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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


(Note to readers: tomorrow, I will republish the original post I had already put up for today)

The scene this morning (image credit)

Details everywhere on the web (Google search term: steve scalise shot), including at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, where I have been frenetically posting updates.

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-Lousiana) was shot and was lying wounded on the outfield for about 10 minutes.  Two Capitol Police officers have also been shot.

Among the updates I've posted at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

This shooting appears to be a deliberate, target attack on the GOP (CNN).

The weapon appears to have been an AR-15 (according to some gun-savvy witnesses, Fox News).

Fox News: the shooting went on for 10 minutes. The shooter reloaded at least once.

The Congressional Teams Baseball Game was supposed to take place tomorrow at Nationals Field and has been well-publicized (Fox News).

One of the Capitol Police officers, although shot, was able to take down the shooter. The shooter is now en route to a hospital (Fox News).

Congressman Scalise was airlifted from the scene and is now in the hospital, probably INOVA Fairfax Hospital, which has a trauma center (Fox News).

"It was a shooting field" (Rand Paul, interviewed by phone on Fox News). Some 50 rounds were fired by the gunman.

According to Jeff Flake (R-Arizona), Steve Scalise was playing 2nd base. When he was shot, he dragged himself into the outfield so as to be further away from the shooter, who was behind the 3rd base dugout. Congressman Jeff Flake went to the outfield to put pressure on Scalise's hip wound. The Congressional Baseball Game has been a Washington tradition for over 16 years (Fox News).

Report on Fox News: before the shooting started, a man in running shorts came up and asked if the baseball team was Democrats or Republicans.

UPDATE: Congressman Scalise may be at Georgetown University Medical Center. Police in assault rifles all over the ER entrance there.  The Today Show Twitter feed is showing that he may have a groin wound:

As Anonymous posted at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:
If the shooter is tied to the right Trump will be blamed. If the shooter is tied to the left the gun will be blamed.

As predicted (with thanks to Anonymous at Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

UPDATE...Shooter identified by law enforcement officials as James T. Hodgkinson:
The shooter at the GOP congressional baseball practice this morning is James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., according to law enforcement officials. Hodgkinson, 66, owns a home inspection business. His home inspection license expired in November 2016 and was not renewed, state records show.

Hodgkinson was charged in April 2006 with battery and aiding damage to a motor vehicle, according to online records in St. Clair County, Illinois. The charges were dismissed, records show.
Apparently, the shooter is a Bernie Sanders supporter and rabidly anti-Trump.  More information about the shooter HERE at Heavy.com.


  1. IMO, this was a mass-assassination attempt.

  2. Of course we will focus on the gun and not the Trump murder play that is getting rave reviews in NYC. But I agree with you.

    1. Bunkerville,
      we will focus on the gun and not the Trump murder play that is getting rave reviews in NYC

      Sure 'nuff.

    2. The "Trump murder play" is Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

      The theme of the play is the destruction of the Roman republic caused by assassination.
      Staging that play in contemporary terms is the least of our issues.

  3. Surreal! Alexandria, VA, looks like a police state right now. Law enforcement carrying automatic rifles in Alexandria, VA, in the vicinity of today's shooting.

    The Congressmen on that baseball team were sitting ducks for at least 10 minutes.

  4. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere near their today. I keep going back, mentally, to the extremely poor cordon around the field. Nobody with a rifle should have been able to get anywhere near that location without being seen and stooped.

    1. CI,
      Agree with you: Nobody with a rifle should have been able to get anywhere near that location without being seen and [stopped]!

  5. Agree with Constitutional Insurgent: Always on Watch and I have discussed this issue.


    1. Very cogent observation.

      I believe CI also pointed out that they had failed to secure the perimeter.

      This will probably be lost in the shouting.

    2. Duck,
      CI also pointed out that they had failed to secure the perimeter.

      This will probably be lost in the shouting.

      It shouldn't be lost -- and I doubt that law enforcement will fail to notice and take the necessary steps.

      Thus far, those on the killing field today were lucky in that they weren't murdered and many more shot.

      I do not count the death of the shooter as a murder.

    3. Correct. The death of the assailant is a blessing.

  6. From Infidel Bloggers Alliance (emphasis mine):

    Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "BREAKING NOW: HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP STEVE SCALISE HA...":

    Rolling Stone, Washington Post Freelancer Blames Scalise For Getting Himself Shot


    Britni de la Cretaz, a Boston-based freelance writer for such esteemed publications as Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, The Atlantic and Marie Claire, is blaming House GOP Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) for being shot.

    She pointed to a bill introduced by Scalise to relax restrictions on interstate firearm sales.

    Her timing and compassion are impeccable.

    Scalise is at the hospital being treated for a gunshot wound to the hip at the writing of this piece.

    He is reportedly in stable condition.

    1. The tweet didn't blame Scalise so much as it was the first salvo in the obligatory debate over gun issues when something like this occurs (Gabby Giffords).

