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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Bob Mack in response to this post here at Always On Watch:

Obama & his mirrors possess enough pathologies to keep a team of psychologists busy for years.

Bonus Quote Of The Day below the fold:

From Mustang's "Idiot of the Week" post about Jimmy Peanut:

Jimmy Carter had two opportunities to atone for his dismal performance as this country’s chief executive. He could have disappeared into the hills of northern Georgia and applied his laudable skills in carpentry or he could have committed himself to a psychiatric clinic. Of course, he chose neither of these ... but he clearly demonstrates that if anyone requires serious psychopathic intervention, it is he.


  1. Good stuff. I love Mustang's straightforward wisdom.

  2. My personal favorite is the GA Democrat who actually suggested that Guam could tip over because of an increase in the military population on the island... clearly a graduate of government schools...


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