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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Referendum On Trump?

According to the Chicago Tribune and numerous other Democratic Party mouthpieces, the June 20, 2017 special election for the 6th District of the United States House of Representatives, was a referendum on Trump.

Well, Democratic Party candidate Jon Osoff lost to Republican Party candidate Karen Handel.

According to the New Yorker, this election result is a reality check for the Democrats.

Don't miss the actual photo of disappointed Democrats below the fold (hat tip to Bunkerville). Spew alert!

Click directly on the graphic to enlarge it:

The moment CNN projected Handel to win


  1. The Left would have loved it to be cast as a referendum on Trump, but they never really had a shot at winning the seat in any case. Not when Price carried it recently with ~60% of the vote.

    - CI

    1. CI,
      they never really had a shot at winning the seat in any case

      Maybe they didn't. But over and over again, the Dems painted yesterday's elections, especially the special election in the 6th District of Georgia, as a referendum on Trump.

      Flashback from not long ago...

      Jon Ossoff: Voters Don’t Care that I Live Outside the District
      ‘Voters are asking me what I’m going to do to improve our local economy, what I’m going to do to make sure they have access to health care’

    2. Randie Ayn said

      FORGET Jon Ossoff. He's HISTORY, and ain't it a mercy?

    3. It would have been a game changer if Ossoff won and there was no reason not to be optimistic. The results were hardly a landslide in a deeply conservative district.

      It's too early for conservatives to see that Trump is doing nothing of value for them.

      What's happening to the economy?
      Ford announces it won't build the Focus in Mexico, Yay!
      Instead it's going to be built in China. Oh, the irony.

      No attention is being paid to a critical event in retail, Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods. Now Whole Foods is a decent employer. They offer decent benefits even to part timers but the word is out that Amazon is going to squeeze profits by cutting back.
      Look for the decline to continue.

      On the health insurance front we have the rethugs working behind closed doors with no democratic participation in the secret health insurance bill.
      This way they can get it passed without any heat bing put on possible wafflers like Collins. So what you'll get is an upper decile tax cut with the squeeze put on lower income workers.
      Your democracy at work.

      The basic problem of how we can maintain freedom from laissez-faire monopolies remains but we don't have media that are going to take up critical issues in a comprehensive manner.

      But the dems lost in Georgia so the right is happy. Why it's a good thing, they're not so clear and can't even discuss the matter.

    4. I'm with you, Ducky.
      I wish all Republicans would just look at the fact they beat yet another Democrat, this time in Georgia, and hang their heads, and say "Damn, we won."

    5. The results were hardly a landslide in a deeply conservative district.

      Ducky's at least right in this respect. In each of the 4 special elections, the vote margin fell from 15-30% to 3-5%. Theres a message for the GOP there somewhere.

    6. I might add, CI, that the right seems thrilled that immigration arrests are up. Deportations are down, however, so once again it's left to the right to explain exactly why they're enthusiastic about this mook.

      Ask and you get platitudes.

    7. Ducky, the immigration proposals from both parties are little more than theater to begin with. I wouldn't bother even asking.

    8. Deportations have declined by 12 percent under the Trump administration because more undocumented immigrants are being arrested in the interior of the country rather than along the border. Because of this, they often face lengthy hearings in the nation’s immigration court system.
      Makes sense to me.

      It wouldn't make sense to anybody who thinks a country can remain sovereign with sanctuary cities within it, of course.

      CI..."theater?" with the uptick in legitimate arrests of criminals, etc? Strikes me as reality.

    9. TSA, sanctuary cities, travel ban, self-deportation........bread, circuses and theater.

    10. Duck,
      On the health insurance front we have the rethugs working behind closed doors with no democratic participation in the secret health insurance bill.

      What goes around...

    11. You may be correct Z but I wonder why procedure would be significantly longer in the interior.

      As for sanctuary cities (virtually all of Boston and vicinity) there is a reasonable argument that police and immigration functions stay separate. I'm not sure what it means to you.

    12. What's it mean to me and so many other Americans, and Hispanics who came in legally who I have spoken to? It means "Come one, come all, we'll protect you tho you're breaking laws of our country."
      Like in California, Gov Brown has now allocated 3 million dollars by which illegals can sue California. Make sense to you?
      Maybe it does...doesn't to me.

    13. Z,
      The legal immigrants whom I personally know want tougher immigration-laws enforcement. Every single one of them is angry about the illegal immigrants here.

