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Friday, June 16, 2017

Why Trump Tweets

And should continue to Tweet (HERE and HERE, two different Twitter accounts).

The Democrats, the establishment GOP, and the media want President Trump to stop Tweeting because his Tweets are interfering with and eroding the narrative.

As Donald J. Trump Tweeted @ 8:23 this morning:


  1. When Trump skirts "fake news"....with fake news...it sort of cancels each other out. Trumps tweets are an embarrassment to the Republic, but the bleating sheep seem to like it.

    He controls a vast communications apparatus.....petulant claims of "going around" anything, come up predictably short.

    - CI

  2. President Trump needs to knock it off. His missives are petty and childish, way below the dignity of the office.

    Take the twitter out of his hands and turn the account over to his communications staff, which can plan a social media strategy the still bypassed the fake media.

    Done effectively, without the angry ranting, bitter pettiness and 13-year old adolescent tone, and adding in some humor, Presidential tweets could be very effective.

    1. Presidential tweets could be very effective.

      Agreed. The medium could be better used to provide [logical] context behind his policy decisions, straight to his subscribers.

      - CI

    2. Exactly right. People don't get what I mean at my blog about STOP TWEETING. I mean STOP THE THUG TACTICS...STOP THE EMOTION. Just TELL THE FACTS. THAT is effective. Not name calling and emotional outbursts with explanation points.

      By the way, there is a statute which says an investigator like Robt Mueller cannot be in charge if he has a personal relationship with witnesses, defendants, etc., ..i.e. Comey. Mueller is Comey's mentor, they have been friends for YEARS. This is a clear break of that statute.
      Trump is tweeting "people are conflicted," by which he meant about that statute, that Mueller is showing conflict by having not recused himself from the investigation because of the statute.

      Were I Trump I wonder if it wouldn't be best to just Tweet this:
      Joe Shmoe (lawyer hired by Mueller for this investigation)....Donor to DNC every year.
      Jill Upthehill....Lawyer for Clinton Foundation
      Jack Beanstalk...lawyer DNC
      Sleeping Beauty....DNC donor (obviously, the list exists but I don't know their names!!)

      Maybe Trump should just list the obvious fact that all (ALL) on his team are leftwingers. No opinion on Trump's part, no "SAD!", etc.

      curious that this statute is being ignored and how the media's set it up that if Trump (or Rosenstein) DOES fire Mueller, HE will be the bad guy, not the guy rightfully and legally adhering to a statute meant to keep things honest, unbiased.

    3. Oh dear...just heard one female attorney worked for Hillary on the email accusations. amazing Well, maybe there aren't any non Democrat attorneys in DC? (ya, right)

    4. Z,
      Mueller is Comey's mentor, they have been friends for YEARS. This is a clear break of that statute.

      The break of the statute doesn't seem to matter, though. The investigation is proceeding.

    5. SF,
      His missives are petty and childish, way below the dignity of the office.

      Sometimes, but not always.

      As for the dignity of the office, that ship sailed long before the rise of Trump to political office. It's the Curse of the Social Media.

    6. Z,

      I understand what you mean, and I tend to agree.

      But many voters, especially in the 18-25 age group, don't think that way.

      I can analyze why, but there's no point in doing so.

      And we can't turn back the clock. The Social Media, along with the SmartPhone, have changed the world and very fabric of our society.

    7. Z,
      We have some non-Dem attorneys here in D.C., but most are very financially comfortable and not the least bit interested in getting involved with the public cesspool of politics.

    8. Now the Deputy Atty General may recuse himself.

      It's becoming clear now. This "investigation" is a cooked up cabal to tie the president's hands and prevent him from exercising any control whatsoever over the Justice Department.

      6 months after suffering terrible defeat and repudiation by the voters, DEMOCRATS are in full control of the Justice Department.

      Beady-eyed Obamunist weasels are still burrowed within the bowels of bureaucracy as well, most importantly, the Police State Surveillance ministries.

      Obama officials purposely abused the intelligence apparatus to gin up a pretext to investigate Trump, knowing such investigations inevitable metastasize and destroy the target.

      This is the Deep State Establishment expelling the foreign presence.

      Given that anything can be found on anyone if they are investigated hard enough, this should scare and anger every American. I have suspected for awhile this is how things work; now I see its most likely true.

