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Monday, May 8, 2017

Illegal Aliens And Constitutional Rights

Please watch this video of less than one minute in length, and consider the concepts presented:

The now-ubiquitous phrase undocumented citizens as used so often by various media and other Leftists, is nonsensical! The very word citizens implies that these individuals have entered into the United States Compact (Constitution) when they have not.

Related reading: The Civic Cost Of Illegal Immigration by Victor Davis Hansen. Excerpt:
...[L]ost in this conundrum are the pernicious effects of illegal immigration on the idea of citizenship in a consensual society. In the Western constitutional tradition, citizenship was based upon shared assumptions that were often codified in foundational constitutional documents.


When borders are fluid and unenforced, it inevitably follows that assimilation and integration also become lax, as society loses a sense of who, or even where, their residents are. And the idea that the Bill of Rights should apply to those beyond U.S. borders may be a noble sentiment, but the practical effect of such utopianism is to open a Pandora's box of impossible enforcement, affronts to foreign governments, endless litigation, and a diversion of resources away from protecting the rights of citizens at home.

Residency is also confused with citizenship, but they are no more the same than are guests at a dinner party and the party's hosts, who own the home.

A country reverts to tribalism unless immigrants enter it legally-often based on the host's determination of how easily and rapidly they can become citizens, and the degree to which they can benefit their adopted country-and embrace its customs, language, and habits.
Read the rest HERE. Worth your time.


  1. Why are western governments and global elites doing everything they can to destroy the cultural homogeneity of first world (I know, the term is archaic) western nations?

    Yes, the US has taken in people from all over, but it used to be a melting pot, we used to have standards of entry, and we used to assimilate people.

    Why are western governments and the global elites doing this?

    1. Our cultural homogeneity is based on the Constitution.
      Used to be that plus shared Christian values.

    2. SF,
      Why are western governments and the global elites doing this?

      That's the question!

      What do the Western governments and the global elites expect to gain? More wealth? In my observations, the answer to such paradoxes often comes down to money (money also meaning the gaining of power).

    3. When I ponder this, I always come back to the question that "they" must know where this will lead. Buried deep in our DNA is the strand that dictates survival of the specie, that being their children. Do they no care or concern themselves with the next generation?

    4. "What do the Western governments and the global elites expect to gain?"

      They seek to first keep then expand their power.

      Their Citizen voter base is shrinking, they don't procreate enough to replace themselves. They appease their base with "free" things and reward their willing servants with a dip into the patronage trough. If that hurts the rest of us, tough. "They" are the ones who choose the "elite". Witness the foulness of the ivy league and the nepotism if not incest of the so-called "journalists". They exempt themselves from the laws and mores that we are expected to follow and if they get caught in their political peccadilloes, laugh at us and offer some lame-assed excuse.

      Tax that you wish to decrease and subsidize that you wish to increase. We pay taxes!

  2. Replies
    1. CI,
      But the case is not closed. Look at court rulings. Case in point: Plyler v. Doe:

      Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 (1982), was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a state statute denying funding for education to illegal immigrant children and simultaneously struck down a municipal school district's attempt to charge illegal immigrants an annual $1,000 tuition fee for each illegal alien student to compensate for the lost state funding.[1] The Court found that where states limit the rights afforded to people (specifically children) based on their status as immigrants, this limitation must be examined under an intermediate scrutiny standard to determine whether it furthers a "substantial" state interest.

      Schools here in Northern Virginia are bursting at the seams as these schools attempt to education the children of immigrants. Never mind all the trailers and the major additions to almost every school building (K through 12).

      Who knows how many are the children of illegal immigrants? As far as I know, there are no accurate stats regarding the distinction between legal immigrant children and illegal immigrant children.

      No way are immigrants, who typically have large families, paying their fair share of public education in Northern Virginia!

      Therefore, our real estate taxes shoot up almost every year and the school teachers get no significant raises as more and more funds are dedicated to the learning problems, emotional problems, and ESL problems rampant within the groups of immigrant children.

    2. Of course the case isn't closed, as it regards the entitlement class......but they're not Citizens. Period. I defy anyone who defends their violation of U.S. law, to refute that.

  3. CI,
    I defy anyone who defends their violation of U.S. law, to refute that.

    Has that argument ever effectively refuted anyone with whom you've had this particular conversation?

    I keep hearing illegal aliens referred to as "undocumented citizens."

    1. I've never had anyone explain to me why illegal aliens are "Citizens"...because they can't "Undocumented citizens" is just another rhetorical invention, like "undocumented immigrant", designed to normalize the criminal act.