      Gov Brown has now allocated 3 million dollars by which illegals can sue California

      Sue for WHAT exactly?

      I don't know what to say about Governor Moonbeam.

    14. Another fact that escapes the Worshipers at the Altar of Illegal Immigration is that Mexicans are not a monolithic, homogeneous group. It is common for them to be unhelpful or even hostile to those who are not from their region of Mexico.

      We see them as "Mexicans," but they see themselves as Sinaloense, Chihuahuaenses, Tapatios, etc.

      Another heavily-trafficked myth is that Hispanics (a convenient category that completely ignores and disrespects the diversity of that group) legally are for open borders.

  2. Replies
    1. In that vein, the best quote I've seen today...

      "We did it again Natasha...fearless leader will be pleased, this hacking is so easy!! "You said it dolink"

  3. My friend Silverfiddle posted this atFT's site, and I can't resist adding the comment to this post here at Always On Watch:

    Poor DhimmiCramps! They just lost again, this time the most expensive congressional race in US history, thanks to all the outside billionaire prog money.

    Poor DhimmiCramps! Democrats win POLS –– Republicans win ELECTIONS!

    Leftwing progs are all mouth and hype –– Conservatives shut their mouths and go to the polls.

    Poor Democrat sheeple! When will they learn? When will they detect the pattern?

    The politburo and the propaganda outlets get them all excited about an impending grand defeat for the hated Republicans, they scream, shout, celebrate and talk crap... Then the big letdown.

    1. SilverFiddle is not just YOUR friend, he's OUR friend. ;-)

      Isn't it wonderful we have skomething to be GLAD about for a change?

      Phony Upstart Carpetbagger OSSOFF'S DEFEAT has made the month of JUNE a month of JOY.

  4. This morning of the big letdown, I watched a few minutes of Morning Joe.

    The downcast expression of Mika Brezinski was priceless!

  5. I couldn't resist watching MSNBC this morning. In fact, I couldn't help watching CNN and MSNBC last night as it was clear they were going down the tubes. There is a terrific pic of CNN at the moment of the announced winner. It's making the twitter rounds.. and I have it, not meaning to promote!

  6. Replies
    1. WOW! So Donald Trump is attracted to hot-looking women, and vice versa! What a prevoit! Ain't it AWFUL? What a SCANDAL!

      I suppose the Left would love him if it turned out he made a BISEXUAL PORN FLICK with Barack Hussein-O and Nancy Pelousy?

      The more I see of Donald Trump, the better i like him.

    2. Us Science loving Cisgens gotta stick together. We ARE the 98%, after all.

    3. FreeThinke: I used to respect you...

    4. And now you don't, Cube?

      It never occurred to me that you could be so fickle –– and so utterly lacking in any discernible sense of humor. Too bad!

      Oh well, live and learn.

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    LET yourself REJOICE and be GLAD, if only for a few moments, or at until the NEXT Revolting Development occurs..

    1. FT,
      LET yourself REJOICE and be GLAD, if only for a few moments, or at until the NEXT Revolting Development occurs.

      I'm going to make a concerted effort to avoid the next inevitable revolting development. I expect one today -- so as to counter the results of "The Trump Referendum."

      Besides, I have a good novel to read, and I'm on a deadline for the library book discussion club to which I belong.

  8. GREAT POST-GREAT POSTER! I'm sharing this with many.

  9. Voters were turned away from the polls in DeKalb County, people were not allowed to register to vote, and there is no way to track ballots in Georgia. Republican dirty tricks, as usual.

    1. Perhaps "your" voters should register to vote BEFORE the election, as most "sane" and "rational" people do?

    2. Thersites,

      This time, I will let This One's comment stand -- because of your rebuttal, Thersites.

  10. How big a failure did the Democratic Party suffer last night?

    The answer in their own words.

  11. CI,
    Earlier you mentioned the immigration proposals from both parties are little more than theater to begin with.

    What do you propose? This is not a sarcastic question, but rather a serious one.

    1. A complete shutdown of immigration to this country, pending an overhaul of our border security, entrance requirements and security screening based on behavioral and predictive indicators [sometimes referred to as the 'Israeli model'].

      No non-Citizen has a right to enter, much less remain in this nation. We're not the country of yore, in need of unskilled labor to pursue notions of some 'manifest destiny'.

    2. CI,
      Wow! I see that you and I are on the same page for this.

      Do you see any chance of such an immigration policy be proposed, let along implemented?