      Federal Elections are kabuki

    9. Trump is never going to knock it off.

      He's like a 27 year old rookie who gets called up to fill in for an injured player.
      You watch him for a while and think, "darn, if he could just lay off the high heat he might hit some."
      But that's what he is. That's how he swings and that's why he's a 27 year old rookie.
      This is what you elected.

    10. Ducky, True enough. What should worry us all is how the establishment can take down or hobble anyone who is a threat.

      Imagine a President Sanders deciding to pull all troops out of Afghanistan and the Middle East and telling the Saudis to stuff it.

      You don't think he'd be on the pointy end of a skewer just like President Trump is now? The pretext would be different, but the circumstances would be the same.

      Obama couldn't close Gitmo, couldn't get us out of the CENTCOM AOR.

      The Elite Establishment will not allow a maverick president.

      What surprises me is how dumbly President Trump staggered into all this. He didn't realize this was going to be a dirty prison fight to the death with rusty shivs and broken bottles?

      He's got billions. He should have hired an army of lawyers and surrogates--armed with oppo research--to flood the zone from day one, with instruction to eviscerate and disembowel all in their path.

      Dems are brilliant at this GOOPers couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.

    11. SF,
      What should worry us all is how the establishment can take down or hobble anyone who is a threat.

      SPOT ON!

    12. SF,
      For all Trump's electioneering talk about The Swamp, it seems that he didn't know just what a cesspool The Swamp is. I'm not sure that he knows even now.

    13. SF,
      Now the Deputy Atty General may recuse himself.

      Was that announced today?

    14. SF,
      Never mind. I see it now. This is the first chance I've had to look at headlines today.

    15. Ducky, I elected someone to clean up the Left (I wish I could add "fringe" but all of you are pretty much the same fringers)...and HE IS. Whether I personally like his tweets isn't important to America. He's working and it's going well...The Cuba situation today is excellent; wait for the leftwing media (meaning 95% of it, which you should feel unsafe even considering because we don't need a PRAVDA media in America) to misconstrue the whole thing...

      SF: No , because our 'pointy end of a skewer' is nowhere NEAR the ugliness and cleverness of this stinking leftwing cabal. Let me know which R politician has ever sounded as witheringly insulting to Obama.

      And NO, I don't think Trump should have expected this by a LONG shot because it's unconquered territory; this is new, this utter hate, these types of accusations, etc..(Not that I'm saying he hasn't asked for some of it)
      . I've never heard all late night hosts, for example, talk like these do...never did I hear one say he'd like to take a s*** on Trump's desk...or hold a bloody head, or ...pick another of the many

      THis is new...Ivanka was right..it's a "viciousness" we didn't know and should NEVER have expected.

      The LEFT MUST GET TRUMP OUT BEFORE GINSBERG DIES..OR KENNEDY. You will almost NEVER hear them mention the SCOTUS but this is what the BIG DEAL IS....I firmly believe that..it's not mentioned on purpose....
      They have started anew and I believe it's about the Supreme Court..
      Pelosi started in on the soros memes every Dem is sharing right now as if Scalise was never hurt...she looked guilty as hell when Paul Ryan and she were interviewed about nastiness in gov't because, deep down, she knows it's mostly the Left...no matter HOW many of us couldn't stand and didn't admire Obama, only whacks insulted him ...and never THIS horribly.
      Yes, Trump had LOCK HER UP! and that's bad, but the stuff he's getting today? NO WAY did it happen to Obama...we didn't have CNN, MSNBC, ALL network TV, many TV shows and movies, ALL late night hosts, and 96% of indoctrinating profs.

    16. What has he done to improve the Cuban situation?

      Obama took the wise path to open up and move toward denying the government the claim that the embargo is responsible for Cuba's economic malaise.

      He puts on a political dog and pony show for a bunch of elderly Cubans who think the ghost of Batista is returning to give them back all their stuff.

      He's done nothing of substance. Obama did.

      That's my take, what's yours?

    17. Ducky... spoken like a candy-ass latte leftist lounging in the Greatest Nation in the World, basking in the luxuries of Capitalism.

      Your place is Venezuela. Go there. The Bolivarian Revolution is in trouble. They need you.

  3. Let Trump do what the birdies do

    Let Trump zing like the birdies zing,

    Let's all shriek like the Democrats,
    Till we drop dead from heat.

