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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Today's Recommended Reading

See Who Shot the Sheriff? by Roger Simon at PJ Media.

If the actions of the mass murderer Dylann Roof dealt a death blow to the Confederate battle flag, should not the actions of killers Shannon Miles and Vester Lee Flanagan deal a death blow to Black Lives Matter?


  1. VIlifying, then BANNING flags and other emblems of despised or "targeted" ideas, parts of established historical lore, cultural icons, and various forms of behavior is typical of the LEFT, AOW.

    "We" ought not to go there for any reason, because such tactics EMULATE those of our political and cultural adversaries and deadly enemies abroad.

    IMITATION has long been regarded as "the sincerest from of FLATTERY," therefore, imitation ,or emulation, if you prefer, of Leftist Tactics hands the LEFT a moral victory.

    Long ago, Rush Limbaugh observed that "Liberals," –– as he has always called them ––, are more concerned with with SYMBOLISM than with SUBSTANCE.

    That is one of the reasons Political Correctness appeals so much to these would-be tyrants. The Left, apparently, believes that censoring our vocabulary by deliberately vilifying many perfectly good words in long established usage, and constantly agitating to CHANGE the NAMES of familiar places, items, ideas and practices [the recent imperious move by President Obama to obliterate the name of Mount McKinley by changing its name to "DENALI" is a good case in point. Also, the ceaseless agitation to bully the Washington Redskins into changing THEIR name to something "less provocative and less offensive to Native Americans" is another] is an insidious, remarkably effective way to SEIZE CONTROL of the CULTURE.

    I sincerely believe the Left must be FOUGHT to a STANDSTILL at every conceivable level, if anyone is left to understand and care about the virtue and value of preserving our heritage.

    I see far too much evidence that many in the blogosphere who like to think of themselves as "conservatives" have surrendered –– possibly because of carelessness, maybe unwittingly –– to the incessant pressure brought to bear by the Left for the past hundred years.

    1. FT,
      I agree.

      many in the blogosphere who like to think of themselves as "conservatives" have surrendered –– possibly because of carelessness, maybe unwittingly –– to the incessant pressure brought to bear by the Left for the past hundred years

      Zinnism has been a major factor in that surrender and continues to be a major factor, particularly in education. See the Zinn Education Project. Indoctrinating young minds in the the Grievance Industry, multiculturalism, and political correctness!

      Zinnism arrived to our post-secondary schools around 1985 and has invaded our general psyche ever since; this invasion goes beyond the labels of Liberalism and Conservatism.

      We're now seeing the harvest of the planting of the poisonous seeds of Zinnism.

    2. PS: Those who rely primarily on Statistics and Legalistic Thinking to shape their opinions are particularly guilty in this regard, because they lack IMAGINATION, INSIGHT, PASSION and deep personal CONVICTIONS drawn from EXPERIENCE and keen OBSERVATION. Of course The Founders were highly literate, and studied the writings and thoughts of others, but they never played the role of airy, limp-wristed "theoreticians" comfortably ensconced in Ivory Towers who simply toyed and played "games" with profound, possibly life-changing concepts without advocating or adhering to any one of them.

      The Founders were men of ACTION not afraid to rely on their instincts.

      Where are such men today? IF any exist, they are sure to be ridiculed, belittled, marginalized, demonized, spat upon, kicked to the curb and virtually CRUCIFIED by the Pharisees of Our Day –– namely the Washington Cartel, as Senator Cruz has aptly dubbed it.

    3. So how do you suggest that the "Right" take back the culture, FT? With 1930's musicals and 1940's pop songs? Think THAT will be enough to "lure back" today's youth?

    4. Oh, wait. Maybe we can rename the new "Freedom Tower" in NYC the "McKinnley Building".

    5. I believe that you win it back with better ideas... and without worrying about their "stylistic packaging" as much. ;P

    6. ...but in the beginning, you'd better be damn well sure that the "stylistic package" is attractive enough to "break through"!

    7. America needs to become an ownership society... but past Republicans have never backed their rhetoric up with policy.

    8. Cr*p wrapped in a 'stylistically' more pleasing packing, will always remain cr*p.

    9. ...and right now, in Hillary Clinton, the Democrats KNOW that they're holding onto a bag of cr*p!