    3. CI,
      What to do with the illegal aliens already here?

    4. I see no chance of it being implemented. Whatsoever.

      Illegal aliens are criminals. Point of fact. I'm open to ideas, but the bottom line remains. Deportation is the obvious answer, for those we can indemnify and apprehend....but again, I'm not closed to rational solutions. Blanket amnesty is not one of those.

    5. @CI,

      "A complete shutdown of immigration to this country, pending an overhaul of our border security..................................."

      I agree with the possible exception of those with needed skills/education in critical short- supply, unavailable domestically.

    6. CI,
      Blanket amnesty is not one of those.


      But what are some rational solutions for dealing with the population of illegal aliens already here?

      Anchor babies, too, are a huge problem in all this.

    7. Alabama tried tightening the screws and they couldn't find agricultural workers. Going full hard ass is a mugs game.

      Agriculture, hotel and hospitality, restaurants are just a few of the industries that need the labor.

    8. DUcky's right on this....the question of work force is an important one.
      If some real thinking was done on this in our gov't, we could figure out...but nobody seems to have the will.

      Some of the sweetest, kindest people I know have been the Hispanics I know here in LA...
      I chastised one particularly precious high school senior this last year, in an AP History class, when he told us that his father'd come in and out of the States five times before becoming legal. I told him how wrong I thought that was (I think he was hurt because we have a great relationship) and then I asked the class "but who doesn't want a family like Abraham's here in our country?" And that is the truth...his older brother graduated from our school and got a full scholarship to Carnegie Melon...a precious family...no criminal record, nothing. But they'd have not been able to stay had his father been apprehended....
      this story's only one of the many which cause me to think about this question so often.

    9. Thank you, Z. Legalistic thinking, which most often is really a mask for simplistic, narrow-minded bigotry, rarely-if ever serves humane considerations very well. If a law fails to aid the people in their efforts to survive, prosper and seek happiness, it should be stricken from the books.

      It saddens me to see how quickly –– and avidly –– some of us turn from a (rare)cause for rejoicing to indulge a penchant for chastisement and grim denunciation.

      The quality of mercy is not strain'd.
      It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
      Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
      It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes.
      'Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
      The throned monarch better than his crown.
      His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
      The attribute to awe and majesty,
      Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
      But mercy is above this sceptered sway;
      It is enthroned in the heart of kings;
      It is an attribute to God himself;
      And earthly power doth then show likest God's
      When mercy seasons justice.

      ~ William Shakespeare - The Merchant of Venice

      It is no accident that the Holy Bible and the works of William Shakespeare did more to guide us toward Enlightenment than any other influences on earth.

    10. Z & FT,
      All that is true, but it is not true of all that cross our borders illegally. National borders exist for valid reasons.

    11. FT,
      If a law fails to aid the people in their efforts to survive, prosper and seek happiness, it should be stricken from the books.

      If we follow that as a rule for civil law, we should all move out of our homes and give them to those less fortunate than we. I sure that you don't intend to do so, right?

      We need immigration laws that work for our citizens first, and then we can better reach out to those who are struggling to survive.

    12. Duck,
      Agriculture, hotel and hospitality, restaurants are just a few of the industries that need the labor.

      Who provided that labor before illegal immigrants provided that labor? This is not a snarky question.

    13. Not good (dated June 21, 2017):

      Nearly 30 percent of the illegal immigrant children the U.S. is holding in its dormitories have ties to criminal gangs, the government revealed Wednesday, suggesting that the Obama-era surge of Central Americans has fed the country’s growing problem with MS-13 and other gangs.

      Federal officials refused even to guess at the true scope of the problem, telling the Senate Judiciary Committee that they can give only small snapshots of what they see. But they said the devastation on communities across the country is clear: killings and chaos, particularly among other immigrants — both legal and illegal.

      The Border Patrol identified 160 teens who were known or suspected gang members when they first showed up at the border, but whom the Obama administration said it had to admit under U.S. law.

      Meanwhile, a spot check this month of 138 teens being held by the federal Health and Human Services Department identified 39 with gang ties. Four of them were forced into cooperating with the gangs and 35 joined voluntarily, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

      “It is well-known that MS-13 actively targets and recruits children as young as 8 years old,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Iowa Republican and chairman of the Judiciary Committee who called Wednesday’s hearing....

      More at the above link.

