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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Irretrievably Broken?

Silverfiddle Rant!
Is our nation's politics irretrievably broken?

Our public discourse has become vulgar, angry and overheated, with everyone going nuclear on their favorite targets of hate.

Let's remove Democrats, Republicans and President Donald Trump from the equation and focus on Frank Miele's contention featured in the last blog post.  This isn't a debate on who started it, who is stoking it, or who is to blame. The question is, is Miele right, or wrong?
If politicians are willing to use the most extreme labels against their opponents, such as calling [someone] a racist or a white supremacist, then we have reached the point where majority rule is in danger of becoming serial civil war. You cannot negotiate with a racist, you can only crush him.

Nor can those who are falsely so labeled simply put the insult behind them and work happily toward compromise. Instead, power will be obtained for the sole purpose of settling scores, and if you are out of power, you will say or do anything to get it back — literally anything.
I think we are there already, and I see no way to reverse or even calm the situation. We are becoming a balkanized, polyglot, tribal, third-world, sh**hole territory that just happens to be ruled over by a single national government.

What say you? 

Please confine your comments to whether you believe Miele is right or wrong, and if the situation is reversible.  Please do feel free to provide other examples of what you think is "Nuclear Name-Calling," i.e. hanging a name on someone so bad that it renders the target unworthy of negotiation, or even a polite hearing.  An accusation so heinous, the target is worthy only of destruction.


  1. Replies
    1. charity - aka giving the other person (political opposition) the benefit of the doubt.

    2. Indeed. Part of honest dialog is taking someone's statement--especially someone you disagree with--in the most charitable light possible. We now do the opposite of that, to the point of absurdity, like pointing and yelling "SEE! SEE!" when President Obama made a verbal slip and said "My muslim faith."

      Dr. William J. Bennett's watchwords are: Candor, Intelligence and Goodwill.

      Our public discourse, including political discourse suffer from a tragic absence of all three.

    3. Bill's words to live by.
      I work with a guy (share an office, also) who despises Trump.
      He's a little elitist and then genuinely tries not to be.
      Still paying off his student debt.
      We started to cross swords, retreated and found stuff to talk about in the culture that we could agree on.

    4. You'll notice how Trump calls Xi a "good man", Kim Jong Un "courageous", and Vladim Putin both "friend" and "competitor". Trump knows how to be "charitable" with those with whom "charity" is needed, and uncharitable with those who offer no charity in return (the Dems).

    5. Trump's "charity" is about as convincing as his famous mistress' acting. I expect.
      Also we're talking about discourse, which requires a level of engagement far beyond empty pleasantries. It's much easier to politely dismiss someone than it is to understand and seriously entertain their ideas.

    6. But after years of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's caricatures of the Right, does the Left take any Conservative argument/discourse seriously.

      You have to "start" with charity. Where it goes from there is anybody's guess.

      But regardless, what is REALLY broken is the MSM. The rest of the nation cannot heal with the current crop of partisan liberal elite media "influencers" at the helm. The Left has controlled "the cultural narrative" for far too long. And we reap today the chaos that they have sewn.

    7. The caricatures have their place, the problem was that they filled the hole left by "serious" news. We need the news to get back to the standards they were at during the 70s - it's really extraordinary, watching old interviews and discussions. The news has become shrill and shallow, and it's hurting us (this is a case Jon Stewart used to make frequently).

    8. The caricatures only have their place if they're an equal political offender.

      Otherwise, we're all crewmembers on a Snark Hunting expedition being surprised at all the boojum.

    9. Thanks, FJ. That's exactly it except the News and Informatiin industry has functioned as "The ENEMEDIA" since before most of us were born.

      It was only durng the SICK-sties, however, that it became overt, started in earnest to bare its fangs, unsheath its claws and breath fire more to reveal its true nature during Watergate as the hideous, power-mad, fiercely destructve monster it has been all along.

      Education, News, Entertainment, Pop MewSick, whatever may remain of the Publishing Industry, and an increasingly perverse, demented Judiciary have worked together as a de facto BLOC to degrade our cultural identity, demean Christianity, subvert our Constitution and pervert the Rule of Law to satisfy the whims and schemes of the self-anointed internatiinalist oligarchy who seek to destroy American sovereignty, destroy even the hope of Self-Dtermnation, and turn US over to the control of an arrogant, unelected, unaccountable, increasingly arbitrary One World Socialist Dictaorshit.