    10. One thing is certain, Thersites: Nothing constructive, nothing of substance and nothing of merit or intrinsic value could be produced by sarcasm and internecine warfare among those who are supposed to be friends just as nothing worthwhile could come from the kind of cultural sepsis with which we've been besieged, bludgeoned and overwhelmed by those who'd do us harm for the past sixty years.

      There could be no "salvation" for a given "society." That is the COLLECTIVISTS' vile, impracticable, madly destructive vision. Our only hope might be in remaining steadfast to our ideals and principles regardless of the consequences.

      They’ll find me soon
      I know they will
      I need to be alone.

      Their nattering demands are shrill,
      They chill me to the bone.
      The thumping, bawling whining drone ––

      Persistent raucous blast ––
      Seeks each secret hiding place ––
      Shatters every caste.

      They’ll find me soon,
      I know they will,
      But till they do I’ll fight ––

      Eccentric –– lost ––
      But steeled against ––
      The Realm of Endless Night.

      ~ FreeThinke (1982)

    11. Then please continue to keep your head steadfastly under ground, FT. I'll stop trying to convince you to raise it up and look around. ;)

    12. Good GOD! You sound just like Les Carpenter.

    13. My participation in this thread began with a question asked. How long must you be goaded before answering it?

    14. I fully support confronting the left with their own logic. Not that I want to do to them what they do to others, but to enjoy the stuttering, dumb looks on their faces as they craft weasely answers and crab walk into a corner.

      In light of the whole Washington Redskins hubbub, we should demand that the tax-exempt organization La Raza change their racially bigoted name as well.

    15. Thersites,
      That "Wipe Out" video is hilarious!

    16. AOW,

      Speaking of Zinnism, have you noticed more and more Asians jumping on the minority victim bandwagon?

    17. SF,
      I have seen no evidence of that among the Asians whom I personally know. The Asians with whom I work are "Bible church" Christians, BTW.

      Have you noticed any minority victim bandwagon among Asians whom you know?

    18. Wait a minute!

      Perhaps I have seen a little bit of minority victim bandwagon among the Asian teenagers whom I know. Not a lot of that victimhood whining, but a little bit. Never from their parents, though; their parents came here about 10-20 years ago and are naturalized American citizens.

    19. AOW,

      My observations are from writers in the popular internet outlets and pop culture. The 20-something Asians are not like their parents.

      Here's a good example of what I'm talking about:


    20. I blame the exact Zinnism indoctrination in college that you cite.

      It's sad to see another group dragged down into the whiners' bog.

      Over the next few generations, I predict Asians becoming completely Americanized and dropping medical and STEM degrees and pursuing worthless lesbian dance degrees like the other cool kids. Sad.

    21. I wonder if Misty Copland received a degree in "lesbian" dance or just dance or fine arts.

      Anyway, I don't know why you find dance useless.

      Makes as much sense as believing Zinn has much of anything to do with SJW's.

    22. SF,
      From that WaPo link you left:

      The shame associated with immigrant foods (until they become foodies’ favorites) isn’t unique to me or Chinese dishes.

      Shame? Really?

      The Grievance Industry is on steroids!

    23. Ducky,

      It all has its place, but we need high school graduates to take on the very hard course material to become doctors, scientists and engineers, or we will be forced to import even more.

      I'm seeing a trend of smart high schoolers going off to college with high hopes, then changing majors to psychology, liberal arts, etc.

      Meanwhile we have graduates from famous universities holding degrees in art history or ethnic studies and whining that despite the name Harvard on their piece of paper, they can't get a job that pays more than $20,000 a year.

      Some of us can put 2 and 2 together and still get 4.

      This is how a society declines. I know. I've spoken with many down and out doctors of philosophy in places like Argentina and Italy.

    24. SF,
      In the morning paper on the front page, up came a headline about how poor the recent SAT scores have been nationally. All these students applying for college -- and they are not prepared to do college level course work in ANY field of study. Universities will now become nothing more than remedial. Sheesh.

  2. Mr. Free Thinker says "Those"
    Why not call them by the names they are?
    The Liberals, the Progressive's, the Democrates, those who are responsible for bringing our country to her knees!
    Say it like it IS!

    1. Nonsense, Freida! In latter days the so-called Right is EQUALLY guilty as the Left of subverting the Constitution, diluting our Popular culture with vapid, trashy pap then polluting it with toxic waste, all while making mincemeat of our core beliefs and guiding principles.