    14. "Agriculture, hotel and hospitality, restaurants are just a few of the industries that need the labor."

      OK, but if our Labor Participation Rate is as low as reported, why can't those [legal] non-participants fill these jobs thereby becoming participants? I don't buy this argument: "they do the jobs Americans won't do". I submit that legal Americans would do these jobs if they were NOT being subsidized to do nothing! I've certainly done those "jobs" out of necessity.

    15. AOW...I'm giving anecdotal true stories of marvelous illegal immigrants....you know me better than to think that means I'm saying "So let 'em ALL in"!

    16. Z,
      Sure, I know what you mean. But the problem is that people get stuck on those anecdotes and end up with some fuzzy kind of immigration policy.

      Have I had positive experiences with illegal aliens? I must have along the way.

      But what happened to me with an illegal under a deportations order of over 20 years, yet driving a Yellow Cab, then hitting me and ruining my life makes me less than objective -- especially after the officer of the court said, "The sympathies if the court lie with the poor immigrant. If this situation were reversed, he'd be taking you to the cleaners." Those words are forever burned into my brain. This is life in a sanctuary city. Citizens cannot obtain justice.

      The lawsuit I filed was in the five figures; the settlement didn't even cover my medical bills up to that point, let alone up to now. And I'm not counting pain and suffering.

      I've pursued both traditional and nontradtional treatments -- with varying and intermittent success.

      The court denied and said I wasn't hurt. Soft tissue damage never gets any settlement worth beans. And an illegal alien driving a cab typically has no assets for which to sue.

      Hell's bells! That accident was the beginning of the pain syndrome I'm dealing with right now! Thank God that the bills for my present treatment are in Medicare's lap. Otherwise, I couldn't afford to pursue treatment, which consists of fistfuls of pills every day and deep shots into my spine. In an operating room!

      I have lived with some varying levels of pain since 2005.

      So, I cannot be objective about the damage inflicted by illegal aliens.

    17. Johannes Braunbagger said

      FT sure was right in the money when he wrote this

      It saddens me to see how quickly –– and avidly –– some of us turn from a (rare) cause for rejoicing to indulge a penchant for complaint, chastisement and grim denunciation.

      I couldn't agree more.

  12. How many 'reality checks' do libtards need? An infinite number. A googleplex times an infinite number of googleplexes time a quantum definition of PI's absolute value. That's how many.

  13. AOW, Because illegals all over the place can obtain picture id, ie Drivers license, voter ID is an impotent solution. The only valid solution is deportation. Get them out. Bring some back on work visas, finger print and DNA sample them on the way in.

    1. Kid,
      Good point about the issue of voter ID.

      The measures you mentioned are long overdue: work visas, finger print and DNA sample. There is a huge amount of immigration fraud because of the lack of DNA samples; legally-arrived immigrants and immigrants who appear be legal on paper but who are not actually legal sponsor family members who are not family members at all.

    2. Another elephant in the room with regard to illegal alients...

      The burden on the taxpayers via local property taxes supporting the children of these illegal aliens.

      Sanctuary cities have been having huge school-buildings additions AND ESOL classes, special counselors, etc. -- at the expense of the local taxpayers.

      I have the feeling that if we could wave a magic wand and take out of the public schools systems all the related-to-illegal-immigration students along with the supporting personnel (teachers, counselors, secretaries, etc.), we'd have school buildings that became ghost towns. And the local tax burdens would drop dramatically; this would also be reflected in a drop in lease amounts for renters.

      Of course, a SCOTUS ruling prevents our shutting out from public schools the illegal minors, be they unaccompanied minors or anchor babies.

  14. From the front page of the NYT:

    Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio, who tried to unseat Ms. Pelosi as House minority leader late last fall, said she remained a political millstone for Democrats. But Mr. Ryan said the Democratic brand had also become “toxic” in much of the country because voters saw Democrats as “not being able to connect with the issues they care about.”

    “Our brand is worse than Trump,” he said.


    ...[I]n a possible omen, the first Democratic candidate to announce his campaign after the Georgia defeat immediately vowed not to support Ms. Pelosi for leader. Joe Cunningham, a South Carolina lawyer challenging Representative Mark Sanford, said Democrats needed “new leadership now.”...

    The title of the article is "Democrats Seethe After Georgia Loss: ‘Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump’."

