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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Absurdity Of The Day

I laughed for a full five minutes when I read the following about the EPA-NASCAR green deal:
...[T]hey claim [they] will capture “100 percent of the emissions produced” in races..

Yeah, right. [heavy sarcasm]


  1. That is a laugher!

    Well, beer is recyclable...

  2. Hi AOW.

    I believe them they got the car to prove their claim.:)


  3. I am sure all of the Rednecks will find this a real "hoot"- thanks for the tickle.

  4. Your tax dollars at work!

  5. hehehe neat - nascar has nothing to do with actual racing anymore anyway...

  6. I'd love to do a caption for that picture of Obama shaking hands with a NASCAR lover:
    "you Bible totin', beer drinkin', constitution lovin' , gun lovin' FREAK....I may be shaking your hand, but I'll be wiping it off as soon as nobody's looking, believe me...now please buy my lies...."

  7. And another American institution bows to the liberals. I think I'll go out and cut down some trees for firewood today.

  8. Green used to be my favorite color, now it sounds like a curse to my ears.

    The Green Movement -- yet another bane of our existence.

    The left has the infinite capacity to destroy anything through its penchant for tyrannical micro-management.

    For CHRIST'S SAKE! When you chop down a tree, LET the FRIGGIN' CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY.

    I'd rather die of dehydration in the desert or starve in the wilderness than live under the yoke of a Socialist, Bureaucratic Dictatorshit.

    For any sane human being there could be no middle ground between liberty and death.

    Without liberty life becomes LIVING DEATH.

    ~ FreeThinke

  9. Don't you cherish the mental image of our beloved First Couple ending their days in the glory of a true CEAUSESCU MOMENT?

    Sic semper tyannis bastardi!

    "How long, O Lord, how long shall the wicked triumph?"

    ~ FT

  10. Absurdity of the day...

    A man we know almost nothing about because he is sealing or erasing his past is the President of the US.

    A man we have no evidence from a hospital that he was actually born here. A man a forensic lab has declared his only shred of proof a fraud. This document is the only piece to counter the lack of a doctor.nurse claiming they were there when the first black President was born in a culture dying for fame and glory. Immigration records missing for the exact week that would have coincided with a possible return of Obamas mother to the US. Where is Obamas mother? Where are any relatives to fill in any of Obamas past? Keep in mind we are picking over schoolboy antics other 40 years ago in Romneys past but we get what about Obama---thin air. The only stories we have are from his own book. These make great fodder as he admits to pushing a helpless girl down and using drugs. I know Bush Jr used alcohol because the lef tnever let us forget even to the point of playing up a 20 + year old DUI charge days before the election...

    But back to obama...I do not know whether to believe his stories. They are probably lies too to make his early years sound more interesting. I mean would not this girl come forward? Or how about folks he associated with in college? or any one who knew him from the past, other than Tony Resco (jialed for financial crimes) Bill Ayers (terrorist who should be in jail).

    And why is it that I am sort of fearful to even post this?

    We live in the land of the Free and the home of the Brave right?

    But to question him and Democrats in general is to risk being labeled an idiot. Worse if your State votes to define marriage as between a man and a woman you are labeled sheepeople, brainless, netherdals.....and not just by the lackeys like Liberalmann but by the Governor of the State. I always find it odd when a conservative is Governor they should "represent the whole State" isnt that what the liberals say but when a liberal governs a State she/he can insult the 61% that voted aginst her/his views. Such is the logic of liberals....

    Of course, maybe that is why she is stepping down after this term because she can see that the knuckle draggers are going to vote again in a wave of red sending her and her liberal friends back to the communist culture they came from.

    or maybe she is going to step in from Biden because Obama is doing so well in the polls there is talk of kicking Biden off of the island (survivor style).

    I do take solace in the fact that I am a nobody and so my negative comments will go unnoticed because my stage is limited. The Sheriff unfortunately is not so lucky and is again facing the wrath of Eric Holder as law suit after law suit is filed to get the Sheriff to shut up...

    Have to go check on myy solar power company stocks....yeah i know they dont make any solar power products but with all those obama dollars my stocks are doing well...yeah it bothers me a little that the employees are going to get the shaft while the obamas donors get rich but its not like the story isnt out there....

  11. Maybe they mean 'offset', otherwise they'll have go running after the cars tall pipes, trying to keep up. Lol


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