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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The U.S. National Debt Clock

Note to readers: Due to my work and caregiving schedules, I will be posting less frequently than usual.

From Bob Mack's site, HERE is our nation's national debt clock in real time.

Your thoughts?

Bob Mack's essay "Flim-Flam Men" is HERE. Worth your time.


  1. I found the debt clock very interesting, AOW. I have been saying for a long time now that the Obama administration has been fudging unemployment numbers, and this confirms it. I suspect governments love statistics … they can say whatever you want them to say.

    The other day, someone on television was saying that the total in US gold bullion reserves is a tad less than $400 billion. The revelation was that we pay that amount in debt interest every three months.

  2. It happens. I look forward to what you do post.

  3. Thanks for turning us on to Bob Mack. That was an excellent post!

  4. Interesting site, Z, but scary to contemplate how the numbers are misrepresented by the left.

  5. This is amazing. How long can this continue?


  6. It's scary watching the debt clock.

    However, on the debt limit, Republicans need to stand strong and not submit to the Democrats.

    Right Truth

  7. Mustang,
    The decline of our economy is a cycle that is feeding on itself. And of course the government is fudging the stats. After all, the politicians seek re-election above all else.

  8. Trestin,

    I have been overwhelmed the past several days with work responsibilities and out-of-town company having rolled into town a few days ago.

    I don't know how I've managed to post at all!

    My grueling pace, particularly on the work front, will not end until the school term finishes the first week of June. I will continue to post as I can find the time.

  9. It's mesmerizing. It took about a minute and 10 seconds to rack up a million bucks.

  10. Causes of the current deficit:

    1. The Afghanistan and Iraq fiascoes are on he books rather than being funded by supplementals.

    2. The Bush ta cuts have lowered revenue while not generating growth.

    3. Unemployment has further depressed revenues.

    4. Stimulus

    Now, trying to pin this all on Obama is a little naive. Or maybe we should go back to the Bush years and keep the two military fiascoes off the books, the suckers will fall for it.

    Nasty times, Saint Ronnie Raygun started raising deficits as a method of eventually defunding social programs. Of course the suckers think they got some of those tax cuts. No, YOU got a huge SSI tax increase you dolts.

    Clinton increased taxes and we experienced growth. Bush cut them and managed to generate a recession and torch the housing market.

    But the fringe right will keep talking tinkle own economics and other silliness...

  11. Duck,
    I'm not online much these days, but something you said does warrant a comment.

    You said:

    Now, trying to pin this all on Obama is a little naive.

    Nothing in this post or in this thread of comments is laying all the blame at Obama's feet.

    Bob Mack's post "Flim-Flam Men" doesn't lay the blame at Obama's feet, either.

    Straw man fallacy, Duck.

    On the other hand, YOUR comment lays the blame at the feet of Republican Presidents.

    Furthermore, Congress approves the federal budget. The President doesn't enact the budget without Capitol Hill.

    I'm guessing that your purpose in making your comment is to unload here. Did somebody at another blog swat you so that you had to throw a tantrum?

  12. Let's take a look at what Obama apparently wants to spend money on now. More foreign aid, of course. To the Islamic world. Please read the entire essay at the link above!

    Our nation's debt clock is running like a gazelle. We have a flooded Mississippi River Valley and other serious domestic catastrophes. We have high unemployment and reduced federal revenues. Yet, Obama is casting his eyes overseas to try to shore up what passes for his foreign policy.

  13. Can you really expect "adult babies" to live within their means?


  14. AOW said, “I'm guessing that your purpose in making your comment is to unload here.” Has anyone noticed that Ducky never reads any posts before commenting on them? Has anyone noticed that Ducky is stuck on stupid? I’m sure he’s getting meds for whatever ails him, but that doesn’t discount the fact that beneath it all, stripping away all layers, Ducky is a communist douche bag. I’m glad I could help clear that up, AOW.

  15. Yes AOW, I believe the tactic of generating large deficits as a strategy to eventually eliminate New Deal social programs did originate with Saint Ronnie Raygun.

    Supply side economics was just a figment of the fringe right's fever dream before that and Carter DID lower the deficit.

    Obama is guilt of continuing the Bush policy of lowering taxes after Clinton's tax increase again lowered the deficit.

    Insane wars -- Bush
    Ridiculous tax cuts -- Bush plus a tax INCREASE for you under Saint Ronnie Raygun.
    Recession -- Well Clinton has to take some responsibility for listening to Rubin on deregulation just has Obummer has listened to Larry Summers.
    Stimulus -- Unfortunately there was none. No attempt to resolve the housing issue. All we got under Obummer was an extension of Bush's TARP.

    Republicans and supply side have been a disaster. Dems have been complicit but never the prime movers.
    Remember this, the supply side Libertarian morons are going to do destroy America. If you want someone to the right of corporatist Obummer than you deserve what is going to happen.

  16. With gratitude to le progressistes, much of America is a shamble. It is true le RP n'est pas une panacée, yet they do not return America 100 years past. Mme. Pelosi l'communiste belong en prison.

  17. Does anyone else realize that Duckhead is using the argument that the government allowing people to keep more of their own money, that they have worked their asses off for, is the root of our economic problems in the US?

    I can only assume anyone debating this with him is showing an incredible act of charity in letting him think his stance is in any way rational.

  18. I can't look. Every time a TV news channel shows that clock, I have to turn to something else....like I LOVE LUCY reruns.. wishing for the good old days and praying things return!

  19. Chuck,
    It is an act of charity on my part that I allow Duck to spew his comments here at all.

    One reason that I allow him to do so: my students gets to see how a Leftist thinks. I'm using the term "thinks" loosely, of course.

    BTW, here is a comment that Duck made elsewhere, behind my back as I don't frequent that site:

    mustang, z and AOW are going to be strapped in chairs and forced to view films from my library. First will be Einsenstein's "Potemkin".

    Probably follow up with Godard's "Weekend".

    Don't worry though, good quality refreshments will be provided. I'm not a sadist.

  20. Don't waste your time with Nostradumbass, (Ducky.) He's bone-headed stupid and uneducatable. He writes in tropes and talking points he picks up at Democratic Underground.

    He's a cry baby that likes to believe that he has won an argument. He accomplishes this by disappearing from a thread as soon as someone kicks his ass.

    You might have noticed that after I give him a thumping he disappears for a couple of weeks. We have a history that goes back for several years. At first I would reply to his posts and link to information that proved he was full of crap. Then I figured out that he never read a link.

    You see, when you're a delusional ideologue, you can't allow information that proves you wrong impinge on your consciousness.


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