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Friday, May 20, 2016

Hannity's May 18, 2016 Interview With Donald Trump

Worth 40 minutes of your time (hat tip to Adrienne):


  1. For the good of America...
    True Americans, both Black and white, Hispanic. We are all in this together!!!! Unite for America , unite for Trump

    1. Trump is not America.
      Do not equate.

    2. Ed,
      No POTUS or candidate for POTUS is America.



      _______ ~ or ~ _______

      _ Bolshevism Revisited _

      A Leftist caught in doubt
      Lifts up his head to shout:

      Your treatment is unfair,
      You bully! How you dare
      To question my veracity
      With cruel, hard-eyed tenacity
      I do not know. My views
      Which boldly you accuse
      Of being falsely ranked
      In truth are sacrosanct.

      My thoughts are Holy Writ.
      Your thoughts are quite unfit;
      Based on selfish fears
      They inspire tears
      And dare to say the blame
      Lies squarely in the frame
      Of those whose failing lives
      Look to him who thrives
      And say: Your gold is mine,
      You greedy, bloated swine.
      You have more than you need.
      It's up to you to feed
      Me, the ill and weak,
      Else Heaven that you seek
      Will ever be denied.

      And I will see your hide
      Shredded, tanned and dried.
      And hung outside the gates
      Of each neighborhood that hates
      The needy and the poor,
      Who soon will storm your door
      And drag you from your bed
      And then lop off your head.
      While the masses you denied
      Will ever take great pride
      Your ignominious demise
      Was effected in the guise
      Of condign righteous wrath
      Giving Bourgeois digs a bath.

      With stolen food and goods
      We'll raze your neighborhoods
      And laugh to see you hurt
      Dying in the dirt.
      We live for your demise.
      We thrive on righteous hate.
      It is by now too late
      To make a plan to stop us
      End the Founder's opus.
      Our Marx destroyed your God.
      He's in - not on - the sod
      Feeding nematodes
      In their dark abodes.

      With mockery and shrill
      Sarcastic gibes we kill.
      We drool with sheer delight
      At the thought of endless night.
      Where everything that's witty,
      Charming, gracious, pretty
      Slumps to the nitty gritty,
      As we revel in the dung
      Corrupting all your young.

      For 'we are the little folk, we
      Too little to love or to hate.
      Leave us alone, and you'll see
      How quickly we'll drag down the state.'*

      ~ FreeThinke (2007)
      * Rudyard Kipling

  2. The Trumpening!!!

    Matt Taibbi has written the best article to date on the Trump phenomenon and the collapse of the GOP.

    R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party

    Yeah, he's biased to the left and hates Trump, but he is perceptive, damn funny and one of the best writers out there today.

    He skewers the elites and I enjoyed this jab at George Will (who I often enjoy reading when he's not too sanctimonious):

    Just before Indiana, Will began treating the nomination of Trump like a forest fire or a SARS outbreak, something that with the right spirit of sacrifice could be contained with minimal loss of life, and perhaps only four years of a Hillary presidency.

    Taibbi goes light on the Dems, because they are not the subject of his essay, but he warns that they have gone down the same corporate path as the GOP, and they narrowly missed a similar fate this time with Sanders.

    To quote a famous singer/songwriter, "The Times They are a Changin'"


  3. This is what we have and where we are. Nothing to lose at this point folks. Ride em cowboy.

    1. Amen.

      When I hear those serious hand-wringing foreign policy "experts" warning darkly about Trump, my reply is, "how could he screw things up any worse than you have?"

      Time for a whole crapload of worthless, outdated, discredited humps to get the hell out of the way and give some new people a try.

    2. To quote Matt Taibbi:

      Were they serious? In an age when Donald Trump is a presidential nominee, what does "serious" even mean?

      We are pretty far down the rabbit hole.
      I can't wrap my head around a Trump presidency

      Sect. of Defense -- Ted Nugent?

    3. "how could he screw things up any worse than you have?" Can you honestly not imagine?

