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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Remember This?

 (For politics, please scroll down)

 I didn't have sea monkeys, but I remember seeing them advertised. The backstory:

More information about these creatures HERE.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I ordered hose sea monkeys and was a little disappointed when after they hatched, they looked nothing like the cartoon ads. They were inadvertently euthanized by an UNSUB doing a house party in the 70s when it was discovered they did not take kindly to a few shots of vodka. I wish this wasn't a true story.

    1. DaBlade,
      they did not take kindly to a few shots of vodka

      Let's hope they died vodka-happy!

  2. And the Polaris Submarine!

  3. Few things annoy me more than mouthy, supercilious, self-absorbed little bitches who think they know something droning on with shallow, immature little girl voices as they presume to act as though they are imparting important information to us adults. An IRKSOME, incredibly tedious spectacle.


    1. Addendum: This "new Blogger" is making it harder for me to post music videos. **sigh**

    2. To use the vernacular unapologetically without reservation:

      This New Blogger really S_U_C_K_S_!

  4. Sea Monkeys.

    Just add water and... BOOM, you've got your very own exciting new lifeforms.

    For water, substitute cash, corruption and venality and behold! Portland! As with the poor sea monkey shrimp, nobody much is fooled.

  5. Around the same time that "sea monkeys" were being advertised when I was a child, Magic Rock Crystal Growing Set was also advertised. My parents wouldn't let me have "sea monkeys," but they let me have the crystal-growing kit.

  6. I remember those ads in the back of comic books!

    Right next to the X-Ray Glasses (they did not work as advertised either)

  7. 'This "new Blogger" is making it harder for me to post music videos. **sigh**'
    I'm still on the old system. Tried the new one, and let's just say, "How was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"
    A week from tomorrow is the drop dead date for the old system.

  8. Google has never cared about Blogger, and now that the blogging craze has passed and there's no money in it, I'm surprised they haven't shut the whole thing down.


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