      This takeover has been ging on for over a century. It's been slow, relentless and so subtle at its outset that –– like that famous frog in the pot of increasingly hot water –– most are only just becoming aware they are being boiled alive AFTER it's too late to save themselves.

    10. The media is controlled by a small group with shared interests. I know what you're thinking, but it needn't be that: wealthy media owners necessarily have things in common and an outlook different from ordinary citizens. It was a mistake to allow them editorial control of the news wings of the media companies they own.

    11. Jez said:

      "The media is controlled by a small group with shared interests. I know what you're thinking, but it needn't be that: wealthy media owners necessarily have things in common and an outlook different from ordinary citizens. It was a mistake to allow them editorial control of the news wings of the media companies they own."

      Thank you for making the exact point I intended to make, Jez.

      We all know that "Power Corrupts," and when "a small group" is given, or manages to get, control of an industry as enormous, far reaching and potentially infuential as Print Journalism,–– and later Electronic Communiications (rain, television, the computer, iPhone.etc.) –– the temptation to ABUSE that power to further the selfish or poltical-ideological ends of those who wiield it is virtually inevitable.

      That's what Marshall McLuhan meant fifty-two years ago when he and illustrator Quenton Fiore published The Medum is the Massage.

      "The title is a play on McLuhan's oft-quoted saying "The medium is the message". The book was initiated by Quentin Fiore. McLuhan adopted the term "massage" to denote the effect of each medium on the human sensorium, taking inventory of the "effects" of numerous media in terms of how they "massage" the sensorium." ~ WIKIPEDIA

      Many, including my then-ignorant, less-careful self at first read the title as The Medium is the MESSAGE.

      I still see the "message" of McLuhan's chilling, 160-page pop classic as a WARNING against the tremendous extent "The Media" shape –– and in many instances CREATE –– our thoughts, feelings, opinions, and direction of our very LIVES.

      Like Orwell's two dystopian classics Animal Farm and Nineteen-Eighty-Four the little book SCAREd the SPIT out of me, because it helped affirm the sneaking suspicion I'd had for a long time –– even back then –– that our lives were no longer our own, and that the possibility of self-etermnation was being taken from us by Technology and the too-powerful idividuals who owned and operated the means of formulating and fomenting MEGATRENDS.

      The implications of this I-think-accurate perception are so vast it boggles the mind. Technology in effect made the birth of a NEW BRAND of TYRANNY to emerge, take hold, and create the disastrous, perplexing, disorientung, hate-filled mess we live with today.

    12. Franco,

      Thank you for the tip on that book. I had never heard of it.

      Very interesting comment.

    13. I'm sure it's available on Amazon.com, Silver.

      I also recommend another book chillingly in rightful book from that era you might find illuminating:

      GAMES EEOPLE PLAY by Eric Berne.

  2. Why would any politically astute, well-educated individual resort to name calling? Or even “labeling?” After calling someone a racist, or any other vile name, what is the likelihood that that person would be willing to engage in an mature dialogue? But of course, the master of this strategy did advise the use of vile attacks and to keep them up until one eventually wins. He’s probably chuckling from the grave because his goal was never to advance a radical agenda, it was more his intention to replace civil society with anarchy. Why would he do that? It is much easier to conquer a divided people. There is no need for anyone to attack America; we’ll simply destroy ourselves.

    I agree with SF ... the horse is out of the barn and we’ll not get that nag back inside in our lifetime. There is no good will in America today. It has been erased, and I cannot imagine anything or anyone that could restore it. What does that leave us? It leaves us with winners and losers. It is now a matter to decide which of those you wish to affiliate. Now, Katy, bar the door. It should be good entertainment, though ... something we crave most in present society.

    1. I don't think there will be any winners, and while it may be entertainment, it won't be good entertainment. It will be profoundly depressing.

    2. Mustang nailed it. Society craves entertainment above all else.

    3. Kelly-Lou Byrd said

      I guess what has been said in the several comments immediately above means we might as well abandon hope, admit our nation has failed,our lives have been an exercise in futility, then go home, slit our throats and quietly bleed to death, right?