    4. Jez,

      Anyone happy with Post-cold war foreign policy needs to have his head examined. We vanquished a monster and totally botched the chance to forge a strategic partnership with Russia where no one was threatened.

      Since 1990, the MIC has been searching for monsters and bogeymen, and we've stirred up quite a few.

      Even Clinton screwed the pooch by letting Saudi wahhabists into Europe during the Balkans operations, radicalizing a portion of a European Muslim community that previously demonstrated no interest in jihad.

      Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld brought disaster upon disaster of Biblical proportions, and Obama has followed suit.

      The Entire Wester Foreign Policy establishment can go to hell and take their outdated, discredited notions with them.

    5. Given that our incarceration rate is among the highest in the world per capita I'd say we re locking people up.

      Like I say, crazy

    6. I can't muster any sympathy for violent perps rotting in jail...

      A violent country will have a high prison population. That's simple logic.

    7. Whoa! Stop the presses! Norm Ornstein calling someone to the right of David Brooks crazy!

      You're playing a tired, old game, Ducky, yesterday's stale coffer... and coming from someone who will pull the lever this fall for Wall Street Warmonger Hillary when the Trump spam hits the fan, it's pathetic.

    8. Like I said below, better rush back to your Democrat party tent. There's a dung fire smoldering and it could flare out of control if the DNC brownshirts decide to party like its 1968...

    9. Locked people up, but America does not even try to qualify for the mass grave competition.

    10. America's Progressive left: Fighting the radical notion that criminals should be locked up...

  4. I kept my opinion about Trump on the down-low for many months. The truth is I liked him from day one. There - now the whole world knows. I also was very suspicious of Cruz from day one. Now everyone knows that, too.

    1. I don't particularly "like" Trump or his pointless vulgarity, but he is just the boot in the squishy bits the corrupt, insular political establishment needs right now.

      Hillary wins, we are on an irreversible transformation.

  5. America needs a change in its policies, we are losing jobs to China/Mexico at and alarming rate. We have people just walking across our borders getting on welfare or taking our jobs away because they will work cheaper then Americans. Our country is in trouble folks and we don't have a lot of time to turn it around, our country is breaking itself with these regulations and immigration issues which should not be a player right now in our economy. Its up to US to bring America back or to let it fall, for our younger generation I hope it rises up again and becomes the America our Fathers and Grandfathers built. Now go ahead LIB'S blast me, bring it on.

  6. I can't come up with anything good to say about Trump other than "he's not Hillary." But neither is my ingrown toenail.

  7. To Silver Fiddle

    Vice is a creature of such fearful mien
    As to be hated needs to be seen
    Yet, seen too oft, familiar with her face
    Ar first we pity, then endure, then embrace.

    ~ Alexander Pope

    If the implications there appear too subtle, then remember this:

    Lie down with dogs
    Wake up with fleas.

    RESIST the DEVIL, and HE WILL FLEE from YOU.

    In short: I DON'T believe in giving the Devil his due. It is ALWAYS a mistake.

    1. Thank you for the unsolicited advice, my friend. Rest assured, I'll be ok. I enjoy writing that is incisive and entertaining, and Matt Taibbi is that, in spades. He also goes after Democrats, including Obama.

      Look, I'm just trying to get along with people. No need in being nasty all the time. If there's some common cause, might as well enjoy it.

      Also, I tell you, the ground is shifting. You may not live to see it, but the old Left-Right paradigm is crumbling, only at the foundation just now, small fissures appearing, too small for many to see, but its happening.

    2. It's a crazy mixed up world when leftists like Ronald "talk to Russia instead of nuking them" Reagan is the right-wing litmus test. ;)

    3. SF,
      [T]he ground is shifting....[T]he old Left-Right paradigm is crumbling...

      I think so, too.

      Now, why do you think those shifts are occurring? I have a few hypotheses, but would like to see your hypotheses on the topic.

    4. AOW,

      I could write an essay... I had my say on my way out at Western Hero, but here is part of it:

      First off, I will state that if we were enjoying a wonderful economy, there would be no grumbling, Hillary would be cakewalking to the Dem nomination and Bush would go down to her this November in the best Bush-GOP dignified manner.

