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Monday, May 1, 2017

Even Without The Wall

Like many others, I'm frustrated that the border wall promised by Donald Trump is not under construction and still remains unfunded. The wall was the primary plank of Trump's campaign platform and launched his first political campaign.

That said, if the following information is true, the Trump Administration needs to get the word out — before Donald Trump loses the support of a core group within the electorate that elected him to the Oval Office. WE THE PEOPLE are wary of our so-called elected public servants, because they have so often reneged on campaign promises made.

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  1. Report, Trumps First 100 days:
    Each day, 1-100, No Hillary Clinton.

    Every promise he made on the wall would be predicated by legislative support, which I assume he assumed he had.

    1. He can;t even get support from the Texas and Arizona legislators for this white elephant.

      File it with repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

      Look at it this way. At least he fired 100 million worth of cruise missiles at some empty jet hangars.
      Guy's a real prize, huh?

    2. "Not Hillary" is indeed a positive, but it comes at the price of suppressing accountability in one's own camp.

    3. With the Clinton's out of the way the Dems have a chance to rebuild as a truly progressive party but the price for that slim chance is just much to high.

      President Happy Hands is just too much of a negative.

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    5. That's just rude and unchristianlike.

    6. and the duck is not a rude and unchristian-like troll?

    7. Duck is not a troll. He is a Leftist dissenter -- and actually behaves pretty well at this blog.

      No more ad hominem attacks. They are pointless and distract from the topic of the blog post.

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  3. Illegal immigration along the U.S. - Mexico border has been declining steadily since 2007, so I'm not sure that we should read into this too much.

    Aspirations for a physical wall, however...are an anachronistic farce. A wall without overwatch, is a wall breached. This, any wall will need an array of sensors and patrols. Ditch the construction, and focus on sensors and manned patrols. A "wall", at best...is a government jobs program.

    - CI

  4. A great wall of china is not practical due to terrain, etc. Certain areas do need barriers, and we have all kinds of technology that can fill the gap where needed.

    I was hoping the President would insist on e-verify for all workers and social services in exchange for backing down on The Big Beautiful Wall, but I've heard no talk of that...

    But yes, illegal entry appears to be way down. It doesn't take long for the message to get out.

    I said it years ago: Obama was purposely sending out the message that our doors were open, and people responded.

    We need a regional solution, cooperation among the nations of this hemisphere that includes law enforcement cooperation. The gangs and cartels are eating Central America and Mexico alive, and they are creating death and destruction here, albeit on a smaller scale.

    Go Google MS-13 and Long Island. The stories will make your blood boil.

    1. I see no legal obstacle against declaring MS-13 a foreign terrorist organization, and eradicating them thusly.

      - CI

    2. SF & CI,
      Over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Pastorius commented as follows (emphasis mine):

      Here's the thing: The above info is true, but it is only working because illegals and wannabe illegals really believe that Trump will follow through.

      If he does not follow through, the flood gates will open up like you've never seen them before.

      Think about it. How could I be wrong in what I am saying?

      Your views on that statement?

    3. The Trump Administration is following through.

      ICE is rounding people up and deporting them, and Justice has halted "catch and release." People now caught are detained.

      Word of this has spread south, slowing the flow.

      If the Trump Administration continues this policy, that is follow-through.

      As I already said, a Great Wall ain't gonna happen, and as CI has said, it is not feasible and in many cases--ironically--makes the border less defensible.

      Now, if President Trump would...

      * Demand across-the-board worker verification (we do it for gun purchases) and frog march management off to jail for failure to comply

      * Demand the same verification for other federally-funded activities like federal income tax, schools and federally-funded social services.

      * Implement a system to track who comes and goes, with an eye toward visa overstay detection/enforcement

      * End the Anchor Baby policy. It is a matter of legal debate whether this can be done, but a well-planned, well-executed test case would do the trick. The crafty left are experts at this. Conservatives need to go to school on them and get this done.

      * Implement a guest worker program so laborers our economy needs can come and go without fear or exploitation

      * Make able-bodied unemployed get up off their asses and do the manual labor we are currently importing

      * Hemispheric law enforcement cooperation on North American terrorist groups such as the Mexican cartels and MS-13 that are plaguing us. *

      * - I agree with CI. We need to go RICO/Eliot Ness on their gang assess, to include domestic gangs that plague LA and Chicago.