    4. Kelly,

      That may be your solution, but I pray it is not. Life is a precious gift.

      The nation is failing on many levels, and most failing efforts are led by the government.

      It's not the end, just a speeding up of our "fundamental transformation."

      "slit our throats and quietly bleed to death???"

      No way in hell. Adapt and survive.

    5. Kelly-Lou Byrd said

      It sounds, Mr. Fiddle, like you believe it would be better to be "RED" (in the classic sense of the term now abandoned) than "DEAD." I think differently.

    6. Kelly, I just don't dig suicide, never have. Suicide is the ultimate cowardly act.

      I also don't believe the nation is going 'red.' It is changing, as it always has, and change is the only constant in this life.

  3. Firstly, i don't think racist is necessarily a nuclear accusation. I can listen dispassionately to most types of "accusation" leveled at me or my political favourites, and it would be a pity to have to pretend that we are all perfectly innocent all the time.
    But i accept that eg the press does use accusations that way, and most of the blogosphere imitates that highly combative partisan approach. We do alright though :)

    1. The US fought a Civil War over it. Between 620,000 and 850,000 Americans died over it. It WAS a "nuclear" accusation, although it has been diluted over time and absurdity of use.

    2. ...and ps, not a single Republican owned a slave. Zero.

    3. ...so despite all that Democrat rhetoric about Nixon's "Southern Strategy" in which one or two Democrats changed parties, we're a little tired of the ridiculousness of the charge.

    4. There's a question of degree. I still consider slavery to be a nuclear accusation, quite reasonably surely?

    5. Nobody calls me a "slave owner".

    6. ...but they imply that I was/am a supporter of it... as a member of a party that led to the banishment of the practice.

    7. "Slave owner" is a nuclear accusation, but no one born here in the US has owned slaves, other than some Chinese, Saudi and Pakistanis who lure their own countrymen and women here, enslave them, beat them, and work them like dogs.

    8. Joe, I think you missed a point somewhere in your study of history. The Civil War was not about people being black, it was about people being held in slavery. If the Civil War was for the purpose of making southerners treat black people nicely it failed utterly, that has not actually happened to this day. It was about preventing southerners from keeping anyone, black, white or any color, as slaves.

    9. Students of the American Civil War would do well to familiarize themselves with George Fitzhugh, the leading DEFENDER of the institution of slavery. His rants against industrial capitalism were plagiarized by Karl Marx and he always presented slavery as "the purest form of socialism."

      And Fitzhugh didn't care what color a slave's skin would be. He wanted the South to take white people in the North as slaves, presumably after their means of production were seized.

      Slaves, after all, would be fed, clothed, housed, employed, and all the other features of the welfare state.

      Nothing new under the sun, y'all.

    10. So my point is that when we talk about contemporary racism (not a nuclear label IMO), it is a lesser degree of racism than the slave ownership that precipitated the civil war (a nuclear label, according to JC). I don't see that this is a point of disagreement between JC and me.

  4. I remember a day when political opponents attacked ideas as bad for America. And then went out for dinner and/or drinks with the person because it was assumed that even though the person may have been wrong in ideology, his or her intent, to improve America, was not to be questioned.

    Then something changed and we went to questioning motives and attacking people personally. Soon people became anti-American and then even worse, deliberately destroying America.

    Willie Horton, slandering McCain with a bi-racial kid in So Carolina robocalls, Sistah Souljah, swift boating and a president celebrating dead people in New Orleans were all run ups to where we find ourselves today.

    Can we solve it? Unless all sides see themselves as part of the problem, I doubt it.

    I'm not one to usually agree with Thersites... but today I do. Without charity, without giving our opponents the benefit of the doubt, without questioning motive, and sticking to attacking ideas, I fear that nag won't be returned to the barn.

  5. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 15, 2019 at 1:11:00 PM EDT

    Broken, but not irretrievably so. Trump needs to face a Republican primary challenger FROM THE RIGHT WING. A ballot only serving two flavors of left-wing dipshit can not keep happening.