      Many astute thinkers have written how Establishment Conservatism never really had more than some lip service in common with ordinary people who came to call themselves conservative.

      The Democrat Party crackup is only slightly lagging the GOP, and the heat and light may shift to them now that the #NeverTrump-sters have been reduced to a handful of Japanese soldiers up in palm trees clinging to their rifles, circa 1960's on a Gilligans Island episode.

      Both parties have put our nation and We the People last and both parties foment rampant immigration because they can hand out government contracts to their cronies. Taking care of immigrants is a multi-billion dollar corporate graft scheme.

      The same forces tearing at the GOP are tearing at the Democrat party. Progressives have tighter speech codes, so we hear less from that side. Many everyday dems surrounded by Party Progressives they live and work with, will simply shut their mouths and vote Trump.

      Real people in the real world don't care about Progressive Politburo Korrect Thinking, nor do they care about Conservative Theory preached at them through stuffy essays and screeching radio speakers.

      I am somewhat hopeful. I would be more hopeful if Hillary were going down to Sanders. The corporate establishmentarians are still in charge on the left, but they are sitting on a powder keg. Their caliginous coalition cannot hold... gyres and all that...

    5. The so-called "paradigm" has NEVER been about Right v. Left. It always has and always will be about RIGHT v. WRONG. About GOOD v. EVIL.

      EVIL always has been and always will be The Enemy. Only the names, styles, costumes and settings change. The ESSENCE of EVIL never does.


      When I insult, deride, hector, badger, lampoon and defame The Enemy, "IT" fully deserves every bit of Mockery, Derogation, Cruelty, and Nose-Thumbing Dismissal I can muster.

      HOWEVER, when The Enemy attempts to insult, bully, badger or LIE about ME, "IT" fully deserves every bit of Mockery, Derogation, Cruelty, and Nose-Thumbing Dismissal I can muster. };^)>

      The Enemy is either The Great Deceiver, Himself, or One of His Ardent Disciples. Therefore, The Enemy deserves NO Consideration, and must be shown NO Indulgence, given NO Quarter, NO Mercy, NO Tolerance, WHATSOEVER.

      Never –– EVER –– forget what The Enemy did to Czar Nicholas and His family in the basement of T he House of Special Purpose.

      The ENEMY is The BEAST –– the Servant, the Handmaiden, the Henchman, the Toady, the SLAVE and ARSEKISSER to Everything VILE.

      The Enemy must be DESTROYED.

      [Just be sure you identify "IT" correctly, and know who "IT" is before you start pumping bullets into "IT."]

    6. FT, I don't disagree, but I am talking about the superficialities of the political arena as presented by the Infotainment-Media Complex.

    7. I've been talking about THAT, myself, for more than FIFTEEN YEARS.

      I've seen the terrifying trends since the mid-SICK-sties. I saw what we were up against before you were born.

      Fat lot of good it's done me OR the world.

      Just call me "Cassandra" from now on. She knew what was coming. She tried to warn everyone who consulted her. NO ONE BELIEVED HER.

      It's The Invasion of the Body Snatchers all over again, and I'm playing the Kevin McCarthy role.

      I'm sorry, but as Thoreau said, you are hacking at the BRANCHES, but getting nowhere near the ROOT of the evil that has befallen us.

    8. FT @ SF,
      you are hacking at the BRANCHES, but getting nowhere near the ROOT of the evil that has befallen us.

      The branches are so thick that the roots aren't even accessible. We have to hack away at the branches until we can reach the roots -- much like one of the most troublesome shrubs here on this property (I don't know the name of this particular shrub).

    9. FT,

      I'm familiar with the Thoreau quote, and being a career military man having to face very real technical challenges to fix systems our nation's defense relied upon, believe me, I understand the difference between hacking the roots and beating the branches.

      I don't even pretend that I am hacking away at anything with my statements. All I can do is try to set a good example and teach my children how to survive and thrive in this brave new world.