    Take advice from ze birds,
    While you drop your turds,


    - Orville Pinchernockers

  4. Some of Trump's Tweets are effective, IMO.

    I find that the restriction of Twitter's characters for each Tweet force those of us who Tweet to use a weird sort of shorthand.

  5. I find that younger voters and young soon-to-be voters pay a great deal of attention to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Just sayin.

    1. That's why they are predominantly anti-Trump, I imagine.

  6. I am surprised that Trump hasn't had team of bull dog lawyers going after the illegal activities of this triumvirate which clearly is out to get him. He needs to get them out there, on various talk shows, whatever media will have them, to make the case. Apparently our eunuch GOP will not come out and do it. At least the Dems are willing to act like jackasses for their cause.

    1. Yes! I said the same at FreeThnke's (repeated here with the kind hostess's forbearance):

      What President Trump needs to do is hire an army of lawyers and sharp media flacks to do the following:

      * Pre-smear Mueller as a BFF of Comey, and therefor hopelessly conflicted. There is no way he can perform an impartial investigation.

      * Dog Mueller's every action. Ring alarm bells at every leak from his investigation and paint him and his team of Democrat donors as bitter partisans hounding the president out of revenge

      * Direct his Justice Department to investigate Loretta Lynch and how the Hillary investigation--after their destruction of evidence, stonewalling and lying--came to nothing.

      * Direct his Justice Department to ferret out leaks of classified information and harshly prosecute the leakers.

      * Hire opposition researchers to dig dirt on President Trump's tormentors. If they find lawbreaking, bring it to the Justice Department so they can prosecute the person. If no crime, but just embarrassing info, get it out there for all the world to see.

      If President Trump does not realize it, he is on the pointy-end of a scorched earth campaign to the death waged by the deep state and the Infotainment News Media.

      He had better start fighting back, and his warriors need to go for the jugular and draw some serious blood, or it will be game over for one-term (or less?) President Trump.

    2. Bunkerville,
      I've given up on the eunuch GOP.

      And why aren't those bull dog lawyers for Trump on the talk shows?

      It doesn't do any good for Trump to complain about the witch hunt without some high-end lawyers explaining the legal parameters as to why this investigation is a witch hunt.

      Trump seems to believe that an investigation will clear him. How can he possibly trust Mueller?

    3. Harvey Silverglate proves every American on average commits Three Felonies a day

      High flyers in DC, finance and with international business and foundation interests commit many more.

      That is an open secret among the power elites. The tacit agreement is, if you play ball, it's all good.

      If you wander off the reservation, go rogue, or become a threat to the system, they unleash the lawyers and prostitutors on you.

      Despite lying, destroying evidence and getting caught red-handed air-gapping Top Secret information from classifies systems to the internet, nobody in Hillary's witch's coven got so much as a hand slap.

      We are not a nation of laws--we are a nation of the power elites. Laws are for little people, and for big people who have the temerity to challenge the status quo.

    4. Excellent SF and AOW....you put my thoughts to words exactly.

  7. What illegal activities?
    Trump's obstruction of justice?

    It's a shame that this draws so much attention when we could look at things like his brilliant mid-East policy.

    10 billion in arms to Qatar (I thought they sponsored terrorism)
    8000 additional troops to Afghanistan (that should resolve it)

    The man certainly thinks outside the box.

    1. Ducky, you know once a DC program is started, it can never be killed. President Trump is just continuing Obama's armaments for islamic terrorists program.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ci, thanks for truth...it helps and should be known by ALL.

  8. Ducky give it a rest already ,you're getting on my nerves

  9. Dervish,

    I disagree with you. This anti-Trump jihad distracts from real issues of real importance.

  10. Off topic but really, don't miss Megyn Kelly's interview:

    "Right-wing conspiracy fanatic Alex Jones isn’t toning down his rhetoric ahead of his controversial interview Sunday on Megyn Kelly’s show on NBC. He talked Thursday about someone putting bullets in CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer’s head, and warned that others “better have some helicopter jump jets” to escape violence in “Civil War 2.”

    The ominous speech isn’t likely to calm critics or remaining commercial sponsors of Kelly’s program. The bombastic Jones attacked Blitzer, and later in the day threatened to publish extra footage of his interview with Kelly to expose “fake news.”"