      As FT is fond of reminding us...

      "Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent"
      -- Adam Smith

    4. SF,
      Excellent steps! Now, will Congress get behind any of them?

    5. Can't add much to SF's list, except removing the driver of much of the violence and gang activity - decriminalize narcotics.

    6. AOW: Will Congress get behind any of that? There's about as much chance of that as there is CAIR inviting tea partiers to a pork BBQ.

      CI: I think we should decriminalize all personal-use possession and usage of all drugs by adults.

      Crafting a policy on manufacture, distribution and sale in another animal. In Denver, Valhalla for legalized pot, it is still dealt illegally in the streets.

    7. SF - I'm not sure I'd be behind that...restricting the sale of private goods between Citizens...but it's something to consider.

    8. SF,
      Will Congress get behind any of that? There's about as much chance of that as there is CAIR inviting tea partiers to a pork BBQ.

      Is there no way to force those Congress weasels to step up and enact real immigration reform?

    9. We wer moving n the direction of decriminalization but who doesn't believe that Beauregard Sessions is going to continue.
      Hell, President Happy Hands invited Duterte to the White House and praised his strong man drug war.

      Get ready for the clampdown.
      The for profit prison system needs it. Think of the economy.
      Cops need RICO seizures to fund their Halloween S.W.A.T. dress up exercises.
      Just too much money involved to let it all go.

      We had taken a first step though and for all her deficiencies, Hillary would probably have continued in at least a small way.

    10. Duck,
      We wer moving n the direction of decriminalization

      I see mixed signals.

      I see no such mixed signals with regard to hard drugs (opioids, heroin, and the like).

    11. Ducky,

      Allow me do adopt a nanny state progressive stance on Drugs: They must be banned because people cannot be trusted with them. Those who sell and use them commit other criminal acts that ruin it for everyone around them, destroying families and whole neighborhoods.

      Interesting that that hard-left statist progs like you go all libertarian when it comes to drugs.

    12. "In Denver, Valhalla for legalized pot, it is still dealt illegally in the streets."

      You can buy black-market cigs if you shop around.

    13. Silverfiddle, you look at the history of the disastrous war on drugs and who were the initial drivers? Nixon thought heavy criminal penalties would give him a method to control the hippies and black communities (Ehrlichman).
      The Saint Ronnie Raygun started mandatory sentencing and asset forfeiture which any fool could see was being applied disproportionately in black neighborhoods.
      Then Bill Clintoon and his lovely wife bought into the whole white folks freak out over crack cocaine and instituted serious sentencing disparity which primarily affected, guess who?

      The so called war on drugs has been a failure and has caused more harm than good.
      Obama did sign the Fair Sentencing Act which was a step in the right direction.
      Any pragmatist is going to ask why we are continuing with an insane policy which is not accomplishing its purpose, is making mostly minority young men unemployable die to non violent possession convictions, spawning corrupt cops and generating increased cynicism in government.

      This has to be rethought. You aren't going to interdict something that is generating so much profit on each side.
      Simple truth, simple pragmatism.

    14. Why would you buy marijuana from a shop that increases the price to cover taxes, bookkeeping and secirity / surveillance expenses?

      People buy pot in the street for the same reason they pay a shade tree mechanic to fix their car rather than going to Firestone.

    15. Legalized pot was government's way of cornering the market.

      "Buy from anybody but us, and you'll be sorry."

      Ducky, "War on Drugs" is too broad a term. I talk in specifics, you traffic in platitudes and sloganeering.

  5. "Song for St. Tamminy s Day." The Old Song.

    Of Andrew, of Patrick, of David, & George,
    What mighty achievements we hear!
    While no one relates great Tammany's feats,
    Although more heroic by far, my brave boys,
    Although more heroic by far.

    These heroes fought only as fancy inspired,
    As by their own stories we find;
    Whilst Tammany, he fought only to free,
    From cruel oppression mankind, my brave boys,
    From cruel oppression mankind.

    "When our country was young and our numbers were few
    To our fathers his friendship was shown,
    (For he e'er would oppose whom he took for his foes),
    And made our misfortunes his own, my brave boys,
    And he made our misfortunes his own.
    "At length growing old and quite worn out with years,
    As history doth truly proclaim,
    His wigwam was fired, he nobly expired,
    And flew to the skies in a flame, my brave boys,
    And flew to the skies in a flame.

