But I had to queue up those posts from Friday through Monday as I had HARDLY ANY SPARE TIME on Tuesdays through Thursdays when I hold classes. Despite the small classes, there were multiple "crises" and "brush fires." I haven't had a school term like this one in over 15 years! Sheesh.

    I am so grateful that Sam has come aboard here! For the foreseeable future, he will be posting at least every Thursday.

  6. Conservatives On Fire,
    The big blip this summer will likely be Mr. AOW's cataract surgery. Now, cataract surgery is really no big deal for most people; I myself had cataract surgery in 2008.

    Mr. AOW, however, is severely disabled and, as a result, has difficulty in coming to a sitting position from a reclining position. It is IMPERATIVE that he not strain after cataract surgery so as not to (1) dislodge the lens implant and (2) detach the retina.

    I'm hoping that Medicare will provide some temporary assistance with home health care post-op. We'll be discussing that matter with the neurologist one week from today.

  7. Silverfiddle,
    I've missed not being able to blog much the past several months.

  8. No summer vacation this year -- we've got a cabal of entrenched leftists to defeat. And ...

    Memorial Day, 2012: Always Remember.

  9. I know you are so glad to have a couple of months to relax. You deserve it.

    Welcome back!

    Right Truth

  10. Wait, wait. You forgot that big pile of papers over there that need to be corrected and graded. Stop, come back! Ahhh too late.......

  11. Black Sheep,
    I saw the pile of papers you pointed out. I've round-filed them.

  12. Looking forward to reading the posts on the coming election.

    Hope that you and Mr. AOW have a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

  13. I know the feeling. I had an unusually busy tax season (and was happy for the work) but it did greatly reduce my blogging time.

  14. "Despite the small classes, there were multiple "crises" and "brush fires." I haven't had a school term like this one in over 15 years! Sheesh. "

    Wait, we were THAT bad? Heh, heh... sorry!

    Yes, summer: I wonder, do the kids or teacher enjoy summer more? At any rate, be sure to enjoy yourself! Relax, recharge... and don't let the election ruin it...


  15. Wildstar,
    Don't get me wrong! I LOVE teaching the homeschool classes.

    To be clear, I'm NOT referring to YOU as a crisis or a brush fire.

    As you know, we had several unusual events this year: the death of a student's parent (That one hit me hard for more than one reason!), an advanced-cancer diagnosis for another parent, a few -- ahem -- mouthy students (one in particular, but not you), some matters obtaining materials), several students who dropped courses, assignments that had to be redone numerous times, lots of late papers (not only yours, BTW), confusion about the student publication, etc., etc., etc. All of those, as well as other matters, take their toll.

    In fact, one of the ongoing "crises" was my having to get used to that new grade book as the old template was so very old that it wouldn't run at all (dated back to the 1990s, I think). Next year, I'm going to try a portrait orientation rather than a landscape one. After two cataract surgeries, I have a very difficult time getting the grades into the proper boxes (tiny boxes).

    If I'd had another computer crash this year, I myself would have had a complete meltdown!

  16. Yay no homework is great, hope u have an easy few months, the both of you.


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