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Friday, September 25, 2015

Sunni Vs. Shiite

Yes, indeed. This is the ugly truth:


  1. I saw a clip, last night, concerning a school district in New Jersey where Muslims were demanding that the schools in the district shut-down for one of their forthcoming religious events. Apparently the district was given only six days notice for this and was refusing to do so. While the district was willing to grant the Muslim students excused absence for the event it was not willing to shut-down the entire district. Well, that isn't good enough and the Muslims, vying for the shut-down,who were protesting the district's decision, claiming to be a "majority" within the district. This seemed to be more about [them] getting control than anything else. I submit that this is but a harbinger for things to come as their numbers grow. We don't need even one more of these vermin on American soil!

    1. @ JonBerg: "I submit"

      Careful saying that when speaking of Islam!

    2. Jon,
      I, too, saw that clip. Islamic supremacy in action -- and coming soon to other school districts as the Muslim population of those districts increases.

  2. The muslim track record of bigotry, intolerance, misogyny, hatred of diversity and violent outbursts against freethinkers is infamous and well-documented. They make Phredd Phlapps and his stinking "Church" look like Barney the Dinosaur.

    Still, the mentally-deranged left (who would be the first to get their throats slit by the goat-shagging throwbacks with dirty beards) ignore all this and instead scream about "dominionists," "fundamentalists," and "rightwingchristians!!!"

    It would be hysterical were it not so deadly serious.

    1. SF.
      Does the Left have a suicide wish?

    2. AOW, in all seriousness, is it just one more manifestation of the sick political polarization of our nation. "Whatever my enemy is against, I am for!"

      The most effective way to bring leftwingers to Christ would be for the GOP, tea parties and rightwingers to denounce Christianity.

    3. We go from a graphic on the Shia/Sunni split which was pretty dormant until the Iranian revolution after quite a period of our meddling in their affairs and extracting their resources to speculation that the Left has a suicide wish.

      I wish the right wing would stop reading bull like Spencer/Geller and assuming that gives them a grounding in Islamic and Middle East history.

      What this has to do with the arrogant presumptuous notion of bringing leftwingers to Christ is not clear. I start with demonstrating that you understand the gospels but your mileage may vary.

    4. In Ducky's Howard Zinn brand (tm) Unified Field Theory, every ill is traced back to the US. And this from someone too dense to see an analogy.

      So Ducky, tell us why why you leftwing bed-wetters scream constantly about "dominionists," "fundamentalists," and "rightwingchristians!!!" while ignoring deranged, bigoted, misogynist religious neo-nazis? Why is that?

    5. Duck,
      I've read a lot more than Spencer and Geller. They weren't publishing when I started my research on 9/12/01.

      In fact, I couldn't even access their web sites until 2005 because I had the slowest dialup access in the world.

    6. SF,
      Let's see if Duck answers your question.

    7. When have I failed to answer one of his questions?

      First I don't understand the objection to Zinn. Is it unacceptable to write a people's history? Makes good reading along with Harrington's The Other America . It's just right wing ritual harping.

      Can you make it clear who the deranged, bigoted, misogynist, neo-nazis are? I assume you mean Muslims but you could be referring to Southern Scotch Irish.

      Anyway, religious fundamentalists are a divisive force by definition and they cannot tolerate a secular egalitarian culture be they fundamentalist Christians, Jews or Muslims.

    8. typical leftwing squish. It's all those southern gun clinging Bible thumpers that are the problem, not the bearded misogynists of the religion of pieces bombing, beheading, raping, slashing and killing all over the globe.

      As AOW, points out, they can't even get along with themselves. But lets hear some more bleating about how the Dominionists are going to take over the US government...

    9. If the Dominionists ever had their day -- and I don't say that they did -- that time has passed. Long gone.

  3. Well, I'm a Christian and I can't stand the pea brained extremists types.

  4. @AOW,

    "Does the Left have a suicide wish?"

    I doubt it; they just don't know any better! "Liberalism is a mental illness".

  5. S-H-I-I-T-E?

    Eliminate the second "I" and the final "E," and you'd have a perfect description of what this so-called "religion" truly is.

    S-U-N-N-I (pronounced Sue Knee)?

    More like SUE ME, which is exactly what they're bound to do, if you criticize them publicly or object to any of their demands that WE change OUR ways to suit THEIR ways and THEIR objectives.

    ISLAM is NOT a RELIGION - it is an INVASION.




    Detain - Intern - Disempower - And - Deport - Islamanaiacs - Now


  6. Well, libtards can believe any damn thing. They prove it every second of every day.

    What about the whahabbis ? Saudi Arabia. Yea, it's not spelt correctly.

  7. Duck and SF,
    Howard Zinn began with the basic thesis that SF mentioned above: every ill is traced back to the US. He set out to prove that thesis, which is nothing more than his opinion.

    In fact, Zinn actually stated in A People's History of the United States, that his tome was his opinion, that is, his own view.

  8. Howard Zinn firmly believed the world would have been a better place if the U.S. never existed. Yes he did. I heard him say with my own ears - in context and his words weren't twisted. His was an angry, proctologist's view of America. Does it deserve shelf space? Not really, but hey - IT'S A FREE COUNTRY. Even supporters cite him for his lack of documentation and tug on the emotions. Did he REALLY believe American slavery was the worst in history? Really? That alone is enough to indict his credentials as an historian. Oh, we were such a horrible place for immigrants. Why did they keep coming then?

  9. Baysider,
    His was an angry, proctologist's view of America.

    The perfect analogy!

  10. The sooner we figure out that the problem is islam, the better off the world will be.

  11. The possibility exists that only Revolutionary War Two and the ousting of traitors from the government, bureaucracies and elsewhere can bring sanity back to the USA.



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