    1. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 15, 2019 at 2:27:00 PM EDT

      Duncan Hunter
      Rand Paul
      Joe Walsh
      Ted Cruz
      Justin Amash
      Paul Gosar
      Jim Jordan
      Thomas Massie
      Warren Davidson
      Scott Perry

      Somebody who will face down Trump and say "stop spending like a sailor in a Turkish whorehouse. Tariffs are imbecilic. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies are more reliable than the word of Vladimir Putin...." and so on.

    2. I hope you mean Duncan Hunter Sr. Jr is a crook.

      I doubt Joe Walsh would give up performing to run for president, but it would be cool to have a real rock star as prez, even an aging one.

      I wish Ted Cruz or Rand Paul could win...

      Justin Amash is a Democrat now and I don't know who the rest of your stellar list are, other than Jim Jordan who seems like a good guy, but isn't he a little too MAGA for your refined tastes?

    3. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 12:15:00 AM EDT

      It's a futile thought exercise anyway. The current RNC has already mandated that there shalt not be any primary challengers to Trump. Because he's anti-establishment or whatever the low wattage rubes fell for.

      A right-wing challenge to Trump won't emerge from the Republican Party.

    4. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 1:40:00 AM EDT

      Lol SF. But, I meant this Joe Walsh

      I find it refreshing that at least some once Trump-backing Republicans are finally remembering what it is to have principles. Hope alights.

    5. Principles in politics are like rainbows. Rare, ephemeral, out of reach.

    6. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 11:15:00 AM EDT

      I see Joe Walsh's timely opinion piece as companion to Frank Miele's article in that it represents a "mea culpa" from a particularly vicious pro-Trump politicker with palpable buyer's remorse who is now in agreement with positiond held by conservative and libertarian Never-Trumpers all along. All we NeverTrumpers have for him are our thoroughly unchanged principles and a hearty "told ya so."

      Maybe we can revisit that toxic "Flight 97 election" nonsense from 2016 and figure out, as we leap in to the abyss of the coming Trump Recession, who the hijackers really were in that sick analogy.

    7. ...an investment advisor with a negative net worth... and deadbeat dad.

      You sure know how to pick "principled Republicans", beamish!

    8. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 4:30:00 PM EDT

      I only recognizedd Walsh for his belated but still too late denunciation of Trump. He's correct. Trump does need to be challenged from the right.

      Maybe morbidly dedicated Trump supporters can't be rehabilitated. I'd like to think at least some primitive stupid can be fixed. But, avoiding the point to trash Walsh or attacking me personally for not confirming your biases is fine. Freedom of religion and all that.

    9. I'm not attacking you, beamish. Your list did have a few acceptable candidates. It just needs a little "vetting".

    10. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 17, 2019 at 12:40:00 PM EDT

      None on the list provided are to the left of Trump. They, like a good third to one half of Americans, are to the right of Trump. For those who don't like to put any thought about ideological imperatives into voting, they're also not Hillary Clinton. There were better alternatives to Hillary and her disgruntled conservative and libertarian hating fundraiser Trump in 2016. There still are. The Democrats don't have any, and the Republicans won't let theirs be deployed.

      So, here we are, going into 2020, with a big decision. Who between Trump or the other token Democrat-that-isn't-Hillary do we want in charge when our 401k's are wiped out?

      Do we want to reject Trump for wiping out our 401k savings, or not?

      Trump's approval ratings are the same or lower than they were the day he took office. He accomplished the main thing the dipshits that voted for him wanted - no more Clinton's, no more Bushs. He can be retired now. Before he does more damage to things that actually matter.

    11. The writings on the wall, beamish. Invest your 401k in your own start-up. Stop feeding the corporatocracy.

    12. ...or be like the Chinese and invest in a ghost city... the only option the government leaves you before zeroing out your social credit score.

    13. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 18, 2019 at 12:55:00 PM EDT

      Invert all yield curves!