  15. Here is a serious question for Ducky:

    Why do we import cheap labor for menial/seasonal/agriculture/tourism industry jobs when we have a surplus of cheap labor here in the US, given the high unemployment rates of 18-24 year olds in our cities and in some underdeveloped rural areas?

    Why do businesses legally bring in people from all over the world when we have people right here who they could hire?

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to offer seasonal work to people here in the US?

    I ask this question honestly. I have a close family member, freshly out of culinary school, serving the rich and famous as a chef out on Martha's Vineyard.

    I await a serious response, not just from Ducky, but from all my blogger buddies.

    1. SF,
      Have not the unemployed 18-24 year olds in our cities and in some underdeveloped rural areas?

      Or is it that they don't bother to apply because the positions are already filled?

      I personally favor HUGE penalties for any employer, private or incorporated, who hire illegal aliens. Significantly punitive penalties -- in the 6 figures, at least. I see no other way to discourage businesses from hiring illegal aliens (which may well be forced into a de facto slave class).

      I rush to say that, for my own part, I have never hired an illegal alien to do any task here at this house. I admit that I've been sorely tempted because this old house requires quite a bit of maintenance.

      I'm not sure about my lawn service this season, however; I see different men using the machinery. Previously, those who did the mowing, trimming, etc., were members of the family who began the business -- a local family here for decades (Yes, that family consisted of native born Americans).

      I do admit to being dismayed that none of the local teenagers here offer any mowing service. I've tried to find such a service. Nobody! We live in a super zip, so the teenagers here disdain physical labor. Their headed for white collar jobs, into which they will step upon graduating college because their families have connections.

    2. ZJune 22, 2017 at 1:43:00 PM EDT
      I'm trying to picture kids in the barrios and ghettos of America coming out to work instead of collecting welfare payments almost as much as the minimal amounts they'd make picking and mowing....

    3. Z,
      They either take the jobs or lose their welfare.

      I can't think of any other solution, can't you?

    4. Very difficult question, silverfiddle and it has several components.

      I don't accept the simple response, entirely at least, that we just stop welfare payments and there will be ample applicants for those jobs.

      But the fact is that the workers just aren't there unless immigrants are hired. We have to accept that and accept the fact that many so called illegals are productive, work very hard and generate upstream jobs in those industries.
      They are NOT rapists and drug dealers.

      Are they a drag on the economy? By and large, I'd say no but studies differ and we aren't going to resolve it by portraying immigrants strictly in the negative.

      I'd also like to see proof that inner city males are raking in the welfare. Ain't happening.

      I don't hav a comprehensive answer but I do know that Trump's demonizing immigrants as a major source of our troubles is dangerous at best.

      Meanwhile, block illegals and wait for the decline in quality of your food and an increase in price.

    5. Silver... "why do we import cheap labor...?"

      That's the question of the day right?

      I can only surmise that people will not work for the wages the people doing the hiring feel they can afford and still be able to make a profit.

      I think the agricultural sector is a good starting point.

      Many of those jobs are minimum wage jobs. Few kids, or even men are going to do the back breaking work of picking strawberries for the wages offered. Partly because the work is brutal, but also I am sure, because you can't get ahead on those wages.

      Farmers don't want to spend all their time training temp help who are going to leave at the first whiff of a better paying, less strenuous, job.

      Here's from a recent LA Times article on the problem...

      "Chalmers R. Carr III, the president of Titan Farms, a South Carolina peach giant, told lawmakers at a 2013 hearing that he advertised 2,000 job openings from 2010 through 2012. Carr said he was paying $9.39, $2 more than the state’s minimum wage at the time.

      He hired 483 U.S. applicants, slightly less than a quarter of what he needed; 109 didn’t show up on the first day. Another 321 of them quit, “the vast majority in the first two days,” Carr testified. Only 31 lasted for the entire peach season."

      I'll agree, it's a mess, and I can't see a solution. Simply limiting immigration in the hope that Americans will take jobs they avoid now, isn't going to work.

      Here's an, to use your word, honest question...

      Would Americans pay 20-30% more for their fruits and vegetables if it meant no illegal labor in that sector of the economy?

    6. AOW... I hear you on a lot of your stated issues.

      I've written before that I believe if we really want to solve this problem, then we've got to hammer the source, those doing the hiring.

      I've had the responsibility of signing the I-9's required for employment and I took that seriously. However, I know others did not, and to this day, many HR people do not.

      I think we need to not just fine the company, because they just see the fine as a cost of doing business, but the person who signs the I-9. Fine him, or her personally. A lot.

