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Monday, August 19, 2019

The Swatting Of A Whistle Blower

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If true, big tech thuggery.

From True Pundit (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):
San Francisco Police, its bomb squad and the FBI surrounded the residence of Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, just hours before he was scheduled to provide evidence to the Justice Department detailing how the tech giant has been manipulating its algorithms to promote an anti-Trump agenda and censor Conservatives on Google and YouTube.

Vorhies is a former senior Google software engineer, who on August 5th was in the process of delivering a Google laptop and internal documents to the Justice Department’s Antitrust division. But his whistle blowing efforts were stymied by police who stormed his neighborhood and locked down several blocks in an attempt to lure him from his San Francisco residence, at the request of Google executives.

What was Vorhies’ crime? Google executives told police that Vorhies was suicidal and a potential danger, Vorhies told True Pundit. The tech guru was red flagged by his former employer....

Vorhies, who said he has proof Google created complex algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms, discussed the details of his allegations and the bogus raid with True Pundit’s Thomas Paine in the video at the top of this story. The video of police detaining Vorhies is included in that video as well....
Much more HERE, including a video interview of Zach Vorhies.

The Daily Beast questions Vorhies's mental stability by proclaiming that he is a conspiracy nut.  On the other hand, swatting really does happen.

Additional reading: Google internal bias leaker Zach Vorhies goes public after “intimidation” from Google.


  1. Oh Dear! I wish we'd stay wth Vaughan-Williams a lot longer!

    Trying to get along without Google these days is a lot like trying to get along without Fossil Fuels, Electricity, and Running Water.

    IS there an alternative to Google? If so, what could it be, and –– most iportant of all –– IS it as GOOD?

    It's the old old story all pver again. Power Corrupts and Google by its very nature has INEVITABLY accrued TOO MUCH POWER.

    This is true of MANY of the huge "Global Industries" that deal in raw materials and essential services. Their power has become SO immense they feel they owe NO ALLEGIANCE to ANYTHING other than THEMSELVES.

    Es ist eine alte Geschichte
    doch bleibt sie immer neu;
    und wem sie just passieret,
    dem bricht das Herz entzwei.

    ~ Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

    My homemade translation:

    It is an old story
    Yet it stays ever new
    And when it is repeated
    It breaks the heart in two!

    Certainly not about Google or the Evils of Big Industry. Instead it's about what-we-are-too-pleased-to-call Romance," but like alusions to biblical citations, ancient myths, plays, great literature and much poetry it contains kernels of wisdom that apply to MANY other things.

    This is why I, personally, abhor the narrow, purely "factual," literalistic approach to the study of anything worth knowing.

    1. Franco,
      Oh Dear! I wish we'd stay wth Vaughan-Williams a lot longer!

      I'll probably repost it this coming weekend. Crazy busy here -- plus Warren is coming for a visit soon.

    2. I'm sorry I began by saying that, because, apparently, it stopped you from reading all the things I tried to say related to THIS post.

      I see I must be MUCH more careful in the way I phrase things. What I say is either completely ignored or misunderstood 90% of the time.

      Perhaps I need a course in Remedial English?

      Apparently, I am writing in what-has-become a foreign language today.

      My bad! Please forgive. I've lived too long, and haven't been able to avoid becoming a metaphorical dinosaur.


    3. Franco,
      For the record: I did read all your comments. Not much time to respond, though.

  2. The left no longer allows people the privacy of their own thoughts and opinion, so it is no surprise they now invade the private physical space of their hated enemies.

    1. All the prime sources are mentioned, Project Veritas, QAnon, Infowars. I'd say that's enough to cast serious doubt.

      It's not wise to eat everything they put on the plate especially with the evidence that Zach is a conspiratorial whack job.

    2. ...a self-proclaimed man of the left siding with an evil global corporation...

      Look out for flying pigs!

    3. An accusation from someone fired for cause isn't much better.

      It's not that this couldn't be happening but the story needs a credible source.

    4. Ducky,

      I don't disagree with the narrow point you make, but there are too many data points now. Brandon Eich?

    5. James Damore?

      Silicone Valley is a hothouse full of delicate flowers that wilt when they detect and slight deviation from their narrow world-view.

      Russian election meddling? A piffle compared to Big Tech meddling.

  3. Use "Duck Duck Go" instead of Google.

    1. Joe,
      If that's true, then I see no point in using DuckDuckGo.

    2. Interesting article...but from a direct competitor...

    3. ...like I said, I can't vouch for its' authenticity.

    4. @AoW - That's what I thought.

    5. I tried Duck Duck Go and couldn't even find my blog....

    6. Hit and miss then. With "always on watch", this site came up as the first pick....followed by AOW Two.

    7. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 20, 2019 at 10:07:00 AM EDT

      Try Qwant

  4. ____________ ON OUR DELINE AND IMMINENT FALL ____________

    We began to hit the skids once the Marxian misinterpretation of "EQUALITY" began to supplant our recognition of, and our respect –– and longing for –– QUALITY..

    Poverty, Vulgarity, Stupidity, Indolence, Weakness, and Mediocrity have always been part of the human condition.

    The Big Change for the Worse, however, came with Marx's falsely humanitarian determination to MAGNIFY, GLORIFY, and SANCTIFY these undesirable elements in our collective character. Since then the Coarse, Cheap, Crude, Indecent, Meretricious, Moronic, Cynical, and passionately Iconocastic and Destructive have become increasingly aggressive, militant and more powerful to what-is-now a terrifying degree.

    We now appear to have reachd the Tipping Point toward Disaster. It no longer seems possible for us to regain our balance, sense of proportion, and recover sufficient optimism to right our course, and thus avert catastrophe.

    This is happening because we no longer even try to fix our gaze on The Big Picture. We are far too busy "strainng out gnats, while swallowing camels" –– and finding fault with each other with increasing ferocity –– to develop a proper understanding of Basic Guiding Principles.


  5. Need to be able to sue these bastards.


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