      I notice the vote on the bill to make silencers more readily available was postponed.

    2. This makes the Red States furious. Six minutes they waited for the outside police to arrive? How many minutes do you think most who live in fly over country wait for the police? Try 45 minutes where I have spent most of my life. If I am lucky and there is a State Trooper available. Otherwise, we would be no better off then these congressmen.

    3. Six minutes they waited for the outside police to arrive?

      This is why I carry.

    4. CI,
      This is why I carry.

      Yep -- and a lesson for all of us.

    5. Bunkerville,
      Try 45 minutes where I have spent most of my life.

      I hear ya! It was that way here in Northern Virginia until we became an Edge City. And even now, we here where I live in the hub of the universe typically wait about 10 minutes (as mentioned in the article). Gridlock! Among other things.

  7. The shooter has now been identified: James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois. Age 66.

  8. Apparently, the shooter is a Bernie Sanders supporter and a real Progressive:

    ...Hodgkinson campaigned for Sanders in Iowa while the Vermont lawmaker was running for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, the Washington Post reports.

    Charles Orear, 50, of St. Louis, who worked alongside him, called Hodgkinson a passionate progressive.

  9. From the Federalist:

    ...You can wade through his Facebook page if you wish, though it is being clogged with both hate mail and fan mail (unreal that some people are praising this guy).

    There you have it folks, a huge socialist Bernie Sanders supporter, who hated the President, hated Republicans, went to the Capitol area and sought out Republican members of Congress to attack.

    Absolutely sickening....

  10. Hodgkinson wrote on Facebook, "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co."

    Okay, Leftistas, you own this one. Enjoy!

    1. "Obama is a Traitor. Obama Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Obama & Co."

      We're getting nowhere.

  11. Replies

  12. AOW... correction... the extremists of the left own this one. Many on the left have rightly characterized people like Cyndy Sheehan, Code Pink and many of the fringe people of OWS as just that, extremists.

    And that's exactly what this man seems to be, although we should at least wait for the investigation to get some real intel.

    But this is our tendency... we assign the worst examples of behavior, even when it is a relative small minority, on the majority and then attack the masses.

    Maybe if leaders, bloggers, commentators and opinion writes of all stripes would more openly repudiate the extremists, we'd be in a better place.

    Violence has no place in an open, free democratic society. Whether it comes from the religious fringe, people like this man, or people who would bomb federal buildings.

    It's all evil and needs to identified as such, because it is tearing us apart.

    1. Dave,
      the extremists of the left own this one

      And how would you classify the current Julius Caesar play in Central Park, NYC? Is that play a manifestation of extremism and/or incitement to violence?

    2. Dave,
      I submit that the definition of political extremism has become fluid.

      Apparently, Hodginson was not known to be a violent extremist, but he was a person who declared: "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co."

      What was his definition of the word destroy?

      Today, Hodginson seems to have spoken as to his definition of the word destroy.

    3. Well AOW, he certainly acted on his stated extremism. How different were his past statements from those wishing death on Pres Obama and even openly considering killing him?

      I would submit that before action, the expressions were the same...

    4. Dave,
      I would submit that before action, the expressions were the same...

      Nevertheless, I don't recall any such attempted mass assassination of Democrats in office during Obama's time in office. Did I miss something from January 20, 2009 through January 20, 2017?


  14. Cascara Segrada Fletcher said

    The gunman's name was NOT Mohammed, it was Hodgkinson,

    He was 66 yearsold, and he is now DEAD, thank God.

    Whether he was black or white we don't know yet.


    1. Hodginson does not appear to have been a mohammedan.

  15. Left-Wing Twitter Celebrates Shooting of Rep. Scalise. One who was celebrating appears to be Sonia Gupta, a former prosecutor from Scalise's home state of Louisiana.

  16. And one more thing: Hodgkinson was a Rachel Maddow fan. That aside, this particular link is very informative:

    James Hodgkinson, the Belleville man accused of shooting at congressmen and aides during practice for a congressional baseball game Wednesday, has written a number of letters to the editor of the Belleville News-Democrat.

    In them, he often railed against Republican and tax policies, and at least once advocated for legalizing marijuana.

    Following are the letters...

    Read the rest HERE. Hodgkinson's own words at that link. Please read. Do those sound like the words of a person who would gun down people at a baseball park?

    Hodgkinson's words sound very familiar -- to me at least. I've all heard much of those same opinions from both liberals and Leftists.

  17. Mental Illness is the common denominator of Bernie Sanders support. I wonder how wide-spread this disorder may be?

    1. Jon,
      I wonder how wide-spread this disorder may be?

      I've been thinking about that. Worrying, in fact.

      I mean this:

      Was Hodgkinson bubbling over with rage over the November 8 election results? How many others feel exactly the same?