  3. Let's Give Ms. Hightower The Appropriate Applause For An Excellent Comment .

  4. I think nothing will be a 'death blow' to Black Lives Matter.....the only deaths will be to white cops.

  5. Yar vol , dus ed gut

  6. What Flanagan has to do with this issue is not at all apparent.
    He is just one case of escalating random violence.

    The Shannon Miles shooting is potentially in a different category although it could also be an example of random gun violence.

    What is most concerning is the right wing failure to to even attempt to understand what this movement is about.
    My reading is that it is about the lack of any police accountability in black neighborhoods. That oppression in Ferguson has been well documented after the Michael Brown shooting which acted as a catalyst exposing much deeper extensive issues.

    Will this blunt any rational discussion of why so many young blacks are rousted for petty non violent drug arrests and lose a chance at what limited employment exists for them?

    Darren Goforth's shooting was an utter tragedy.
    So was the death of Sandra Bland whose crime was apparently nothing more than being uppity.

    The issue of militarizing the police and making them accountable is probably going to die, yes, so long it is only the province of #blacklivesmatter.
    Right wingers won't give a damn till the riots start in earnest and threaten their neighborhoods.
    Then they'll call for more heavily armed less accountable police to protect them.
    One thing the right has clearly not been able to learn from Zinn is that ordinary people have a history which deserves a voice.

    Spirals. Circles within circles.

    1. Right wingers won't give a damn till the riots start in earnest and threaten their neighborhoods. Then they'll call for more heavily armed less accountable police to protect them.

      I think you're mistaken. If the nature of the riots involves violation of safety and property........most rational "right wingers" will end the suffering of the "rioters" by the caliber of their choosing. Think about that before you excuse "social justice" tantrums.

    2. My reading is that it is about the lack of any police accountability in black neighborhoods.

      BTW, I hope you know by now that I am no advocate of the militarization of civilian law enforcement.....but consider also the 'urban' culture of raising black youth to distrust/hate whitey/police/etc...

    3. Duck,
      I'm sure that you are aware that Flanagan left a manifesto indicating that he wanted to start a race war. Some carrying the BLM banner have openly advocated race war and have shouted down those who have dared to say all lives matter.

    4. Flanagan was mentally ill by any reasonable standard.

      I hope the movement IS NOT dominated by those that wish to respond to police oppression with violence but that might happen.

      I am quite certain that the mainstream news will NOT cover moderate voices in the movement (they are there) and the howls out of the likes of Gateway Pundit (aka The Dumbest Man on the Internet) and Breitfart will drown out rational voices.

      The "all lives matter" meme is just a cheap cop out by those who will not accept the central tenet of the BLM movement and wish to avoid the race issue.

    5. While I am not a member of the Black Lives Matter movement, I am close enough to Ferguson to attest that that town is more corrupt than most stage four cancer biopsies. If burning businesses down destroys the tax base keeping that police department running, I can't say it's a net negative.

      Michael Brown was not a saint. But he also wasn't some science fiction creature capable of running into .40 caliber gunfire with his pants around his thighs fast enough to pass the cop's shell casings on the pavement. Not to mention the bullet holes in buildings behind and in the opposite direction from where the cop claimed he was facing when he executed Brown. Darren Wilson can still be charged with murder, and I expect the next candidate that vows to prosecute him will win in a landslide when county prosecutor Bob McCollough goes wherever aging Democrat dipshits go when they leave politics.

      Like all uprisings, the BLM movement no longer resembles where it came from or what it is about. Hell, even the Tea Party doesn't sound like Bernie Sanders ranting against TARP anymore.

      At the end of the day, cops will hold their hats out for support, citing 83 cop deaths this year (over half of those being traffic accidents and heart attacks), gin up conservative empathy and dollars, and donate that money through their union directly to the Democrats that give them new laws to harass you with while keeping them largely out of trouble when they violate the public trust.

      The conservative view of hating the government but just loving their henchmen is due for a rethinking.

    6. Ducky,

      I can't say I agree with you on much of anything, but until "Gateway Pundit" reveals his "source" for claiming Darren Wilson's face was crushed and eye blown out (hint: he made that crap up) I have no use for him. He may be the dumbest man on the Internet, but I'm sure he's fairly stupid offline as well.