    1. Alex Jones. I don't know a SOUL who follows him, listens to him. HE is fringe and should be kept there, even though I have heard he's said things that did prove truthful later, after he got the insults for having said them. He seems like a creep to me.

      Yes, I did just read that he taped the interview. Sad he'd feel compelled to bother, but after people like Katie Couric editing the Right to make her own points against them, who can trust any media?

    2. Then why is Kelly giving him prima air time?

    3. Duck,
      Then why is Kelly giving him prima air time?

      Megyn Kelly is looking to make a splash with her return to broadcasting (or whatever it is she does).

    4. Kelly wants to be the next Barbara Walters...something snapped in her with the fame and it's kind of sad to see :-(

    5. I can't figure out why she's doing the Alex Jones piece either. The only answer I can come up with is that through the magic of editing she's going to do a nuclear hit piece on him.

  11. Ducky, by the way, https://www.infowars.com/watch-live-cnn-allows-justification-for-violence-against-republicans/
    Are you with Blitzer? The shooter wasn't EVIL he was just tired of politics?

    1. I know this ...years of right wing whack jobs reading doomsday novels about the collapse of the republic, stocking up on .223 ammo and MRE's, and running "bug out" drills on Uncle Bubba's 40 acres in the middle of nowhere are finally going to pay off!!!

      If you're intellectually honest, you don't spend 8 years calling for gun owners to take up 2nd amendment remedies against "tyrants" and then blame liberals when some nut follows through.

    2. thanks, but are you with Blitzer?

      Your representation of those who honor the constitution by acknowledging the 2nd amendment is a wild one! We don't encourage 'nuts' we even think he WAS 'evil'...

      Thank God there were two armed cops there so many more weren't killed, huh?

    3. Hold.



      Did Wolf Blitzer actually say that shooter wasn't EVIL he was just tired of politics?

      Hells bells.

      Just think what would be happening if everyone tired of politics went off like Hodgkinson did? Sheesh.

    4. Well, Z, it may shock you but I don't agree with Blitzer.

      The guy was a bad piece of work with a record of spousal abuse (mega red flag) who shouldn't have had access to guns.

    5. Duck,
      The guy was a bad piece of work with a record of spousal abuse

      But never a conviction. Why is that?

    6. The stock Leftist answer will probably be because the system is racist and only convicts black males.....

    7. Ducky, totally agree. But STOP ALL GUN OWNERSHIP because of certain nuts? no. And I think you know I'm not a big gun owner advocate, personally.

    8. CI, well said...And it convicts many black males because it's racist, not because many black males commit crime. But, by saying "many" I'm branded as much a racist as one who'd have the temerity to say "all black males." The leftist mind at work.

    9. Yep, but to that mind, it's still not their fault. It's the white, patriarchal, privileged institutional, caste system [did I get all of the buzzwords on the bumper sticker?] that compelled them ti become criminals.

    10. Actually, it's our asinine "war on drugs".

      Which has some roots in racism.

    11. Only Ducky could work "war on drugs" into this completely unrelated thread.

      Now, Ducky if you can just use "cis-gendered, phallo-centric, Dead white slave owners, Karl Marx and Augusto Pinochet, you hit bingo!

      Work in Mossadegh and you win a box of Fidel Castro Memorial Cohibas, rolled on the pristine thighs of enslaved counter-revolutionaries locked up in The People's Women's Prison.

    12. At least Ducky acknowledges the "war on drugs" is asinine. Points for that.

    13. @Ducky: calling for gun owners to take up 2nd amendment remedies against "tyrants"
      STRAW MAN ALERT. There is no nexus between supporting the 2nd amendment and telling people to use guns against tyrants except in your mind.

    14. CI: "War on Drugs" is an ill-defined term.

      What would you stop doing?

      Stop interdicting drugs at the border? That is asinine.

      Stop arresting traffickers and pushers?

      Stop assistance to nations like Colombia, where with our assistance, they really cleaned things up? I saw that up close. Colombia was once where Mexico is now, eaten up with official corruption and society in the choke-hold of the cartels, but they overcame it--firing whole police departments and relying on the much less corrupt Army until they could get things stabilized. They also built a giant fortress to house the judges and prosecutors and their families to shield them from the Cartels.

