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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ain't It The Truth?

In response to Silverfiddle's comment yesterday:
We've got to give El Donaldo some credit. He's forcing the political whores to lay their cards on the table.

DC is spilling over with cheap pimps, and the dirty little secret being revealed is that they know no ideology

Let us count the ways and hope that we don't exceed the allowable bandwidth.

(hat tip to Skip V. Patel's Twitter page)


  1. Comment found HERE:

    comradematrix Says:

    May 11, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Funny, we now know more about Ryan’s central disagreements with Trump than Ryan’s central disagreements (if there are any) with B.H. Obama.

    1. Then you don't remember:
      "Ryan said leaks from the administration about ongoing talks with Iran to prevent the country from acquiring a nuclear weapon show President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are getting close to a “bad deal” with Iran.

      “If he gets this wrong, … this will be among the most spectacular of the failures of Obama foreign policy,” Ryan said.
      Paul Ryan: Obama's State of the Union 'degrades the presidency'
      Paul Ryan criticizes Obama's trip to Cuba - POLITICO
      Paul Ryan criticizes Obama's gun reform
      Paul Ryan Criticizes Obama's Foreign Policiy - MSN.com
      "What we heard today was not fiscal leadership from our commander in chief; we heard a political broadside from our campaigner in chief," Ryan said in a statement after the speech.
      I could go on.

    2. All well and good, but where have the GOP used their congressional powers?

      I plead guilty of not paying attention, but have they held any hearings on immigration? Elevated the issue and publicly challenged Democrats to defend their untenable positions?

      I'm thinking back to the Bush days, when Democrats had a very good quick reaction strategy to everything Bush did. We heard their side, they publicly challenged the president's policies, and they used thei congressional powers to stop him or modify his actions when they could.

      I don't know what the GOP is up to in the Age of Obama.

      Reading nursery rhymes and passing legislation that has not a ghost of a chance of being signed into law doesn't cut it.

      Obama has owned the GOP for 8 years. He's got them blind, dumb and flat-footed and it's an embarrassment.

    3. SF,
      Obama has owned the GOP for 8 years. He's got them blind, dumb and flat-footed and it's an embarrassment.


      When dyed-in-the-wool GOPers have told me the 2014 Congress did this and that or couldn't have done this or that, I have responded, "Then why didn't they get that message out there?"

      Crickets then.

    4. The 2014 Congress should have laid bill after bill on Obama's desk -- and turned the Democratic Party into the Party of No.

      The GOP absolutely failed on that one -- and now we've got this wild election cycle.

      The GOP has done this to itself!

    5. Get the message out?
      Are you forgetting who owns the MSM?

    6. Ed, If they can't figure out how to get through the 'Filter' they need to stop wasting our time and get out of politics.

      I know of at least one GOP politician who plays the Infotainment-Media Complex like a finely-tuned orchestra... ;-)

  2. Another comment at Bunkerville's site:

    Laura Bernard Mielcarek Says:

    May 11, 2016 at 8:45 am

    I’m so tired of hearing about conservative and/or republican principles! I care nothing for what a private organization wants. That organization makes its own rules – to the detriment of the members; it does want the upper echelon of the organization wants – to the detriment of its members and the entire Country; and it controls our elected officials – to the detriment of its members and the entire Country.

    Political parties have too much power, they are not needed. I liken them to unions – they served a purpose once, but now they only work to have as much power and money as they can.

    I want the Constitution obeyed and I want federal elected officials to execute their Constitutional duties as their constituents dictate – no matter if it doesn’t follow conservative or republican principles. We don’t elect our representatives to follow a political party, we elect them to follow the Constitution and us.

    Screw political parties!!

    (rant over:) )

  3. Today's post at Bunkerville's site:

    Obama to go after guns of those on Social Security disability. Excerpt:

    While Paul Ryan is having his hissy fit over Trump because “I don’t really know him” and takes a day out of the House’s overworked schedule to have his ego massaged, he does nothing to put together a bill to stop this nonsense. No you don’t have to be a threat to yourself or others, and there is no adjudication. No way of refuting the taking of your Second Amendment....

    Read the rest at the above link.

    1. Cross-posted from my site. I've been tracking this. This is more nibbling at the edges….in lieu of their inability to enact their oppressive legislation. In their convoluted minds, the action of referring one’s financial transactions [much like any wealthy person would do] would necessitate a prohibition on the exercise of a Constitutional right.

      Mark my words….the gun control industry will go after veterans with diagnosed PTSD very soon.

    2. CI,
      Do you find all this Kafka-esque (because there is no form of appeal or redress)?

      Mr. AOW retired on Social Security Disability. Such disability could happen to any of us.

      Are doctors going to be required to ask everyone on SSDI if these patients have firearms or access to firearms in order for the doctors to be reimbursed by Medicare (or whatever health insurance plan an individual has)?

    3. Thanks for bring this to the fore.. The Academy of Family Physicians has that qyestion on their intake form for new patients. Do you own/or have a gun in your house? It is suppose to start a conversation. No doubt a conversation soon with the government.

    4. Do you find all this Kafka-esque....

      Yep; although I'm not sure if there is a appeal process or not.

      Always remember, a patient is under NO obligation to provide an answer if a physician asks if you own a firearm.....nor are you required to answer truthfully if you're not comfortable.

      Bottom line - it's none of their damn business.

  4. There are many suicides by gun among ex vets ... many.
    Such good intentions by the government, right? And the government knows which are at risk and the government knows who can't be trusted with a gun. Therein lies the problem (and the ruse); there really is no way to tell. But THEY think they know best.