  4. America was once a very labor intensive society of vast, un-populated, areas in need of settlement. The needs for expansion were much different than today. Our miserable "Labor Participation Rate" suggests that we must have a plethora of un-skilled [legal citizens] in our inner cities and elsewhere, able to work but un-employed. If that is the case why do we need anymore in-migration of un-skilled non English speaking people, unless or until we have filled any needs for such, domestically? I'll gladly pay a little more for goods and services as long as there is a commensurate reduction in the taxes I pay for able bodied people to do nothing! Not to mention the tax burden placed on us by illegal immigrants. For any needs we have for special education and/or skills in shortfall, domestically, by all means let's welcome them to come here, LEGALLY. America is still a "land of opportunity" but that doesn't make it the World's DUPMING GROUND!

    1. Jon,
      we must have a plethora of un-skilled [legal citizens] in our inner cities and elsewhere, able to work but un-employed


      Many have been on welfare for generations.

      I'd love to see statistics for the tax burden placed on us by illegal immigrants.

      America isn't quite the World's DUPMING GROUND but is well on its way to becoming exactly that.

  5. I've never heard the phrase, "undocumented citizen" myself. "Undocumented worker", yes but not "citizen".

    But the narrative from the right only portrays "them" as invaders who just want to steal as much as they can. The "Trump" narrative, if you will.
    Never mind the agricultural, hotel, fast food, meat packing and construction industries that depend on "them" for cheap labor.
    Never mind the civil wars in Central America pumped up by Saint Ronnie Raygun or the War on Drugs creating rule by drug gangs and rampant corruption.
    Never mind the Mexican farmer driven out by cheap subsidized American corn.

    "They" are just here to steal and rape. That's the narrative that keeps the fringe right in power. It's woefully tunnel visioned but that's the way the oppressed right wing snowflakes want it.

    We are a sorry people.

    "Just give me some truth"
    --- John Lennon

    1. I'd say that the narrative from the Right portrays them for what they are.....criminals. Undeniable....and irrefutable.

    2. Duck is right. We should have let the Communist Soviets take over Nicaragua like the Democrats wanted, and damn President Reagan for stopping the leftwing murdering thugs in El Salvador.

    3. Absolutely. We know well, that nobody ever wanted to leave the Marxist utopia's under the Soviet thumb.....

    4. At least Venezuela got THEIR Socialismo del Siglo XXI utopia...

    5. It IS a shame that the FARC wasn't able to take over Colombia, though.

    6. CI, where Rios Montt, Samoza, Arellano, Trujillo, Duvalier, Torilljos and others the leaders of these Marxist utopias?

      The Marxist dictatorships have had a very short run and the current terrors in Central America have right wing dictatorships (American backed) as their foundation.

      You have serious tunnel vision.

    7. The Sandinista regime had a "short run"?

      Tunnel vision is preferable to blinders.

    8. @CI,

      "Tunnel vision is preferable to blinders."

      GOOD ONE!

    9. Sandinistas were in power for a bit over ten years.

      The Somoza family ruled from the mid 30's till the Sandinistas overthrew them.

      You and your trained seal don't seem to have a grip on the basics.

    10. Ducky's reading from talking points. Of course there were rightwing horrors, but there were Democrat Party leftwing horrors as well.

      Torrijos? Rightwing? You've strayed beyond your knowledge again.

      FMLN was a Marxist insurgency, and they carried out horrible atrocities in the name of combating horrible atrocities by the rightwing regime, although the School of the Americas-D'Aubisson link is laughable, but go ahead, bring it up.

    11. I bring these things up not to defend everything we did in Latin America.

      After seeing what the CIA has done in various places, I believe they have done way more harm than good and should be disbanded.

      America's Latte Leftists are context-challenged.

    12. You may have me on Torrijos, Silverfiddle. I assumed we wouldn't hand over the canal to someone we didn't control.

      But the history of the area does interest me. It started with some photos of the marine invasion of Nicaragua in 1913 that my great uncle left. We've been at it there ever since and it seems we could logically expect a hard resistance. The Samozas were established as well as the Guardia National. Social democrats all.

      Then there was the little dust up when Arbenz steamed off United Fruit in the 50's and we had to take him out. Poor Guatemala, over 300000 dead over the next few decades. Maybe the right doesn't consider that an atrocity.

      Haiti -- our atrocities long precede the Clintoons.
      There was an invasion of the Dominican Republic in the 60's but we had controlled the island ever since Teddy Roosevelt installed a military government. Did Trujillo commit any atrocities.