    7. CI,

      You would have been sick to have been here in St. Louis last year during the riots. Cops in MRAPs and National Guard units no where near the looting and shooting, but camped out in Ladue and Clayton (stinking rich white neighborhoods) watching the fires from a distance.

    8. Beamish,
      I am close enough to Ferguson to attest that that town is more corrupt than most stage four cancer biopsies.

      How did the situation in Ferguson get that way?

      You're "on the ground" there, so you have another perspective.

      Let me ask you this....Did or did not Michael Brown try to take the officer's weapon away from him?

      Chris Rock's advice has some validity, IMO.

    9. I do not believe Darren Wilson or his mental patient witness that wasn't there.

    10. Beamish,
      How, then, did the autopsy results turn out the way that they did?

    11. The autopsy revealed Michael Brown didn't have as many arms and hands as he would have needed to do everything Wilson claimed.

    12. Sit in a Chevy Tahoe behind the wheel and explain how someone outside the vehicle holds cigars in one hand, holds the door closed with another, gives you an arm to hold onto, punches you so hard in the opposite side of your face hard enough to cause a pimple with another arm, and reaches between you and the steering wheel to grope at a gun on your right hip with another arm.

      No, it couldn't happen that way, and didn't.

    13. Keep in mind the dispatch about a "strong arm robbery" didn't go out until after Brown was dead, and Wilson could not have heard anything about a robbery even if it had been broadcasted sooner because he had his radio on the wrong channel.

    14. To go back and answer a question I missed, Ferguson - really North St. Louis County, is little fiefdoms of speed traps and such that the police and court fines ARE their little fiefdom's revenue stream. People are sick of it. The locals even sicker.

    15. Beamish,
      Michael Brown was still clutching those cigars? I thought that he had tossed or dropped them.

      Lots of place are little fiefdoms of speed traps. I've driven through several of those fiefdoms in North Carolina and Tennessee. Just sayin'.


      Here are two more questions:

      1. Why did the police officer single out Michael Brown?

      2. Did the police officer have anything in his history to indicate that he was a problem on the force?

    16. Well...

      1. It's Ferguson. Darren Wilson got away with it before.

      2. Well, he came from Jennings PD before it was shut down for all manner of racism and corruption, and unlike other Jennings cops, he wasn't hired by St. Louis County (more stringent background check).Jennings is basically where law enforcement goes when they can't be trusted to count change out of a parking meter.

    17. Er, Ferguson is where law enforcement applicants go when they can't be trusted to count change from a parking meter.

    18. Keep in mind Ferguson PD was already in trouble for falsely arresting someone (mistaken identity), beating him until hospitalization was required, then charging him with property damage (bleeding on a cop's uniform). And of course, the jailhouse camera experienced one of those random power outages cameras owned by the police often have in proximity to egregrious civil rights violations.

      Michael Brown was gunned down in broad daylight in front of several witnesses and finished off with two head shots execution style. Darren Wilson walked around the body several times, through the trail of blood streaming out of the body, and drove away from the scene in his police SUV, hands covered in blood, tainting the "crime scene" of the interior of said vehicle. Crime scene photos were not taken (the CSI apparently never heard of film cameras, cell phone cameras, etc) when his digital camera batteries were dead, but the recorded placement of shell casings behind Brown's body and bullet holes in buildings ahead of him (and behind where Darren Wilson claimed to be facing) support witness statements that Brown was shot from behind, and finished off while prone.

      The number one reason for all of the outrage and protests is that Darren Wilson's guilt is as obvious as can possibly be, but the FPD and the St. Louis County prosecutor mounted a defense of Wilson during the sham grand jury proceedings, highlighting testimony of a mental patient that was not even there.

      And here we are, a year later making fun of angry people burning stores down while a known murderer walks the streets with government blessing.

    19. I've heard some of that information before, but certainly not most of it. Where did you get the information that comes as a surprise to many of us here in the blogosphere? Did newspapers publish ANY of that information you've got?

      As for burning down buildings, doing so doesn't lend credence to those who have cried foul. Know what I mean by saying that?

    20. The left side of the blogosphere did yeoman's work pouring over the grand jury document dump. Libertarians also, to a degree. The Michael Brown case is, at the very least, a study of the dangerous "cops can never be wrong" mindset that is still engrained in the system. Prosecutor Bob McCullough has now let 17 murderers with badges walk.