    14. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 18, 2019 at 2:38:00 PM EDT

      You take your car to the shop for an oil change to find a new technician named Donny T works there. Instead of putting oil in crankcases, he's come up with a mixture of strawberry jam and concrete that he claims will improve your car's performance. "They may keep your engine running, but my strawberry jam and concrete solution will improve things so much you'll get tired of improvements. Let me pour this strawberry jam and concrete into your engine and I guarantee you'll never have to change the oil in this engine ever again. Make your engine great again!" Donny T's pitch went on to cast aspersions at auto mechanics that know what they are talking about. "Those guys are fake news. Just trying to make me look bad." So after some reservation, you agree to let Donny T put strawberry jam and concrete into your engine. It isn't long after you begin to drive away that your car starts having mechanical issues, the check engine light comes on, the performance falters. So you take your hobbled car back to the shop. Donny T tells you that the car is supposed to run like that when you put strawberry jam and concrete in the crankcase "at first" and you need to stop listening to people who know what they are talking about because they hate your car and want to put him out of work. He makes a deal with you. "Your engine is faltering, like it is supposed to when you put strawberry jam and concrete in it, but that's because it still has oil in it too. Don't listen to the critics. I know you need your car for the holidays, so come back after Christmas and I'll put even more strawberry jam and concrete in your engine." A week or two goes by and your car dies. You call up Donny T and he curses at you. "You didnt let me completely replace the oil in your car with strawberry jam and concrete. It's your fault."

      You take your broken down car to a different shop and the mechanic there quickly identifies the problem. "Aha! You tried to replace free trade with tariffs."

    15. Are you sure that jam wasn't just more national debt?

    16. Remember beaamish, only YOU can make China's excess steel producing capacity profitable again.

    17. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 18, 2019 at 11:30:00 PM EDT

      The point is Trump was told his stupid tariff idea wouldn't work, and now has evidence that his stupid tariff idea is not working, yet wants to push his stupid tariff idea even harder. At what point of damage to the US economy do we stop calling Trump a blithering imbecile and begin to consider him maliciously and intentionally evil?

      Debt in this analogy is the fact that you still have to pay off the note on the car Trump destroyed when you gambled on reality being optional.

    18. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 18, 2019 at 11:41:00 PM EDT

      I know a little something about steel and aluminum. I worked in a steel mill for a few years after high school. My recently deceased father lived long enough to see the aluminum foundry he put 50+ years of his life into shut their doors forever. Under Trump.

      The timeshare you never get to see that Trump sold you is a shithole. Manufacturing jobs in the US aren't coming back under Trump. They aren't.

      You elected a guy who's modus operandi in life has been to scam people into buying things that never seem to live up to his hype.


    19. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 19, 2019 at 7:53:00 AM EDT

      Trump's imbecility is a baked in factor. I don't waste time getting upset about that anymore than anyone rational would get upset over fire being hot, grass being green, or Taylor Swift being annoying. What pushes my buttons is the constant campaign that Donald Trump and his idiocy is "right-wing" when it is anything but.

    20. ...that Donald Trump and his idiocy is "right-wing" when it is anything but.

      I disagree. It seems to be exactly that, the modern "right wing". Not that it bears much resemblance to Conservatism.

    21. Well beamish, I worked in shipbuilding. I hope you enjoy your "Jones Act" global economy from now on. As for me, I'll be moving to Panama or Liberia

    22. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 20, 2019 at 10:33:00 AM EDT

      Would you take Trump with you?

  6. Duncan Hunter doesn't look like he has any shot... On August 23, 2018, both Hunter and his wife pleaded not guilty to all charges. The two entered and left the courtroom separately and were represented by separate counsel.[145] Hunter has suggested his wife is to blame for any irregularities, saying that she handled all their personal and campaign finances and adding, "I didn't do it. I didn't spend any money illegally."[146] On June 13, 2019, Margaret Hunter pleaded guilty to one corruption count. She acknowledged that she had conspired with Duncan to spend over $200,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses. She agreed to give testimony and cooperate with the prosecution. The plea agreement could send her to prison for up to five years.[4]

    On June 24, 2019, federal prosecutors submitted a court filing alleging that Hunter used his campaign funds for extramarital affairs with five women, including lobbyists and congressional aides, between 2009 and 2016.

    1. Amash is a Pseudstinian/ Syrian "Independent" 'Libertarian'.

    2. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 15, 2019 at 3:44:00 PM EDT

      Well I meant Duncan Hunter's dad, but whatever.

      Amash is simply not a Trumptard. But here we go muddying the discourse with name calling rather than focusing on the stated problem. Trump is neither conservative, libertarian, or even marginally right-wing socially or economically. A candidate with those creds is nowhere on the battlefield. Mike Pence maybe, except for the extreme ethical lapse when he failed to tell Trump to go to hell when asked to be a running mate.