      I've said it many times: Time is a one-way street and there is no "changing it back." There is only changing it forward. We proceed from where we are, not where we wish we were.

      AOW: Excellent response to FT's scolding.

    10. SF,
      I'm not sure that it was a scolding, bit I can see why you view it as such.

    11. What was Thoreau's underlying philosophy?

    12. Thoreau was an interesting cat, and the average American today would have no idea how to comprehend him. I am a big fan. I liken him to a century-later American Rousseau, and it can be interesting to compare Thoreau with Turgenev.

      I love the quote FreeThinke cites. It is an eternal truth.

      FT: I know you were just offering advice. I am not hacking at anything. I only hang around and comment because I've grown to like you guys...

    13. SF,
      I, for one, am glad you're frequenting this blog.

    14. SF,
      I grew weary of Thoreau when I was in college. He was such a hero of the hippies and certain activists. Know what I mean?

    15. AOW,

      I didn't endure what you did, but I can understand how having something preached at you could turn you off.

      Unlike the Ducky types, I don't damn a person or work based upon who likes them or who they are associated with (I know you don't either).

      I think his work is quite relevant to today, but its funny how the left is not embracing him anew. Are they too undeducated and intellectually stunted? Or perhaps they are so worshipful of the Big Government Idol that they are turned off by some of his views concerning the proper place of government?

  8. Proud NOT To Be A ProgressiveMay 20, 2016 at 5:47:00 PM EDT

    beamish said

    "I can't come up with anything good to say about Trump other than "he's not Hillary."


  9. I'll be honest. I see a headline that says "Hannity interview with Trump" and I wonder "Which one?".
    It seems like every night, Trump is on Hannity.

    1. Ed,
      It seems like every night, Trump is on Hannity.

      I wouldn't know. Hannity's TV show is aired past my bedtime.

      I neglected to put the date in the title. Will try to remedy that oversight.

    2. It's not like I watch it, I just mean that Hannity has been such a Trump supporter, Trump is ALWAYS being interviewed by Hannity. What's so special about this one?

    3. Ed,
      This video offers quite a bit of discussion of the SCOTUS.

  10. Replies
    1. Kid,
      Those of us who will not be voting for Hillary are to the point that we should watch and read more about Trump than what the media -- any media -- spoon feed us.

      Some are considering staying home or voting for a third-party candidate should remember that doing so will quite likely be a by-default vote for the HillaryBeast.

  11. Comment to the National Review essay In a Slow-Motion Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Media Figures Embrace Trump One by One

    I have many of the same feelings but don't believe it will be the end of the conservative movement for the same reason it survived so far; it is the only form of governance that has never really been tried, and sooner or later we're we are going to run out of alternatives, Trump is merely the latest delay. Now if Trump means the demise of the GOP that's not such a horrible loss. It was the GOP's decades of lip service to conservatism that facilitated Trump's rise. Although the GOP assured it was the home for conservatives it was more to keep them contained, like the crazy Aunt in the attic, than actually run the household. Conservative principles are founding principles that predate and will outlast the GOP. The most important lesson of this election is that the GOPe allegiance to the status quo over that to founding principles has, finally, been plainly exposed. The test on whether that lesson was learned will be if there is a conservative third party movement AFTER the election.

  12. I don't know whether you follow the Captain America movies.
    There's a long time force for good called SHIELD.
    It got infiltrated horribly by their enemy HYDRA.
    SHIELD becomes discredited, but HYDRA is purged.
    SHIELD comes back sans bad guys.
    I am reminded of the GOP in that light.
    As lot of bad guys infiltrated, but that's the voters fault.
    People chose those bad apples, and those bad apples promoted other bad apples, who people voted for!.
    So many want to kill the GOP and throw out the baby with the bathwater. Cotton, Jeff Sessions, Ernst, and many more.
    This anger (once again, I am reminded of the Hulk) is not productive and all it produces it a Trump that everyone HOPES will relinquish his long held liberal views and not screw up (as said above "What could he do worse?").
    That's a plan?
    Tear it down and hope for the best?