      It's interesting that the one democracy in the region, Costa Rica, is the one country we didn't invade.

      But the FLMN committed atrocities so that's the whole story.
      Please, you're smarter than that.

    13. Update your knowledge, Ducky. Just south of Costa Rica is a prosperous nation called Panama. We were there for 97 years. They are the most prosperous nation in the region.

      They complain about Venezuelan and Colombian invading like we complain about Mexican and Central Americans.

      Ever heard of the murdering, drug exporting terrorists known as FARC? They are Left Wing.

      Ever heard of a man named Chavez? He implemented a Bolivarian Socialists revolution that took the beautiful and successful nation of Venezuela and destroyed it.

      So, yap on, but you've only got about half of it.

    14. Duck,
      I've never heard the phrase, "undocumented citizen" myself.

      I regularly hear that phrase on our local affiliate's early Sunday morning show on NBC.

      "They" are just here to steal and rape.

      Some are. That's what they were doing below the border, too. Gang members. We're seeing more and more of gang members here in the D.C. area -- particularly in Northern Virginia.

    15. There's an important philsophical point at issue that few-if-any have seen for themslves or are willing to acknowledge, if they have:

      TOTALITARIANISM, TYRANNY, DICTATORSHIP, SLAVE STATE –– whatever you want to call it, is NOT the exclusive province of either the Left OR the Right.In the past the Church, the Communists, and the Fascisgts have been EQUALLY reprehensible in this regard.

      Depostism is Despotism no matter WHOSE banner it carries.

    16. FT,
      Depostism is Despotism no matter WHOSE banner it carries.


      Which group today is most often the group carrying the banner of TOTALITARIANISM, TYRANNY, DICTATORSHIP, SLAVE STATE?

      Not that other groups should be exonerated, of course. But the group that most often carries that banner should be the first to be defeated, IMO.

  6. Round em up
    Pack em up
    Ship em out
    Rawhide !

    1. kid, the fast food, hotel, meat packing and construction industries would scream holy hell.

      Not only won't happen, can't.

    2. Duck,
      Are you saying that the vast majority of immigrants working in the fast food, hotel, meat packing and construction industries are illegal aliens?

    3. Kid,
      If they have any violation of the rule of law (in addition to being here illegally in the first place), that's exactly what should be done!

  7. Replies
    1. Imagine Elvis singing these lyrics:


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Shed your tent and be my Valentine.

      Baby, Baby, baby, please let me in

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      GOOD BYE!!!

  8. "the vast majority of immigrants working in the fast food, hotel, meat packing and construction industries are illegal aliens?"

    If that's true it doesn't have to be and if we don't start taking measures to put chronically un-employed inner city people to work look for more festivities such we've seen in Baltimore, St. Louis and other tax supported time-bomb venues. I guess politicians are scared $#!T!E$$ to touch this problem although it is, in no small part, of their own making.

    1. Jon,
      if we don't start taking measures to put chronically un-employed inner city people to work look for more festivities such we've seen in Baltimore, St. Louis and other tax supported time-bomb venues

      Along the lines of the adage: "Idle hands are the devil's workshop."

      I don't look for politicians to address the problem with any efficacy. After all, the political elite are walled off and safe within their ivory towers.

    2. "WORKFARE" could possibly provide at least PART of the solution.

      What does that mean?

      Simply that NO ABLE-BODIED PERSON with an IQ above ROOM TEMPERATURE should EVER receive a CHECK or FOOD STAMPS from the GOVERNMENT, unless and until he, she, or it works regular hours performing needed tasks that enhance the quality of life in whatever community they inhabit.

  9. Good grief!

    At the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia:

    ACLU Lawyer Admits Trump’s Travel Ban ‘Could Be Constitutional’ If Enacted By Clinton.

    Listen to the audio at the above link. All the hemming and hawing! Lawyers!

  10. Yep, the only 'rights' they have are due process.

    From wading around the internet, it is clear few understand any of this.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Illegals are just more snowflakes that need to melt...but for now they are crying about our "wall" while murdering our innocent citizens! https://youtu.be/gm8DjLKk3Gs


      The practice reflects very poorly on you, and on the Conservative-Libertarian Community as well, if "we" tolerate this garbage you are promoting.

      You are "LYING with FACTS" a common practice among leftists and journalists which is no less EXECRABLE and REPREHENSIBLE when done by someone who purports to be on "OUR" side.



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