      We need a program of hemispheric cooperation of law enforcement, intel and military assistance. Unfortunately, some governments are so corrupt, productive cooperation would be almost impossible.

      I've been a military advisor in a nation with an increasingly hostile government, and it ain't fun.

      About all I am for is the decriminalization of use and possession of small amounts for personal use.

    15. About all I am for is the decriminalization of use and possession of small amounts for personal use.

      That's a start. We need to stop wasting money on selective morality, with no social gain.

      I can get paid to work in porn, for the entertainment of others, but I can't solicit a woman for sex? I can submit my body to medical experiments, as a literal punching bag and imbibe as much trans-fat, sugar, alcohol, and model glue as I like.....but I can't take marijuana of cocaine.

      What we've been doing, hasn't worked. We can argue all day about what the solution should be.....but that primary fact remains.

  12. Actually Trumps tweets show his insecurities and immaturity. It also consumes time he could be spending working FOR the American people rather than himself.

    1. I agree. As I've always said, if he'd just tweet THE INFORMATION HE WANTS OUT THERE, we'd all be better off...not the 'sad!' and other ridiculous thin skinned additions.

      Above, Ducky calls him a 27 yr old rookie...that's generous; at my blog I've often called him a 10 year old school yard bully.
      But is he getting things DONE? I'm pretty sure tweeting at 3:30 AM isn't getting in the way of his day's meetings/speeches/work, etc.
      Tell us how he's working 'for himself'? As if he needs this!?

    2. But is he getting things DONE?

      HERE is a list through May 11 (UPI).

      Oh, and there's this:

      Trump admin ends Obama-era protection of undocumented immigrant parents (dated June 15). DHS issued this order, but I suspect under Trump's direction.

      What has Congress gotten done?

    3. Trump would be but a footnote in some business journal were it not for him being elected to the presidency. Being the narcissist that he is and craving recognition he saw the presidency as his path to immortality.

    4. Anonymous, you have to live under a rock not to know how successful this man's been in business....'footnote?' Who didn't know Trump existed before this candidacy? (hint; think rock)

    5. Anonymous Too,
      he saw the presidency as his path to immortality

      Very possible.

      And that could be said by others, too.

    6. Correction: And that could be said about others, too.

    7. It can probably be said about all presidents....one has to have quite the ego to face what they face, especially today. Trump didn't really need that for immortality, anyway, who didn't know his name very well before his pres. candidacy, right, AOW?

    8. Z,
      Everybody knew his name, that's for sure. But maybe he was also interested in leaving behind a political legacy. Remember that interview he did about 25 years ago? With Oprah, maybe. Do you remember that interview?

    9. yes, I do remember...and his policies hadn't changed much, tho the left says he was a Democrat then. I think he was more a closet Conservative.
      I have a cousin who does REALLY big head hunting in NYC...she knows people whose names we hear leading big companies....she always reminds me "the rich are DEMOCRATS!" But, I think Trump's nature is Conservative.
      Anyway...of course people who run for the job want the job...I believe Trump did this for his daddy "See, Dad? I Did make it really big"...but that's my own 'thing'...
      My point is only that the guy was HUGELY well known already ...so he throws President in as a political legacy...quite a fete. But the main goal? Not sure.

    10. Z,
      I believe Trump did this for his daddy "See, Dad? I Did make it really big"...but that's my own 'thing'...

      Interesting take.

    11. I disagree, Trump has spent his adult life supporting Leftist policies, even through his campaign.

    12. Trump spent his life conning people. Anyone who has studied his business activities, including multiple bankruptcies and his Trump U scam knows he's not what many think he is.

      He's scrum in a business suit. Used car sales personnel are more honest than the BLOTUS.

    13. While foaming at the mouth, Anonymous Too, said:
      "Being the narcissist that he is and craving recognition he saw the presidency as his path to immortality."
      Replace the name Trump with just about any Presidents name and it would still ring true. The truth is that it takes a fair amount of narcissism to even want to be the President.

  13. Excellent to see Cubans so thrilled with what Trump did today... I don't know enough, neither do any of you, to understand how those FROM a country addressed feel; their delight informs and delights ME. The media's already saying "no more travel, business is over"..all lies. Again.

  14. Ducky, you said 8000 to Afghanistan somewhere above, I believe...where did you read that high number?

    1. 8400 is what I'm understanding, that are being sent in vain.

