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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011 (With Addendum)

This Memorial Day 2011, the following has been made possible at Arlington National Cemetery:
This Memorial Day, visitors to Arlington National Cemetery will have a special way to remember and honor a loved one or a fallen hero thanks to a generous donation of 10,000 long stemmed roses.

The American and Ecuadorian Flower Growers donated the roses for Memorial Day as a way to show their appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices made by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

“This thoughtful donation will aid in enriching our visitors experience on Memorial Day and serve as a tangible symbol to honor and remember those interred at Arlington National Cemetery,” said Kathryn Condon, executive director, Army National Cemeteries Program.

Visitors are encouraged to take two roses – one to place on the grave of a loved one and one to take home in memory of that person....
Please remember wherever you are at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time today to observe the meaning of Memorial Day by pausing for the National Moment of Remembrance.

Additional reading: "In Honor of Fallen Patriots," an essay by Mark Alexander of the Patriot Post. Worth your time.

Addendum: "Cloth Triange" by Tammy Swofford.


  1. "...a generous donation of 10,000 long stemmed roses."

    A generous and meaningful gesture, just wonderful. My thoughts are with the troops, past and present, wherever they might be now and whatever they may have done in the past.

  2. What a wonderful gesture with the roses! Gone but never forgotten!

  3. An amazing and fitting tribute.....isn't it nice to think that people still do things like the roses for our military?
    The video's too tough to watch...an extremely sad but important tribute.
    Thanks, AOW.

  4. A touching tribute. Thanks AOW. God bless America!

  5. Best wishes to you and Mr. AoW on this Memorial Day, and G-D Bless you both!

  6. God bless those who have fought and died for this country.

  7. Great gesture guys. Thank you. I'd like to say to all our readers that before you go to that BBQ or to the Mall, please take a few minutes and think of those who sacrificed everything including their lives for you and me. And for the contributions that they made to make America GREAT.

  8. The roses donated by Ecuadorian Flower Growers were a wonderful tribute to our fallen Heroes.

    I want to thank everyone that has ever served or is now serving in the United States Military. Thank you for the part you played in keeping our country free.

    I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day.

    God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

  9. That's great and I love the image, so touching.

    Right Truth

  10. That was a great gesture. Good to see some good news now and again.

  11. Here's to the best of the best!

  12. My Uncle Bill, a WW1 veteran grievously wounded in the service of our nation and the most ardent patriot I've ever known, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. I am so grateful that the Old Guard puts a flag on Uncle Bill's grave every Memorial Day.

    I have other family members buried at Arlington as well. Those other family members include WW2 veterans who served at Normandy on D-Day.


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