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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

"The Poetry" Of Joe Biden

From Video: The Poetry of Joe Biden is an Eye Opener That Every American Should Hear....
The Daily Caller video below begins with a clip of Joe Biden garbling his words but then switches to a tough-guy character in a black t-shirt who recites Biden quotes like it’s poetry. It’s frightening because it’s so hard to believe that this candidate is the frontrunner who may win in November. The video is also funny because of the set-up of the background music and ‘Noir’ lighting....

How can any American consider voting for this man?

By the way, when Biden appears with it for a few minutes, I surmise that he's been injected with B Vitamins and vasodilators. That combination helped my grandmothers to be think and function normally, albeit temporarily.


  1. Flailing, failing, faltering, foundering Biden, a corrupt ineffectual GRIFTER at best, who's been long past his "Expiration Date" –– for years ––, is the IDEAL CANDIDATE for the would-be PUPPETEERS panting , whining, straining at their leashes, and slobbering in the wings waiting to rush in, POUNCE, and GRAB the Reins of Power to exercise DOMINANT INFLUENCE by Remote Control.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP may not be a SAINT, but he's one helluvalot better for America than THAT.

  2. "By the way, when Biden appears with it for a few minutes..."

    Or it may simply may be that he IS "with it" for a few minutes. Dementia is by no means constant. It comes and goes, almost always being increasingly present. We cannot, however, afford to have a chief executive who is "with it" only part of the time.

    1. Jayhawk,
      Or it may simply may be that he IS "with it" for a few minutes. Dementia is by no means constant. It comes and goes....

      Yes, that too.

    2. We've got one that's "with it" none of the time.

    3. How remarkably open and aboveboard you are, Canardo, for so aptly describing your always -fractious, belligerent, and frankly rather silly self!

      i COMMEND you for your rare show of honesty.

  3. And the form of dementia in our household has fluctuations so wild that people (including one in my support group) have even been taken off hospice because they appeared to have 'improved' (one talked for the first and only time in 4 months with the visiting nurse) while the the whole household knows they are under water. I'm sure the people around Biden, including his deft and articulate doctor wife, know this.

    1. Baysider,
      I'm sure the people around Biden, including his deft and articulate doctor wife, know this.

      How can they not know?

  4. We've never had a president who could channel Gregory Corso.

  5. AOW... makes sense. I wondered why at his last primary debate he appeared so much better. I thought then I wonder what they gave him. Even the last couple of months I would say there has been a worsening of his symptoms. Notice people are more often leading him around

  6. Is it possible for the democrats to change horses at this stage?

    1. In any event the Defecrats have no even-halfway-decent alternative to Slow Joe.

      There may still be any number of recent, well-mening people who reflexively vote for Democrats –– I know quite a few, personally, and count some of them as dear friends –– but the party leadershit is foul, corrupt and utterly vile.

      The unthinking, unknowing rank and file may take decades to catch up to Reality –– if they ever do, which is often dubious.

      I feel very strongly –– and most regretfully –– that the USA –– and most of the Western World –– are teetering on the edge of the Abyss. That we've been headed thatr way since I was a teenager seems ioncreasingly apparent.

      Too bad that every few hundred years mankind stumbles and blunders on a Downward Path that leads to having to rediscover The Wheel all over again.

      I recommend your reading By the Waters of Babylon, a short story by Stephen Vincent Benet, Jez, and also The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster (1909)

      As I've tried to say all along, "There's more truth in poetry and good literaure than in piles of scientific data, and statistics."

      INSIGHT really is more imporant than KNOWLEDGE, but you'll never understand that, unless you read the RIGHT books and poems –– material the scheming Left has been trying to iscredit, bury and obliterate for more than a century.

      You don't have to believe ME. Just read Benet and Forster.

    2. Alternatives need to be viable. Even Trump's base should desire his opposition to be robust: poor opposition does no-one any favours.

  7. Kid emailed me a video of ROBIN WILLIAMS in 2009 laughing at Biden's ridiculous bloopers...it's really funny. But kind of sad.
    By the way, have you SEEN the cognitive test Trump passed so well? OMG, it's unbelievable. Good luck, Joe....Oh, wait...I must be on coke to even ask him about that :-) Trump constantly says things I cringe at but he's no politician, not slick....even Dems I know now are saying 'He can't be too civil, but I sure like what he's DOING" I'll take that over a Biden or Obama any day!