    1. Ed, a lot of establishmentarians need to be kicked to the curb. The people you mention are good people, I don't want to see them kicked to the curb, and indeed, Trump is embracing them.

      America has been going through a series of wake-up calls. The Civil Rights movement was one, and now 40-50 years later white people are in shock that racism still exists and few rightwingers ever pause for even a moment to considers all the factors that feed into societal dysfunction.

      Those of us fortunate enough to enjoy good employment missed that millions of Americans have been suffering through decades of stagnant wages, chronic unemployment and a slow, sad decline in their standard of living.

      Meanwhile, our government is infiltrating foreigners, dumping them all over the US, and fomenting digital pogroms to dogpile anyone who voices even the most politely-stated concern about immigration.

      The DC GOP Establishment, the Party Poobahs, the religious right and the conservative activists had their heads so far up each other's asses living in their own bubble they didn't have a clue. The GOP politicians are blameworthy because they were in on it.

      And that is the problem.

      I love Taibbi describing Trump as a forest fire. He burned down the GOOP-CON Country Club, and millions of us are standing and cheering.

    2. Are you suggesting that Cotton, Sessions and Ernst should be purged or remain.

      I found Cotton's recent pronouncement that we should incarcerate more people to be confusing. But if that's representative of the "real" Republican party then you lost your way.

      Ernst is insane. I don't see what she has to offer. I imagine it has something to do with the critical issue of suppressing gay rights.

      The old Captain America Republic serials were pretty good though.

    3. Ducky,

      Anyone can point to any politician a call out controversial statements, etc, and congress is full of dunces like Barbra Boxer, so let's not get too excited.

      Criminals need to be locked up. That's where they belong.

      Ernst is a LTC in the US Army Guard and she has commanded people in a war zone, so her sanity is probably fairly intact. Just because people disagree with or or you hate them doesn't make them stupid or insane. Please, drop the grade school stuff...

      My gripe with all sides is that they haven't been paying attention to what is going on in the country and most of them don't give a damn anyway. It's hogs at the trough.

      The GOP is going through a much-needed purge right now, and you Dems would be better off tending to your problems. Your own kebab stand is about to go up. I fear for the very worst on the Dem side: Everybody compromises all Bernie fought for and falls in line behind Hillary.

      The GOP will rise or fall with Trump; you best turn your attention to the Clinton Beer Hall Putsch going on in the Democrat Party.

    4. Given that our incarceration rate is among the highest in the world per capita I'd say we re locking people up.

      Like I say, crazy

    5. Ducky,

      You're repeating yourself.

      High crime rate = High incarceration rate. That's the opposite of "crazy." It is quite logical.

      You seemed sane there for awhile, but it appears you've lapsed back into mindless propaganda mode. Oh well, can't blame you. Everybody's got their comfort zone...

      Hellary's Beer Hall Putsch doesn't alarm you?

  13. SF @ Ed,
    a lot of establishmentarians need to be kicked to the curb. The people you mention are good people, I don't want to see them kicked to the curb, and indeed, Trump is embracing them.


    The "mainstream" GOP clearly wasn't going to do the necessary housecleaning. And people are SICK AND TIRED of the GOP's many betrayals. What happened to both Mitt Romney and Eric Cantor should've been a wake-up call for the GOP "management."

    But, no.

    Now, along has come Donald J. Trump, and it looks as if he's taken the Party right out from under them.

    I'm not all that politically savvy (late to the game -- "arrived" post-9/11), but I saw this coming in mid-October and did my best to warn one of the GOP "insiders" about the level of boiling anger among the electorate and the consequence of Trump. The "insider" didn't quite laugh at me -- too polite to do that, and we are friends -- but he obviously thought that I didn't know beans.

  14. Ducky feels our incarceration rate is too high....just what does he suggest we do with criminals?

    1. I suggest housing them with every leftwing prog who spouts the party line about being down with the struggle. make them house immigrants from Syria and Somalia as well.

      Time for the latte leftists to shut up and start putting up.


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