      So, keep it irretrievably broken. When Trump doesn't appear on several state ballots due to disclosure requirements, we can have a civil war when he loses. Yay team.

    3. ...and he hates Trump because of the Tariffs on his family owned business' products, Dynamic Source International. Maybe they shouldn't have outsourced their Michigan tool parts business to China, think?

    4. Beamish,

      You left out your dream candidate: Her Heinous Hillary


    5. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 12:22:00 AM EDT

      Hillary is slightly to the right of Trump, all Trumpian proposed gun seizures without due process considered. Still, wouldn't vote for her.

    6. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 12:28:00 AM EDT

      FJ... Amash is an American citizen that *discloses his financial dealings in foreign countries.*


    7. Funny, if you went to the "Source" link and watched the video, you'd discover that "non-disclosure" was his election strategy and only "disclosed" with the ethics papers he signed upon achieving office.

      The guy's a fraud.

    8. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 10:58:00 AM EDT

      Put your degree from Trump University to use, FJ. Trump's going to reveal his family business dealings with the Russian mafia when?

    9. ...because Russian Hotels compete for American jobs how?

      ...and the Russian mafia investing in New York Real Estate hurts American workers by... ?

    10. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 16, 2019 at 4:36:00 PM EDT

      Were they American workers though? ;)

      This topic could go anywhere, from money laundering for Russian thugs to all the illegals at Mar-a-Lago.

      But, Trump would have to disclose that to his cult, wouldn't he?

    11. Hired over Americans applying for the same jobs.

    12. touche. But at least thet go home once the grass gets cut.

    13. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 18, 2019 at 12:44:00 PM EDT

      It's a shame Trump can't point to his own bullshit and call it a rise in manufacturing.

  7. It's broken, it will not be fixed. I will not give up what little I have saved to those who have not earned it so that politicians of any stripe can pay off their voters and line their pockets.

  8. The politics aren't broken, the people are broken. Healthy thinking people can clean up politics to some extent by voting. Those people are not in the needed abundance anymore.

  9. Broken. There's a hatred baked onto what passes for dialog and it gets more embedded as we go on.

    I have been the target of nuclear name calling such as communist, libtard and the rest. They are just signals that you are dealing with true believers and I feel sorry for them. They've been skull drilled by conservative media.

    1. Don't you call yourself a socialist or a Marxist?

      BTW, I do not consider that a nuclear moniker.

    2. You are a communist. Your support for the. Maduro regime and siding with every enemy of the USA are facts.

    3. At least ducky's an "honest" Catholic Worker sympathizer and fully discloses the fact. I can respect that.

    4. Beak, I challenge you to produce any post of mine expressing support of Maduro.

    5. It's IMPLICIT in virtually everything you post concerning politics, Canardo.

      It's chillingly clear that YOU favor and advocate Marxian or crypto-Marxisn policies that would inevitably lead to another U.S.S.R., Red China, North Korea, Cuba, venezuela and the stinking mess that Collectivist Welfare Statism has made of dear old Europe and Mother England.

  10. @ Nostradumbass:
    You earned it, wear it with pride.
    Nobody "skull drilled", you. You were born with a hole in your head.

  11. "We are becoming a balkanized, polyglot, tribal, third-world, sh**hole territory that just happens to be ruled over by a single national government."

    And that central authority's days are numbered.

    1. ...when they finally run out of other people's money.

      Great ghost of Lady Thatcher...

    2. Well, the sad fact about all revolutions is that they always end with some jackasses forming a government. ;)

  12. Consider this comment from "Igniting Civil War" @ American Greatness:

    Our Second Civil war, the unCivil war, started after Trump won the repub nomination. The quislings within the GOPe have been collaborating with the disloyal opposition ever since. In our first Civil war, the demarcation was between North and South. Today it's the globalists vs the America firsters. The globalist support open borders, cheap labor, bad trade deals, and disastrous foreign policies. They're not interested in putting America first. The leadership in the GOPe, the Bushes, Romney, Ryan, Kasich, et all have refused to support or defend our President and have been supporting the globalists instead. They truly are RINO's and not conservative in the least. In the 2016 election, over 350 GOPe publicly opposed Trump and another 300 opposed him privately. Over fifty GOPe pundits publicly opposed Trump. A few have decided to get on the Trump train but most have not and they still collude with the disloyal opposition in the ongoing coup attempt. The fate of our country hangs in the balance. If the globalists prevail America will cease being a nation state.