    2. I just heard it's probably lower than 6000......
      I trust General Mattis.

    3. You're probably right, it's likely 8400 that are there now. Either way, we're waaaay past our sell by date on this misadventure.

    4. I don't trust General Mattis. If the generals had any connection to reality, they would have stood up in revolt years ago and demanded either we get the hell out, or they resign.

      I would say more, but this is a family blog.

    5. I agree with SF. But I won't diss Mattis. He is in a subordinate position and he did give a reality statement to Congress on this issue.
      I read it was 4000, and in the smae article they said they didn't know the actual number.

      We should get out.
      if we think the taliban are obtaining WMD's we should bomb them in a way that none of them survive. Get our guys out.

  15. When is the FBI going to start investigating and infiltrating "the resistance?"

    1. Oh, wait...that would mean investigating Comey and Mueller...

  16. He should definitely keep tweeting. No one else is getting the message out.

    1. No one else? Not [insert the name of every spokesperson, cabinet member, surrogate and supporter here]?

      Come on....

      What's his message? "Sad!"?

    2. No..very few else.. How many mainstream media have talked about Mueller's leftwing investigation team?
      Today there are articles about how Trump's NY attorney shouldn't be advising because he isn't currently 'authorized' to practice in DC....the truth is he doesn't need to be.
      I could go on...must I?

    3. You mean like this?


    4. CI, this CNN article does discuss the huge DNC donations....also, yesterday, it comes out that one woman lawyer actually defended Hillary during the email scandals.
      CNN's shows have not discussed the DNC connections, I have barely seen them mention, if at all, the names of those on the team now.
      Ken Starr stands by Mueller's picks.

      I'm thinking it'd be wonderful if someone actually said it isn't good optics...you see, optics SHOULD work both ways.....I'd be so happy about that. A Liberal on Fox yesterday said "Sure, I'd be happy to have all Republicans on a case against one of my Democrats....because I'm sure they'd be honest!"
      You can't make this naivite up.

  17. Last night, at Shakespeare in the Park in NYC...

    From the Daily Beast:

    Pro-Trump Protesters Storm ‘Julius Caesar’ Stage In Central Park.

    ...“BREAKING: Julius Ceasar Gets SHUTDOWN,” tweeted pro-Trump Pizzagate conspiracist Jack Posobiec, misspelling the play’s name, as Laura Loomer, a right-wing activist, stormed the stage during the assassination scene, in which (spoiler alert) Julius Caesar is assassinated by members of the Roman Senate.

    “You are all Goebbels,” Posobiec shouted in the video, referring to the Nazi propaganda minister. “You are inciting terrorists! ... The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!”...

    1. Ugh, if she'd only not quite gone that far ....I believe there's truth in it, but..."the blood of Scalise is on your hands..." that's EXACTLY the kind of rhetoric that's red meat for the leftwing media to chew on...if she hadn't gone that far, they'd have to have paid attention...but now they have an extreme comment to pull apart. DARN

    2. Z,
      if she hadn't gone that far...now they have an extreme comment to pull apart.

      It's fighting fire with fire! I'm to the point that I believe we've come to that. The Left has driven us there.

      The leftwing media always finds red meat -- whether or not it's there.

    3. You know, AOW, you're probably right. It's certainly NOT THERE on many situations and they run with it anyway.

      What HONESTLY makes me laugh is comparisons of left and right nastiness...as IF a late night host ever said he'd like to s*** on Obama's desk? Or how Melania's posed cross-armed for the official WH photo and the media went nuts with its inappropriateness...but Obama's official WH photo, too, has him smiling with his arms crossed...silence to that.
      At GeeeeZ, we're talking about Trump's lawyer...as a journalist said he can't practice in DC, isn't licensed for it...truth? He doesn't need to be.

      SO many, many things...the bigger the lie, the bigger the story.

    4. Pizzagate?

      Who were these stooges, advance publicity for Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones?

      Z, Trump's lawyer is old news. The hot item is his appointing his wedding planner as head of New York HUD. Drain the swamp! And you will defend this guy because you have to.
      Admit what a neanderthal you've elected and your whole foundation starts to crack.

    5. Z,
      SO many, many things...the bigger the lie, the bigger the story.

      The result? We're having to chase down the truth so much of the time. Frankly, I don't have the time to do so, because if I keep chasing, I can't get anything else done.