      I know if I believe, for example, that in addition to my company getting fined I will also be liable for 50K if I skirt the rules, I'm gonna comply.

      Now Texas tried to pass a law in 2011 to do just what you advocated. In a deeply red state, it had to be amended. Why? Because those GOP state leaders did not want to penalize private homeowners. They said it would devastate locals small community economies in Texas.

      In effect, they were trying to have their cake, and eat it too. And that is the problem.

      If you are against illegal labor, you've got to hammer homeowners for hiring gardeners, maids, painters etc who are here illegally. But we can't, or won't do that.

      Because the cost of services will rise.

      I wish I knew how we get out of this. I learned a lot about working as a 12-13 year old mowing lawns. I bought my own tools and I always had $$$ in my pocket.

      I fear those days are behind us now.

    7. I am all for harshly punishing the employer, and as you all know, I don't scapegoat people coming here for a better life.

      My question is, if resorts and other such employers legally petition workers from France, Eastern Europe and South America to come here to do seasonal work (and provide them room and board), why can't we do the same, but bring in unemployed people from this country?

      The work, then take their money back home. That is what my daughter is doing.

      Dave, If we are not willing to bear the economic consequence of employing fellow Americans and paying them a living wage, we are a sorry people, and our economy and society is unsustainable.

    8. Ducky said "I'd also like to see proof that inner city males are raking in the welfare. Ain't happening."

      Ya, Ducky, right..they're right now in long lines for job training and can't wait to work.
      Get real

    9. Silver... regarding the economic cost and a living wage...

      If it means prices going up, and they will, then no, I do not believe Americans will support that. People complain about how much prices increase when the minimum wage goes up a buck over 3 years.

      There simply is no way to pay better wages in the farm sector without price spikes.

      Are you willing to pay 10 bucks for a pint of strawberries? 5 a pound for grapes? Not many are...

  16. "It's a referendum on Trump" if we win.
    "It's a deeply conservative district" if we lose.

    1. Mike,
      Of course! Political spin is always in play.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Commented deleted because of foul language.

      Here is the edited comment, which I took the time to post because the highlighted sentence makes a point not previously made in this thread:

      Looks like the democratic party is coming apart at the seams. The DNC only raised four million last month while the GOP raised over 10 mil. They dumped over thirty million behind that 30 year old twit in the Georgia 6th, a district that's been republican since the 1070's. What...rocket scientist in the DNC thought it a good idea to go all in on that special election?
      Now they are trying to throw Nancy Pelosi under the bus, blaming the 6th loss on her....looks like their circular firing squad is forming.

    2. Pelosi this morning said she's not worried at all.
      Ya, right

    3. Z,
      I watched part of her speech this morning.

      Is she getting stranger and stranger?

    4. to get any stranger seems impossible to ME :-)

  18. Trump supporter run down, stabbed after political rally. He was stabbed 9 times and is/was in the ICU.

    ..."We don't know if it is politically motivated or racially motivated, but we do know there were some racial slurs for him being white that were said to him," Tim Gionet, a friend of Foreman, said....

    This happened a few days ago in Cathay, California, in Maxine Waters's district. Two have been arrested.

    1. Doesn't surprise me.

      The majority of the left engages in violent and vulgar rhetoric against the President and his supporters.

      A violent and unhinged subset hearken these irresponsible rantings and act upon them. A dangerously large element on the left is crazy and violent.

    2. SF,
      It's only a matter of time until something much worse happens.

      As Mr. AOW is fond of saying: "They are cruisin' for a bruisin'!"

  19. Is Trump anti-immigrant, or is he anti-illegal-immigrant? Of course, the government doesn't help matters by encouraging illegals to apply for food stamps immediately after their illegal entry.

    1. Hi, Mustang.

      The Democrats want to legitimatize illegal immigration in order to buy votes to secure a permanent incumbency for themselves and a perpetuation of their power base with its cushy overpaid, make-work jobs that rob average, taxpaying Americans of an ever-increasing proportion of their net worth.

      On the other hand the property-owning, employer class is more than happy to have a large number of good-hearted, naturally cooperative people willing –– even grateful –– to work at low-level jobs for low wages –– NOT out of "Greed," but out of a crying need to restore honest COMPETITION to the work force, which has been spoiled to death by unionization and over-regulation generated by the relentless LEFTIST insurgency.


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