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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

At Hillsboro High School, Girls Want Their Bathroom Back

Lila Perry, senior and transgender student at Hillsboro High School

Many of the girls and their parents at Hillsboro High School have had enough of the transgender agenda and the resulting insanity.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (September 1, 2015):
... In the middle of last school year, Lila Perry came out as transgender. Before that, she had been living as a gay male. But that's not who she really was. No longer was she going to pretend, Lila said.

So this year, she told teachers and administrators at Hillsboro High School, where she is a senior, that she would no longer be content to use a unisex faculty bathroom. She wanted to be treated like other females, including access to bathrooms and locker rooms for girls.

Her decision spread quickly through the small Jefferson County school district and, on Monday, students at Hillsboro High School walked out in protest....


"The girls have rights and they shouldn't have to share a bathroom with a boy," said parent Tammy Sorden, who has a son at Hillsboro High. It is fine to be different, she said, but it is not right to give Lila special treatment "while the girls just have to suck it up."


Lila said that she has dropped out of her physical education class because there is little supervision and that makes her uncomfortable. And she rarely uses the bathroom now while at school.

Still, Lila said, she should be able to use the facilities other girls use. "I wasn't hurting anyone. I didn't want to be in something gender netural," she said, referring to the faculty bathroom administrators encouraged her to use.

"I am a girl. I am not going to be pushed away to another bathroom."


[Superintendent Aaron D.] Cornman's statement also says that the district accepts all students "no matter race, nationality/ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We will promote tolerance and acceptance of all students that attend our district while not tolerating bullying/harassing behaviors of any type in any form."
Read the entire article HERE.

This is the type of insanity that the LGBTQ agenda has forced upon our society.

ENOUGH ALREADY! Use the bathroom and locker rooms according to the equipment you've got!

Definition of schizophrenia: a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.


  1. If the creature has a dick.
    She's pulled a dirty truck.
    He(r) agenda makes me sick.

    If (s)he had it vivisected,
    (S)he may be misdirected
    But as "girl" must be accepted.

    Think of the loss of poise
    That would be shown by boys
    To see a fellow male without his toys!

    ~ The Vice Versifier

  2. Lila Perry is a male physically. Watch the video, and listen to Lila Perry. That's a male in drag.

    1. There's nothing new here. It;s part of a Larger Pattern that's been ongoing since "they" forced us to say BEIJING instead if PEKING or PEIPING and then forced "INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE" on everything from campus lectures and term papers to HYMNALS.

      This absurd Transexual Phenomenon just an additional step by the Left to OBLITERATE the history and cultural identity of that benighted entity, that ungodly, racist, genocidal ERROR that falsely named and marketed its vile, poisonous, wholly destructive, unforgivably negative influence on the world as The United States of America –– and White Christian Capitalist Culture everywhere by extension.

      Why should anyone care? How could they DARE to object to The Righteous Agenda of the LEFT –– the only true agents of "PROGRESS" the world has ever known? After all, it's ONE WORLD anyway where ALL MEN are BROTHERS and should be UNITED under ONE MULTICULTURAL DICTATORSH-T, right?


  3. Our society is unhinged for pandering to this very small minority of mentally ill gender dysphoric individuals.

    The right and humane solution is to give them access to gender-neutral facilities. That protects the privacy right of all involved, but the mentally-ill activists are not satisfied with such common sense solutions.

    Anyone who cannot detect and deeper agenda here is fooling themselves.

    1. SF,
      That Lila Perry objects to gender-neutral facilities should tell us what exactly (s)he is. Of course, there are none so stupid as those who continue to miss the reality here.

  4. I like Free Thinke's use of the term vivisected. It denotes a live autopsy - not unlike what depraved Japanese inflicted on some of our POW's during WW II.

    We need a few psychological vivisections to determine why individuals want to enter a lifestyle that is composed of extreme self-mutilation with the assistance of the medical community.

    I will never forget when one of our urologists had to deal with a man who castrated himself. It was a bloody mess. The man was deemed crazy. Who is crazy when the same is done with surgical consent? One or two? Take your pick.

    The students must continue to boycott the school for as many days as it takes to deal with the mentally unbalanced individual. Money talks. The district loses funds for every student not in attendance.

    We need to take our country back. The GOP has not come to our aid on any of these issues. Voting for Trump. Hanging my flag from the rebel mast. Too many of our elected officials are not morally fit for duty.


    1. Thank you, Ma'am.

      We might want to have a serious discussion someday as to why certain individuals feel the need to, as you say, MUTILATE themselves in order to feel acceptable to themselves, but not right now, please.

      I do have compassion for such individuals, but as with EVERY SINGLE ISSUE THEY CAN GLOM ONTO, the Left is just EXPLOITING these unfortunate people and EXACERBATING their difficulties to further it's TYRANNIST Agenda.

      I see THAT as a profound DISSERVICE to EVERYONE –– especially whatever afflicted groups may be in question.

    2. It isn't the left glomming on to anything.

      Lila Perry simply stood up for herself. She refused to be segregated.

      So there's a demonstration which seems to be led by parents. If you want to find the people exacerbating the situation the parents are a real good place to start.