    1. They have no right to restrict the right of a citizen, much less a veteran over a presumption on their part.

  5. Two factions of the same criminal gang...


    Unparalleled Debt soon to exceed 20-TRILLION

    Record numbers on Food Stamps

    Very few GOOD JOBS available

    Extreme dissatisfaction with politics as usual from BOTH parties

    Upward Mobility, once the hallmark of what it meant to be an American has all-but ground to a halt.

    Most public schools providing inferior, sub-standard education, not teaching critical-thinking skills, not really teaching history but substituting strong central-government-serving Socialist Propaganda instead. Functional illiteracy is at an all-time high.

    The Popular Culture REEKS like a DUNGHILL.

    Growing dependence on ever-more-sophisticated ROBOTS, who one day may be able to control and enslave human beings by threat of force.

    Dream of home ownership slipping away from the working class.

    ISIS, Al Qaida, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah more threatening to world peace than ever.

    Open Border policy is destroying U.S. Sovereignty. Failure to deport CRIMINAL Illegal Aliens is a crime in and of itself.

    And that is only the BEGINNING of what has gone wrong with the USA –– and most of Western Civilization as well.

    And by the way most of the much vaunted “gains” in the Stock Market and the Economy since Obama took over are entirely ILLUSORY.

    “Why is that,” you ask?

    Because artificial “stimulation” (printing up government-sanctioned counterfeit money in plain English) from the Fed has generated enormous INFLATION, which in turn greatly DECREASES the PURCHASING POWER (value) of the dollar.

    1. Well stated, my friend.

      There was an article somewhere that asked the question, what skills should your children learn to increase their job prospects in the coming age of robots?

      My answer? Robot sabotage

    2. Face it, Silverfiddle. There is a huge labor surplus in the world.
      Wages are therefore down for a majority of the populace and the current neolib/neocon supply side model means you've got a lot of angry people.

      You may have been being glib but you probably aren't far wrong.

    3. ROBOT SABOTAGE is probably right...there truly IS a very dangerous labor surplus in the world...

      Ducky, could you tell us what you'd propose about that?
      Or anybody else want to chime in?

      What CAN we do about the fact that so much work is done by machines these days, as our population grows and grows and grows?

    4. If I knew what could be done, Z, you'd elect me president.
      The Malthusian paradigm scares me.

      By the way, in response to you blog question today -- Nikki Haley.

    5. My income has increased by 42.5% in the last 11 months working in robotics and network automation ;)

    6. Beamish,
      Robotics and network automation are the trend and the future -- along the lines of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century.

    7. Wagmore Barkless said

      I always knew this fellow who calls himself beamish was on league with the enemy.

    8. Beamish,

      Like during the depression, good work, if you can get it.

      Enjoy it while you can, before you're outsourced, or replaced by imported slave labor.

    9. Yeah. The way veterinarians were replaced by auto mechanics....

    10. No. The way American programmers, IT workers and other people in technology fields have been replaced by programmers, IT workers and other professionals by outsourcing the work to cheaper labor markets or importing cheap labor via H1B visa programs, etc.

      Thanks to globalization and corporate ownership and freedom to move its human chattel, you are living and working on borrowed time. Enjoy it while you can. You seem like one of the self-sufficient ones who will survive, but tens of millions of Americans are not and will not. But as long as you've got yerz... Right?

    11. My advice to the future generation. Skip college, go to trade school.

    12. "as long as you've got yours"

      Absolutely. Didn't you know I'm not a socialist?

    13. Feeling sorry for myself didn't pay well. Feeling sorry for other people didn't pay at all.

    14. I agree with your first two comments. Now, if government would take its expensive loafers off the neck of the economy...

      It's not about feeling sorry for people, but rather supporting government policies that put American workers first. Importing slave labor ain't right.

    15. Well, I've been all over the spectrum... Homeless / living in a car to living in a 4 bedroom house on acres of land. I have never been given anything. I "got mine" by working my ass off for it and to keep it.

      Government should FOAD.

    16. As for supporting government policies, I don't support government at all. If it were up to me, we'd destroy the government and start killing people that want to form another one. ;)

    17. All well and good if you're a warlord in Mogadishu, but meanwhile back here in the real world...

  7. Donald Trump Is Weighing Newt Gingrich for Vice President

    What a moral family values ticket that would make. Between the two of them, they'd have six wives. Both Trump and Gingrich are serial adulterers -- just the sort of characters the Moral Christian Republican Majority goes for as long as they have an "R" after the names.

    President Obama is a model of REAL family values -- a faithful, loving husband and father -- but the Xtian Right hate him and LOVE Trump.

    Hillary Clinton kept her marital vow of "for better or for worse" in sticking with Bill after his infidelities and the Xtian Right hate her. So go figure!

    1. "Donald Trump Is Weighing Newt Gingrich for Vice President"

      I hope he's got some heavy duty scales! Newt's ego alone is at critical mass.

      I doubt we'll see a Trump-Gingrich ticket. Two overinflated egos on one ticket won't work. There ain't enough oxygen in the room for both of them.

      Gingrich is a smart man who did good work back when he was in congress, but he passed his freshness date years ago.

    2. SF,
      I doubt we'll see a Trump-Gingrich ticket.

      I think so, too. But Trump will do what he will do.

      We shall see in a few months (or weeks).

    3. So advocating perversion and infidelity are cornerstones of the Left. Miss Pee Pee, is that the best you can do?

    4. I like Newt but he won't meet my two prerequisites for Republicans. He won't run Romney supporters through tree mulchers, and he won't hit Donald Trunp in the mouth with a tire iron on TV.

  8. Cankles Von Hildabeast is the biggest liar that ever entered American Politics. Period.
    Nuf Said.


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