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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Creeping Shari'ah

By Sam Huntington

Is this "much ado" about nothing?  

Maybe.  In democratic society, everyone is encouraged to express an opinion, even when —or especially when various segments of society do not agree. 

While “shouting down” an opponent does appear remarkably similar to the kind of behavior we expect from progressives, I should think we must be grateful that these Islamacists are in the open about their long-term plan for western civilization.  Personally, I don’t think most Europeans and Americans are quite as dim-witted as these Islamacists think.  I mean, there is no way western culture would roll over for Shar’ia Law.  No way.  Right?


  1. Multiculturalism is all about rolling over.

  2. Sam,
    You might be interested in reading THIS.

  3. What AOW said. Multi-Culti until Islam gets the upper hand, then it once culture: Theirs.

  4. They have as much chance of taking over is the dominionists of taking over America.

    Religion is waning world wide because of fundamentalists. Islam is no different than any other.

  5. Free speech for Muslims seems to have special privileges. Look at some of the things they say an do, no way a Christian or Jew could get away with that.

    Right Truth

  6. Debbie, you listen to rabies radio much?

    Tune in Michael Savage for a few minutes or "Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine" Limbaugh and tell us the insults don't flow freely.

  7. Debbie is correct. In order to bow to CAIR, free speech was shut down right here in America.

  8. Ducky: Do YOU listen to Michael Savage?

    Obviously not. He does not disparage Islam, but he does rail against Islamists.

    Careful, boy, you're taking the media matters talking points way too seriously, and it's making you look ignorant and foolish.

  9. Silverfiddle, I remember a broadcast of Savage's after a brutal earthquake in Iran when he suggested we send smallpox laced blankets.

    The fringe right is disgusting and when you aren't on your own site you play right along with these bigots.

    Especially here on AOW's site which has a history of opposing all things Muslim.

    Again, radical religious fundamentalists are all around us although they are not nearly as common in the Eastern religions.

    The Abrahamic religions have devolved to the point of being a curse in their fundamental form. I remember when the Catholic church looked to more progressive leadership but that's also been destroyed as the idea of a personal god brings us the prosperity doctrine and the destruction of community.

  10. Islamist will only live in peace with other cultures until they have the numbers to dominate the other culture. Unless something is done to stop it, Muslims will dominate most of Europe in two decades. It can and is happening in America in speecific locations like Dearborne, Michigan.

  11. Why are we the only ones who seem to see the "light"?

  12. Religion is the opiate of the masses and those Christians here hating on others is proof positive.

  13. That the muslims want to dominate the world is not a secret, nor that they're taking over cities all over the Western world. Until a few nations actually declare open war on Islamization, and encourage others to follow, they'll keep right on taking over. Sooner or later there will be a third world war because we peeps just love to fight too much otherwise, and my hope is that it's a religious one rather than something that starts with a flareup over fishing rights or some such.




    ~ FreeThinke

  15. The west has rolled over for islam in the past and it will again, it's the way things are unfortunately. We've been through worse, fortunately we've survived it too.

  16. Ducky: Just as I thought. You can't produce a transcript, you didn't hear it yourself, you're just parroting leftwing talking points.

    Your comments are just so much incoherent, unsubstantiated quacking.

    Come back when you have some substance behind what you're saying.

  17. Duck said: here on AOW's site which has a history of opposing all things Muslim





    What I do oppose is Islamification and the erosion of our rights. Criticize Islam, and CAIR or the like descends.

    Here in America, we are supposed to be able to criticize ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

    There should not be special privileges for any religious group. By "privileges," I mean special treatment and allowing for law breaking, religious courts taking precedence over civil courts, shari'a rules for cab drivers and factories, prayer rooms and foot baths paid for by taxpayer dollars, etc.

    Nobody has the right not to be offended.

  18. Conservatives On Fire,
    Islamist will only live in peace with other cultures until they have the numbers to dominate the other culture.

    That's it in a nutshell. Look to Europe to see how that strategy is playing out. Very effective -- precisely because of multiculturalism, which amounts to cultural suicide.

  19. DIDADIN would be our only hope of stopping the Islamification of the West and the establishment of Sharia.

    Unfortunately our very nature will prove the source of our undoing.

    We Will Tolerate Intolerance Until Intolerance Overwhelms and Destroys Us.

    The West is moribund.

    ~ FreeThinke

  20. FT,
    The future indeed looks bleak.

    I'm glad that I'm as old as I am.

  21. 1. The item most certain is "much ado about nothing". It is about giving a loud minority of radicals to much attention. That you also source your material from "jihadwatch" says that the base of your targetting is skewered.

    2. I disagree with AOW's claim that she is not anti-Islam as much as she try's to defend herself.

    The answer to her protestations is simple, as long as her items are slanted to one direction in the major tilt that she does, avoids context by also pointing out all sides to every story, we can only assume that she is "targetting" Muslims and Islam.

    Better off talking about things you guys know about, such as politics and musical interludes, at least there you can argue your cases (and often logically).


    Damien Charles

  22. Damien Charles,
    You are entitled to your opinion.

    And I to my opinion, including any slant that I care to use -- particularly at my own blog site, which is not a news site.

    It is rude to tell me what I'm "better off" talking about at my own blog, which is my property and one forum in which I post my views.

    If you don't like this site, you are not forced to read it.

  23. @AOW

    I think D. Charles is correct to observe that “loud minorities” gain much of our attention. Even so, I cannot imagine it would be wise to ignore these people. If only ten percent were extremists, that would still suggest 160 million radicalized persons posing a clear and present danger to western societies. On the other hand, perhaps if we just give them what they want … the destruction of innocent Israelis, they’ll all settle down and we can all be friends again. I’m not holding my breath, but I continue to believe we ignore these men at our own peril.

    Mr. Charles suggests Jihad Watch produced the video, but I’m not sure why that should matter. I don’t think Horowitz or Spencer forced a Muslim extremist to read a script it in order to inflame Americans. Final thought —and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Mr. Charles has ever denounced calls for Israel’s destruction or any form of Islamic extremism. I wonder if it bothers him that a Jew produced the film, Lawrence of Arabia.

  24. It took years before the US government began banning the Nazi party, despite all the signs that they were planning on taking over the world.

    BTW, I linked to your article from mine: Shariah is Islam


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