    6. Ducky, STOP. I defend him because so much of what's written and said is just not true, or exaggerated. I rarely defend him, by the way, not in his behavior.
      Re the wedding planner? She's been with Trump for years.

      Educate yourself..don't knee-jerk here what your liberal media venues tell you. It's stupid and unattractive.

    7. Z,
      I'm behind that curve as to "the dirt" on Trump's attorney. Will head to your blog sometime today and will try to catch up.

    8. Ducky, Big deal. I'm not the type who believes 'tit for tat' works...And was Obama in the deluge of insults and hysterical lies and mischaracterizations? Or did Obama have every late night host and almost the entire media on his side? Gee, one story on the Julius Caesar production. I'd heard that days ago, add a dripping bloody head of Trump, add SO much...then get back to us.

      BY the way, the woman hired for HUD in NYC has worked for Trump for years and is apparently good at the administrative work she did. I was very good at my administrative job, too, and was asked to organize a wedding for friends because of those abilities...should that favor I did be used against me?

      The Left is brutal and, if this is the best they've got against her, I hope they feel great about making a big deal over it.

    9. Duck,
      How much national attention did that Guthrie version of Julius Caesar receive?

    10. That's not the point, AOW. Julius Caesar has a history of alternative casting.
      The Guthrie performance was well received by the local reviewers and it must have been somewhat influential because Trinity Rep Group, a very well respected company in Providence, cast Caesar as a women in a pantsuit(wink,wink) a couple years later.
      Just before that production the Chicago Shakespeare Theater cast Caesar as President Cheney.
      It's not new and the only reason Shakespeare in the Park gets tagged is that the right has a long tradition of censoring political art.

      The whole alt-right media machine rolled into action given this opportunity.

      It is unfortunate, CI, that repertory theater doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    11. Duck,

      Frankly, I find the politicizing of Shakespeare repulsive if it targets politicians currently in office. Too much like SNL for my taste.

      From what I've read, this Julius Caesar production by Shakespeare in the Park ends its full run this weekend. So, the Right didn't shut it down.

      the right has a long tradition of censoring political art

      Specific examples?

    12. Specific examples?

      Start with Jesse Helms.
      How long has the right been after the NEA?

    13. How long has the right been after the NEA?

      The correct answer would be, not long enough. But for me, different reasons than Helms.

      - CI

    14. From the NYT, almost 30 years ago, on the topic of the Know-Nothing amendment introduced by Jesse Helms in the wake of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ:

      ...[I]t's hard to justify disbursement of Federal funds for works that offend or baffle most of those who provide the money....

  18. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/grave-concerns-over-trump-administrations-033557371.html

    Another investigation into Trump....he MAY not be helping civil rights programs flourish! BETTER INVESTIGATE!
    Heck, I'd have been happy had there been a valid investigation into the IRS scandals, or the truth about Fast and Furious...and the Clinton/Lynch chat, and many other things, including the Iran money deal of Obama, or...or........or...

    But, geee..........it's Trump. GOTCHA!

    1. Z,
      From that link:

      An independent, bipartisan federal commission tasked with advising President Donald Trump and Congress on civil-rights issues approved a two-year investigation that will examine how the Trump administration's "current budgets and staffing levels allow civil rights offices to perform,” NBC News reported Friday.


    2. There is no limit to the hate or money by which people are digging up anything they can. Let's not pretend this is only governmental...someone's out there digging. FOR ANYTHING.
      Remember I blogged about a camerawoman who worked on The Apprentice who also does work on a friend's show. She told him she can't go to NYC without reporters hounding her "Did Trump hit on you? Did you ever SEE him hit on anybody?" etc.
      It's bad out there and it's getting worse; Elizabeth Warren is talking about how Trump "..ain't seen nasty yet"
      Russia's weighing in on how bad the Cuban freeze on detente is. People apparently haven't READ the legislation, but they LOVE joining the hateful liberal press in slamming Trump.
      What country wants a strong president putting US first? Not many. And, when other country leaders see the hate here, why shouldn't they bolster their popularity by putting Trump down, too?
      it's ugly..it's typical liberal. But even worse.

    3. Z,
      I'm not sure that I've ever seen this much hatred directed toward an American President.

    4. And I'm not sure that I've ever seen as much cooing over an American President as there has been over Obama. While he was President and even now. Cultish. Teeny bopper crush-like!