      Might be better to listen to her friends who see a number of positive qualities in her.

    3. Duck,
      Lila Perry simply stood up for herself.

      Herself? How is this person "herself" if both the DNA and the physicality are male?

    4. Please. Stop trying to confuse the duck w/facts. Like that her 'friends" want her to stop being such a pushy beyotch.

    5. The funny thing about graveyards is they are unisex and none of the occupants mind one bit.

    6. Knowing the city of Hillsboro rather well, I foresee a "redneck" solution to this disturbance. ;)

    7. Beamish,
      I'm surprised that there hasn't already been a "redneck" solution!

    8. Give it time. If the school wanted this kid to die tomorrow, they would give in to his demands

  5. "transgender" ?

    It sounds like transvestite to me. Therefore [he] should use the male facility period!

  6. Sounds like a good time to grow a backbone. This district needs to:
    1) refuse federal funds.
    2) tell this boy the grown ups are done playing games.

    "But I don't feel like a boy!" Tough. There are good therapists who deal with confused youngsters. They essentially ignore the symptom (of wanting to be another sex) and work on where they hurt. THIS is how transformative therapy helps many.

    2/3 change all on their own without any outside 'intervention.'

    This is tragic and criminal: allowing this confused boy with problems to try to hide them pretending he's a girl. It only transfers HIS problem to hundreds of others who must re-arrange their lives to deal with HIM. And they're forcing him into a maladaptive mode when they should be helping.

    1. Baysider,
      How many guys would turn down a chance to shower with the girls?

      If all that a guy has to say is "I feel like a girl today" to shower with the girls, there will be a free for all.

    2. That has been my first and most consistent response to all this. ESPECIALLY the nonsense of "today, I feel like a girl." Similarly, we can have "today, I feel black. So I'll mark that job application with employment preferences as the preferred flavor of the month."

  7. E____U____R____E____K____A!!!

    UNISEX BATHROOMS would be the ONY sensible solution.

    After all we don't Men's Rooms and Ladies' Rooms in our HOMES, do we?

    This idea is not without precedent. Many restaurants in more sophisticated urban areas simply have TOILETS or WASHROOMS. Whoever gets there first may LOCK the DOOR, do his or her business, and LEAVE.

    1. FT,
      Unisex bathrooms with onesie stalls would be a solution, but wouldn't solve the locker rooms problem. Not to mention the P.E. gang showers.

    2. __Ode on the Recent Banning __
      of Public Nudity in San Francisco

      Oh what's the harm in being nude,
      If no one's viewed while getting screwed?
      Though natural, that would be too crude,
      Even if one's not a prude.

      Every father –– every mother ––
      Possesses one thing –– or another ––
      As does every sister, brother,
      So why the fuss, the muss, the bother?

      As long as brother's made like dad,
      And sister has what mother had,
      There's no call to be sad or mad,
      In fact it should make most feel glad.

      If parts got switched, then there'd be cause
      For consternation –– not applause ––
      So, I guess at least should be one clause
      Or two within a township's laws

      Restricting what may be displayed
      On side streets, park grounds, on parade,
      In sunshine, rain, in light or shade
      Deterred, not just deferred, delayed.

      For most folks shy away from freaks,
      And soon react with piercing shrieks,
      And then there are the gawking geeks,
      And those who publicly take leaks!

      And then, comparison of size,
      While never wise, engenders sighs,
      Besides, the sight of flabby thighs
      Might gag reflexes energize!

      And so, since mobs are rarely quiet,
      And many fatties will not diet,
      Would-be voyeurs will not buy it.
      So, just stay clothed. Why start a riot?

      ~ FreeThinke

      "NONSENSE!" you say? Actually, I think not. It's long past time our culture grew up and realized many of the "norms" and 'taboos" with which we –– and most of ancestors –– were raised are truly idiotic. Besides, adopting more liberated, reality-based standards would certainly spike the guns of Leftist mischief-makers and render them impotent. I have no particular desire to walk around naked in public, –– I have too much consideration for others };-)> –– but it wouldn't bother me in the least to see others adopt the practice. Mediaeval concepts of Modesty and Victorian Prudery as a primary means of maintaining Social Control are as outmoded as the horse and buggy –– and putting perceived "sinners" and miscreants in the stocks.

    3. FT,
      I"m not talking about Mediaeval concepts of Modesty and Victorian Prudery, of course. Teenage girls being coerced to shower with teenage boys is nothing like voluntarily going to a nudist beach.

      Yes, it is coercion because P.E. is a required course; P.E. classes must be followed by showers -- if for no other reason than the next class's teacher's sake. For some 18 years, I worked in a small private school. No showers. I dreaded the classes that came immediately after P.E. class! Ick!

      Nudism in public has never been anything I've wanted from myself or to see from others. Heh. I prefer more "suspense."

  8. Replies
    1. Oy, oy, oy. Well, why don't we all just use comrade. It's 'gender-neutral' and is a term this crowd of freaks already thinks fondly of. At least that's how they're acting with such coercion.

      Mr. B's suggestion to ending all the confusion is just require people to drop their pants when they come into a meeting. Then you'll know how to address them. :)


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