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Friday, February 6, 2015

Measles Outbreak (With Addendum)

Babies are supposed to stay in the nest!

Five Infants From Palatine Daycare Center Diagnosed With Measles

...All five of the children are less than a year old, including four from the suburbs, and one from Chicago. Lab tests have confirmed measles cases in two of the children; the other three have been tentatively diagnosed with measles, but doctors were waiting for lab tests to confirm it.


“Individuals who are under the age of one or with certain clinical conditions cannot be vaccinated...
Recommended vaccination schedule (Click directly on the image to enlarge it):

So many vaccinations! System overload for some?

Please note that vaccinating for smallpox is not on the list.


And not only the measles: Confluence of Factors Contribute to California's Worsening Pertussis Outbreak.


  1. Remember back when they called them "German Measles?"

    I wonder if "Mexican Measles" will catch on?


    Babies do belong in the nest, but society has changed. I predict that within 100 years, we will be making babies as Huxley described in Brave New World. Sex and procreation will be completely severed from one another, and we will make babies in factories, and they will be raised, for at least those troublesome first few years, by government nannies.

    I'm not joking. That is where we are going. The womens rights movement will make the case that child birthing and child rearing is discriminatory and sexist.

    1. SF,
      I know that society has changes. But some of that change is responsible for the resurgence of the measles -- and whooping cough. It seems to me that all the discussion about vaccination should include more mention of the changes.

    2. MEASLES is properly called RUBEOLA


      The two are not synonymous. Please check this link:


    3. AOW: I'm on your side, just explaining what I observe. Mrs. Silverfiddle and I made a conscious decision that she would not work outside the home when the children were little. She insisted on it.

      I am loath to criticize others, but it can't be good for a small child to be roused at five in the morning and hurried to daycare by one of the parent.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hard to believe this breakdown in public health is happening but hey, everything else is breaking down why not public health?

  3. I'll repeat what I said when you posted these observations at FreeThinke's blog earlier today:

    Tell that to the Feminzazis.

    The emphasis on MATERIALISM above all else has produced "working mothers," because we've been led to believe that we aren't fully human unless we have at least two cars, a bathroom for each bedroom, closets as big as the Grand Ballroom at the Waldforf Astoria, automatic dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, granite countertops, hand-crafted kitchen cabinets made of Brazilian Cherry, hardwood floors, the latest hi-fi-stereo equipment, a TV in every room, a computer with internet access, Netflix, Hulu, Kindles, laptops, and "smartphones," etc.

    Mothers are no longer mothers. They are just "breeders," who turn their infants over to the care of total strangers in less-than-ideal circumstances, etc.

    And we wonder why alcohol and drug addiction are up, divorce rates are sky high, illegitimate births are at an all-time high, and everyone is so angry, lonely, bitter, and discontented!

    We seem to have completely forgotten that "Man does not live by bread alone ..."

    In the mad race for more and more "bread," we have hardened our hearts and lost our souls.

    In attempting to live without God (Love, Truth, Principle, Spirit, Intelligence) we have cut ourselves off from the most important aspects of being human, and are rapidly regressing to a pitiable state of savagery.

    The recent article illustrating the excesses of madness foolish rich women will go to in a desperate attempt to deny the advances of age provide a dramatic example of how perverted, degraded and demented we have become as a result of nearly complete neglect of spiritual needs and values coupled with a desperate over-emphasis on all the wrong things.

    "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness" -- and everything else you truly need will come to you.

  4. As I said at FT's site...

    The virtual forcing of wives to work so as to pay the real estate taxes. Local governments set the values and the tax rates. It can be difficult for young couples to get started. Worse, so many young couples expect to start their lives together in a certain style -- the greed-and-status factor.

    My mother continued to work after I was born because she had but a few short years to a federal pension. I couldn't drink breast milk -- hers or anyone else's.

    However, she didn't farm me out to a place with a lot of other babies. Instead, during the workday months after I came into the world, she put me with her sister-in-law's mother, so I was "in a nest." Later, we had live-in maids (nannies).

    Furthermore, my parents didn't drag me out while I was an infant. They stayed home!

    I stand by what I said: "Babies are supposed to stay in the nest."


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