    1. FJ,
      I see that you're singing your song!

    2. About Tamanend, "Patron Saint of America":

      Tamanend or Tammany or Tammamend, the "affable",[1] (c. 1625–c. 1701) was a chief of one of the clans that made up the Lenni-Lenape nation in the Delaware Valley at the time Philadelphia was established. Tamanend is best known as a lover of peace and friendship who played a prominent role in developing amicable relations among the Lenape and the English settlers who settled Pennsylvania, led by William Penn.

      Also referred to as "Tammany", he became a popular figure in 18th-century America, especially in Philadelphia. Also called a "Patron Saint of America", Tamenend represented peace and amity. A Tammany society founded in Philadelphia holds an annual Tammany festival. Tammany societies were established across the United States after the American Revolutionary War, and Tammany assumed mythic status as an icon for the peaceful politics of negotiation

      The famous painting by Benjamin West.

    3. I see that you're singing your song!

      It is the 1st of Sweet May! ;)

    4. Damit!
      Beat me to the punch again!

      Did the Mercedes Marxists have there usual Mayday to do in Frisco, Seattle and other leach hang-outs or are they all tuckered out from wearing masks and intimidating working people?

    5. You can't keep a Red Whacko out of the limelight...

    6. FJ,
      How many of those people is the streets yesterday even realize that they are Red Whackos?

  6. What has been confirmed is what we have known. Ryan is no friend of Trump nor conservatives. American conservatives ask for so little. Give them the damn wall. We give Billions to every little groupie in the world. Give them the wall! Period. End of story. Finis.

  7. It looks like Trump underestimated the magnitude of the "SWAMP"!

    1. Jon,

      Indeed, I typed in a comment very similar to yours over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, where I crossposted this same blog entry.

    2. TC,
      One positive step so far: Gorsuch on the SCOTUS. No way would Hillary have appointed him.

    3. And it only took nuking the Constitution to achieve. Yay!

    4. Nuked the constitution? I must have missed that one.

      You lefties never raised a peep while Obummer did his job on that sacred document.

    5. Yes, Jon. Absolutely!

      THE biggest hurdle barking the president's shins by far is the RINO BLOC, sometimes called "Moderates."

      Moderates are useless, worthless, and inimical to genuine human progress.




      And make no mistake about it, we ARE at WAR –– a CIVIL WAR possibly of greater magnitude and more far reaching consequences than Stinkin' Lincoln's Brutal War of Northern Aggression against the Southern States.


      Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings may LOOK like TURDS, but make no mistake about it Paul Ryan is the REAL DEAL.

    7. Leftwing Watcher,

      If you see me on the left, you're either holding your political map upside down or all that Pat Buchanan rhetoric at the Occupy Wall Street rallies made you feel guilty for wearing deodorant.

      The debate over Gorsuch in the Senate could have been ended and decided by existing Senate rules and without making up new rules as they went along.

      Hope the guy turns out to be worth the cost.

  8. I could perhaps resist the urge to ridicule Trump voters if they confined themselves to the #NeverHillary excuse, but then comes along the windowlickers that actually believed his "campaign promises."

    Hillary in jail? Obamacare repealed? China confronted with currency manipulation trade penalties? A wall paid for by Mexico?

    Did someone convince President Assclown that a wall running the length of the Rio Grande on either bank or down the middle would create an ecological disaster?

    1. Never Trumpers still wetting themselves in impotent anger need their diapers changed! Boo Hoo!

    2. Nah. We're laughing at President Assclown's impotent threats to campaign against the Freedom Caucus that killed his attempts to rename rather than repeal Obamacare. Bring it, lefties.

    3. And so you'll tire of polishing New York liberal turds eventually.

    4. Hillary lost. Get over it snowflake.

    5. Your coprophagia is disturbing. I don't like trump, but I dislike listening whining butt hurt snowflakes even less.

      Whose your candidate? Pinochet?

    6. Pinochet used government helicopters instead of the private sector. Too left wing for me.

      You "don't like Trump," but jump like a scalded dog whenever he's criticized for being just another left-wing idiot.


    7. Take the thumb out of your mouth and we can hear you better

  9. I'm even more unhappy that funding for planned abortions is in the approved funding bill.

    Though, compared to having the beast in the white house, it doesn't move the needle very far if at all.


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