    1. Hi, Z! Good to see ya!

      ACTIONS always HAVE, always SHOULD, and I pray always WILL speak louder than WORDS.

      Our president's clumsy, highly limited command of English is to me APPALLING, but I've seen from the early days of Mr. Trump's campaign, when I watched his unfiltered, unedited, undiluted speeches on C-Span, that he is a stouthearted, basically benevolent Volcano of Virtue, and JUST what our anxious, confused, brainwashed, bamboozled, badly-directed country most desperately needs to lead us out of the wilderness in which we've been lost for most of the past CENTURY –– and CERTAINLY since Ronald Reagan left the White House.

      So here I am, –– a man devoted to the precise use of WORDS, SUBTLE NUANCES in Literature, and the elegance an refinement of CLASSIC ARTISTIC EXPRESSION –– finding myself completely SOLD on the basic decency, good-heartedness, and couragous determintion to ACT and PRODUCE desirable goals that is the essence o President Trump's character

      Trump may not be elegant, and he certanly lacks subtlety, but he's a DYNAMO, and i am POSITIVE his primary motive for putting himself into the MAELSTROM of a crude, boorish, venal, deceitful, nefarious Arena of Conflict and Ceaseless Outrage has been a sincere desire to HELP our currently benighted nation –– driftng ever closer to the Abyss –– RIGHT HER COURSE, and begin to fulfill her Original Promise Maximum Freedom and Equality of Opportunty for All once again.

    2. Ducky, and I believe The Guardian, the big Trump backing newspaper, thanks. Go back to MSNBC. "I don't watch that, Z!" right, Ducky. By the way, I've seen the test and it's difficult.

      Hi, Franco!

      I'm REALLY not a fan of Trump rhetoric, either..BIG time...never have been, but compared to Biden and AOC and Pelosi and Talib, etc etc? OH my gosh, if you don't understand the goodness of this country and how badly the earth needs it to remain as it is, GO FOR BIDEN :-) Even if he wasn't showing such signs of dementia, how COULD anybody support this far left BS? (Lib Docs at UCLA, friends of my friend, said they hated to admit it but watching Biden is scary...he exhibits many signs of dementia). So, the guy's a shill and he'll be the FRONT GUY as president, with the stinkin' little leftwing agenda folks pushing him around. Wait for it, GOD FORBID.

      good to see you, 'Franco'!!

    3. I've not only seen the test, when I was admitted to rehab I took it (way ahead of you, I passed easily). It's not an intelligence test.

      It's amazing how Republican true believers won't accept the truth about Trump.

    4. If it HAD been an Intelligence Test, Ducks, YOU doubtless would have ended up in the BOTTOM One-Tenth of One Percent.

  8. We Can Never Go Back to Manderley Now

    Should I care if I get cancer
    In this wretched, troubled, world
    Where all seems swiftly headed towards the rocks?

    Since we live with devolution,
    Marred and poisoned with pollution
    Cancer gives us absolution,
    Since our kids don’t care enough to wear their socks.
    As towards The End we're whirling
    With flaming batons twirling,
    And last night's dinner hurling towards the rug

    And no one seems to notice
    As they take positions lotus
    To escape the awful bother,
    Despite demur from failing father,
    To remove the dreadful stench, at which they shrug

    And each, emaciated limb
    Grayish, pale, translucent, slim
    Flailing in St. Vitus' Dance
    Keeps death watchers in a trance
    As with dead, unseeing eyes they watch and long
    With fading final song for their ultimate demise
    I’d be grateful to have cancer
    It has given me an Answer
    In this wretched, troubled, world
    Where my life now lies unfurled
    Wherever I have travelled
    All behind me lies unravelled,
    And backward glances give me naught but shocks.
    As I see we’ve ALWAYS headed towards the rocks.

    ~ FreeThinke

  9. _______ A Backward Glance _______

    I gaze now in perpetual wonderment, grief 

    And sorrow at the jagged, rotting stump 

    Of the once-vital, arcing grandeur
Of the dear and familiar tree 

    That gave me shade and comfort,
While all around me weeds, thorns 

    Strange, stunted saplings, and bitter fruit

    Litter the parched stony soil

    Beneath a pitiless, gray wintery sky.

    ~ FreeThinke


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