    This comment is reflective of the thinking behind many who support Trump -- particularly in middle America ("flyover country").

    1. Substitute "capitalist" for "globalist".

    2. The nothing wrong with capitalism that de-globalization won't cure. Main Street, NOT Wall Street!

    3. Geopolitics don't come in heat and serve microwavable packages and require patience, dedication and hard work! Waaaaah.

      Fucking baby boomers.

    4. "The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there."

    5. No limit Neocons never met a border that they didn't need to cross to sell their obsolete and surplus capacity to.

    6. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 18, 2019 at 12:57:00 PM EDT

      Are commies ever going to get over losing the Cold War?

  13. The Infantilization of America

    Taki´s Magazine

    by Charles Norman

    America has always been for the young. However, in the past half century, America has become even younger. We’re becoming a country of children. This is clear in the realm of politics, where rhetoric is increasingly delivered by the infantile for the infantile. Our political elite have perverted the remarks of Jesus when he said, “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” To enter our political kingdom one must become a child. (Snip) You see the infantilization of the American people most acutely when they talk about guns. . . .

  14. The Establishment knows their gravy train is getting derailed, and they're putting up a demonic fight to keep their claws in power.

  15. The two Congresswomen are Americans, and they have every right to speak out. We are still a democracy with a constitution and hopefully no matter if we have a person in the WH who has no understanding of what "freedom of speech" means we as a Nation will continue to accept others opinions.

    Speaking your mind is better than shooting a gun because you do not agree.
    Trump thinks he and the other dictator, Netanyahu, have just proven to the world that neither one of them understands what a real democracy is. The backlash has just started and hopefully Netanyahu, who is up for reelection and his buddy Trump as well, will be voted out of office because of this debacle.

    1. The stupid is strong in this one!^

    2. Yes indeed, Thersites! "Slow Ray" is a virtual Cachepot of Constantly Cackllng Commie Cacca

      He is poisonous POLLUTANT that does NOT belong HERE.

  16. If President Trump were really a dictator who did not know or did not care how our constitutional form of government worked, we would have hundreds of miles of border wall, mass deportations, and a real border protection force that threw people back into Mexico after taking their biometrics.


    __________ FINDING JOY ___________

    It's easier to bitch than stitch,
It's easier to whine than mine.
    It's easier to make noise than to exhibit poise.

    It's easier to say "I'm fucked," than to construct.

    To sit in the gutter counting your woes
    In shit-caked jeans with a runny nose

    Ranting in puddles of frozen piss
Demonstrates only that something's amiss.
So, in the bleak winter
    Go shovel some snow ––

    ..... Cheer up the aged
    ...... And those who are caged
    ...... Some joy you might find
    ...... If you read to the blind
    ...... Don't play the whore,
    ...... Instead scrub the floor

    Now get up and go!

    In summer, each lazy laddie 

    And each slothful lass

    Should get off their ass
    And go mow the grass.

    Don't pout and make wishes
    Just go wash the dishes.

    If you need to find labor,
    Go help your neighbor.
Demanding is easy
    Producing is hard
Protests are sleazy

    Thus saith The Bard.

    _________ EPILOGUE _________

    There's always something you can do.

    Don't succumb to feeling blue.
    Salvation lies through helping others

    Not thinking you deserve your druthers.
Never worry. Never fear.
    Just do your best to spread good cheer.
Needed work is never done
    Effort's where we find our fun.
And if you're old, and stuck at home,
    You can always write a poem!

    ~ FreeThinke

  18. One commenter in particular on this thread has presented irrefutable evidence that


    Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to who that may be? [I've eofficially exempted myself, so DON'T TRY IT. };^]

  19. Beamish the Thought CriminalAugust 18, 2019 at 1:00:00 PM EDT

    "Our public discourse has become vulgar, angry and overheated, with everyone going nuclear on their favorite targets of hate."

  20. Agree on both counts. And agree with Porky.


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