    2. Hodgkinson had a history of violence. He was arrested in 2006 on suspicion of battery with intent to cause bodily harm. He was also charged with domestic battery, criminal damage of property and reckless discharge of a firearm during the incident.

      Hodgkinson was accused of punching a woman in the face with “a closed fist,” according to a police report. When confronted by the woman’s boyfriend, Hodgkinson allegedly “walked outside with a shotgun and aimed it at [his] face” before hitting him over the head with a wooden stock. As the man fled, Hodgkinson fired a round in his direction, the report reads.

      He seems to have been bubbling long before the election.

      Fortunately, the domestic violence incident didn't interfere with his 2nd amendment "rights".

    3. Duck,
      Hodgkinson had a history of violence.

      Keep on singing the tune -- and looking for excuses when the truth is that Hodgkinson specifically posted that he wanted to destroy Trump & Co. It seems to me that the & Co was on the baseball field this morning and easy targets.

      Also, it seems that Hodgkinson came up and asked if the players on that field were Republicans or Democrats. Shortly after he had his answer, he opened fire.

      And have a gander at this:

      Hodgkinson appears to have been a member of Antifa. And just who is drawn to Antifa? Hmmmm?

    4. Milo says it so it must be true. He's still desperate for a come back.

      The Blaze (everyone's go to for news) says he's a violent climate activist.

      Pitch till you win.

    5. Duck,
      Well, I see that you're incapable of seeing today for what it was (or is, if you prefer).

      After 12 years of interacting with me, do you really believe that I believe Milo says it so it must be true? Did I not say Hodgkinson appears to have been a member of Antifa?

      Answer my question, please: And just who is drawn to Antifa?

    6. "Hodgkinson had a history of violence. He was arrested in 2006............................."

      My comment, above, was not necessarily directed at Hodgkinson, per se but rather the derangement of Sanders' supporters, in general. Mental Illness can manifest in various and catastrophic ways; not the least of which could be the election of that senile, curmudgeon as POTUS!

    7. Jon,
      that senile, curmudgeon as POTUS

      You've made me smile on a day that has been damn depressing.

    8. Addendum: I'm very sad about what America is becoming.

  18. Replies
    1. Wow - that'll deplete the voting stock in a hurry. :)

    2. Baysider,
      No doubt!

      I saw that moment live today -- and guffawed. Glad that I wasn't drinking a beverage at that moment. I might have killed my laptop.

  19. Hodgkinson was rabidly anti-Trump and anti-GOP. Check out this information from his Facebook page.

    1. It says: James Hodgkinson was member of “Terminate the Republican Party" Facebook group who celebrated his terror.

      Much more HERE, including "One, two, three shots you're out at the old ball game!!!"

  20. The media is in overdrive portraying bad rhetoric that could cause shootings equal on both sides.
    Odd, I've never seen a Broadway show where a president is stabbed in the back.
    I never saw any late night TV show hosts saying they'd like to s*** on the president's desk.
    Kathy Griffin didn't hold a head resembling Obama dripping in blood.
    We all saw a lot of Obama lies but nobody says OBAMA LIED.
    I could, we ALL could, go on and on about how extraordinarly hideous the leftwing freaks have been to Trump...sometimes he hands it to them, too, but EQUAL? That'd be like comparing as equal the cons. and dem blogs when Tony Snow died verses Ted Kennedys... no equal.

    1. Z,
      Yes, the media is in overdrive -- and trying to pile guilt onto the GOP, Trump, etc.. when what happened today is clearly the Left's and the Democratic Party's harvest.

      And I do remember the vitriol released when Tony Snow died. Beyond disgusting.

  21. Pence was referred to as a 'religious freak' up above, can't find it so maybe it's on another post? I'm seeing the Democrats bowed in prayer for the Republicans this morning, on the baseball field.
    Are those Democrats all religious freaks, too?

    1. Z,
      Of course, it was Duck who referred to Pence as a 'religious freak'. I'm not sure at which thread.

    2. Yes, Pence uses religion for his own ends and uses it to manipulate. To me that constitutes a freak (hypocrite actually).

      Is the prayer going to allow us to find common ground with a neanderthal like Pence. I doubt it.
      It's just going to be more tax cuts, people losing health insurance and more environmental degradation.
      You are what you do and people like Pence have abandoned the sermon on the mount for a handful of campaign contributions.

      Why you see him as a hero is your concern but I can't reconcile him with any Christ centered christianity.

    3. "New York Rep. Claudia Tenney received an email shortly after the shooting that read, “One down, 216 to go,” The Hill reported. There are 217 Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Tenney. “Did you NOT expect this? When you take away ordinary peoples very lives in order to pay off the wealthiest among us, your own lives are forfeit,” the person said. “Certainly, your souls and morality were lost long before. Good riddance.”

      Sounds familiar, somehow.

    4. Warren,
      Sounds only too familiar! :^(

  22. Fairly certain Christ will mansplain to you, Ducky, that he knows more about other people's sins than you do.


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