      It's been said that love and hatred are two signs of the same coin. Perhaps some of what we're observing applies to people's attitudes toward Obama and Trump. Love one and hate the other.

      Yes, what's happening is more than that, but I believe that what I'm typing in for this comment is also in play.

    5. AOW, I think you have a point. When i think of all the 'scandals' Obama missed having to be truly investigated on, Fast and Furious, IRS, etc., it blows my mind to see the countless hearings that are happening...
      I WISH the Right had the nastiness and toughness and financial backing the Left had thru Obama's administration....Fast and Furious was such a travesty and it's ignored. SO many like that. So sad.

  19. How much condemnation has there been for Dem strategist James Devine? He Tweeted something along the lines of "It's time to hunt Republicans."

    A longtime Democratic operative from Union County has responded to the Wednesday shooting of a congressman by calling for a “hunt” of Republicans.

    James Devine posted several messages on Facebook and Twitter following the Alexandra, Virginia, shooting of U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise and several others by a gunman with a history of violence and of making online rantings against Republican officials and their policies.

    Devine created the hashtags #HuntRepublicanCongressmen and #HuntRepublicans. He is not apologizing.

    Despite Bernie Sanders' recent public condemnation of violence, some of his followers and adherents are violent or advocate for violence.

    Yes, James Devine endorsed Bernie Sanders (Facebook):

    James Devine‎ to
    Our Revolution New Jersey - New Jersey for Bernie Sanders 2016
    November 28, 2015 ·

    I am recruiting candidates for local offices and Congress to run with Bernie Sanders in the June primary. Please encourage every one of your contacts to sign up at www.democratsforchange.net so we can identify prospects, vet them and build campaign structures that will coordinate as part of a statewide effort. Don't forget to sign up yourself!

  20. The June 14 shootings in Alexandria, Virgina = the second time that one of Bernie's supporters became murderously violent.

    See The Truth behind the Portland Killer. Although the Portland killer was "all over the page."

    1. But I can't blame ol' Bernie for this stuff, can you? He's not into violence...the problem is he needs to do something BIG to combat it amongst his rabid alt Left fans and he doesn't. Sort of like muslims not protesting the terror within their 'faith'.....

      Maybe this awful violence is caused more by the media which holds Republican feet to the slightest little fire the media/left can find, but doesn't hold much Dem feet to anything....making Dems look like little halo-wearing saints.

      NOT ONE PERSON in ALL the discussions about the violence last week has mentioned something hugely important and convincing: ....and that is ENTERTAINMENT. They're all saying "Left AND Right are to blame for hot rhetoric.." and the Right obligingly backs down as if that were true.
      No. The Right had no late night talkshow hosts planning to s*** on Obama's desk. They had few (if any?) athletic stars unable to honor the office of the presidency by going there after a big win tho they didn't like Obama. They don't have 90% or more of profs indoctrinating...they haven't unbelievably mischaracterizing headlines every single day (see Yahoo homepage)

      I'm hoping SOMEONE makes a point about this because it's HUGE.

    2. Z,
      Good point about the entertainment world's hatred of Trump. We certainly didn't have all that going on during Obama's time in office.

      Don't get me started on the various mischaracterizing headlines!

    3. No, we just had well funded campaigns to attempt to prove Obama was a Marxist Kenyan....or homosexual. Or Muslim.

      The victim-virtue signaling does't get as much play with me, in light of the same political camps actions during the last Administration.

    4. Or striking out. And being embarrassed.....if they were sharp enough recognize it.

    5. CI, I know you love to appear so fair and balanced but, honestly, to think what Obama got, and nobody EVER denies he got it from some on the far right, is nothing compared to what Trump's going through....As unbelievable it is to think any of us would deny Obama accusations, it's even more unbelievable to think anybody who's been watching would think otherwise.

    6. It's not appearing....it's simply not seeking victimhood after the vitriol of the last 8 years. Trump is the architect of his own demise.

      You firmly believe that Trump is getting unduly shafted, I have no doubt. But this is to be expected from a Republican.....just as any Democrat would say the same of Obama. Partisan blinders have crippled the intellect of so many of our society. I don't count you among those...but I think that you do see what I'm saying, to be true.


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