      As far as burning down buildings, I don't know. It worked in Hiroshima.

  7. Duck,
    Flanagan was mentally ill by any reasonable standard.

    Explain, please.

    I did see this about him, but I'm not sure that the information supports your statement:

    Two hours after the shooting at 8:26 a.m., ABC News received a 23-page fax that was allegedly sent by Flanagan.[64] In the fax, titled "Suicide Note for Friend & Family", he described his grievances over what he alleged to be racial discrimination and sexual harassment committed by black men and white women in his workplace, believing he was targeted because he was a homosexual black man.[14][23][65] Flanagan claimed to have been provoked by the Charleston church shooting that occurred over two months before and made threatening comments about Dylann Roof, the sole suspect in that crime.[60] He described the church shooting as a "tipping point ... but my anger has been building steadily ... I’ve been a human powder keg for a while ... just waiting to go BOOM!!!!"[14] Franklin County Sheriff's Office said that he "very closely identified" with "individuals who have committed domestic acts of violence and mass murder, as well as the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S."[66] He claimed that Jehovah had told him to act and expressed an admiration for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and Seung-Hui Cho, the respective perpetrators of the Columbine High School and Virginia Tech mass shootings.[23][67] Flanagan said in the note, "Yeah I'm all f----- [sic] up in the head."[23]

    Yes, Flanagan was angry (a product of the Grievance Industry) and alienated by choice. But does that make him mentally ill in the medical sense?

  8. Duck,
    I hope the movement IS NOT dominated by those that wish to respond to police oppression with violence but that might happen.

    See Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon (at the Minnesota State Fair).

  9. "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

    "Men will lie on their backs [or SIT furiously tapping away at their computers! ;-]. talking about the fall of man, and never make an effort to get up."

    ~ Thoreau (1817-1862)

    1. FT,
      When one's so-called elected public servants are weasels and unresponsive to the will of their constituents, WE THE PEOPLE are left with no recourse other than to SIT furiously tapping away at our computers -- or to screaming over the phone.

    2. Yeah, but what GOOD does it do? All the fretting fuming is just an affirmation of the pathetic, hopeless, utterly impotent condition into which "we the people" have let ourselves be pushed.

      AllI attempt to do these days is try to define the SOURCES of our present plight instead of getting mired in the endless details of frustration, rage, misery and dejection that leave us exhausted, more irate and ore frustrated than ever. It's a vicious cycle, and very frankly I want out before it spoils what's left of the rest of my life.

    3. FT,
      Your approach is one way, and it works for you. But for me, I can't keep everything pent up inside.

      Bottom line: we're different people, at different stages of life.

    4. It's not about either of us, dear friend. It's about the entire world.

    5. Diplomacy or Manifest Destiny? Make the world like us, or make the world just like us.

      We are the world
      We are the children
      It's up to us to make the world
      A brighter place
      So let's start killin

  10. From Black Lives Activist At Amherst Was Commenting On A Shooting. Then He Started Writing Death Threats:

    Citing free speech, Amherst College is defending the right of an anti-police researcher to issue death threats to an upstate New York candidate for City Council.

    Last week, Ben Brucato, who is listed on the faculty page for his work in Amherst’ Center for Humanistic Inquiry as a postdoctoral fellow, unleashed a slew of caustic comments about police on his social media account.

    Brucato responded to an incident in Troy, New York, in which a carjacker opened fire and severely wounded two police officers before being shot and killed himself. The Amherst researcher started publicizing false information about the shooting...

    Read the rest HERE.

  11. Republicans Lives Matter.September 3, 2015 at 8:54:00 AM EDT

    Attention liberals! I will fight to the death for your right to talk your insane bull shit. Would you please give me the same consideration? But no, you post all those stupid pictures and cartoons about us and MY rights, and MY choices, and MY party’s candidates, and call ME and my party the worst names that allowed to be posted.
    And for that, I will not forgive or forget!.

  12. It Will be better to fight the civil war all over again then let the Republican's get their way!

    1. Don't worry, it will. And then Republicans will get their way AGAIN!

  13. Black Lives Matter should be treated just like Occupy Wall Street. We tolerated the same until the movement became toxic. Black Lives Matter has become a toxic movement.


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