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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Political Cartoon

Found at TOTUS: CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL COMMENTARY and a perfect example of "Some animals are more equal than others":


  1. Hahahahaha !

    That's not a carbon footprint that's a Volcano fart.

  2. Ah, the "free wind mills and solar panels for Africa" tour is finally ON!

    Maybe we can convince some celebrities to put out a record on the topic, and donate the proceeds.

    Maybe if Obama puts enough American coal manufacturers out of business, the Africans will sell us some of their new wind generated power back.

  3. The Green TVA for Africa!

    ... because unless the government owns and runs your corporations, it'll be run by greedy capitalists!

  4. If we REALLY want POTUS to go on a Austerity Kick and live just like us "regular folks," I still say we should shit down the White House, and turn it into a museum, buy a modest ranch or split level in the suburbs, and REQUIRE the First family to live like ordinary middle-class working people -- EVEN IF they are privately rich and could afford a "mansion" for themselves.

    NO trips abroad with family.

    NO special privileges for FLOTUS

    NO state dinners.

    NO lobbyists entertained at "headquarters"

    NO more 'salary" and "benefits."

    POTUS and family would HAVE to live on 65K a year -- or get the hell OUT of D.C.

    FLOTUS would HAVE to shop for the family groceries using a sstrict budget, and do her OWN cooking.

    In other words take all the PRIVILEGES and PERQUISITES out of the presidency, and you'll take the CRAP out along with them.

    AND, I would insist that MANDATORY EXPULSION from OFFICE would occur if POTUS or FLOTUS took so much as a "free" box of candy or even a stinkin' bag of M&M's from anyone outside of their immediate family.

    And no I am NOT kidding. I am DEAD serious.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Of course I meant SHUT down the WH. Must have been A Freudian slip. Sorry! (:-s


    Air Force One should be transformed into an air taxi reserved for wounded service men who've been wounded performing distinguished service for our country -- and for their families.

    Maybe the former White House could be set up as a free B&B for that same select group. I'd rather see my money go to support such a project than to see it wasted on Marie Antoinette Obama and her grasping, insensitive, tone-deaf kind.

  8. FT,
    I still say we should shit down the White House, and turn it into a museum...

    What a great Freudian slip!


  9. You're either too good a sport, or too kind and indulgent, AOW. I'm not sure which. FT deserved to be sent to the woodshed for that one, even if he didn't really mean it -- as he said -- which I frankly doubt, myself.

    I've been aware for a long time that FT has more than a bit of the imp in him. Needs to have his ears pinned back if you ask me.

    -----------> Katharine Heartburn

  10. Katharine,
    I was the class brat in 7th grade, so I guess that I have a bit of imp in myself as well. **wink**

  11. Hi, just checking in to see if you still suck.


  12. This looks like the Ragtag Fleet from "Battlestar Galactica".

    Wouldn't we all be better served if they did decide to fly away from here, halfway across the galaxy, in search of a mythical planet. And out of our hair.

    "Fleeing from the tyranny of domestic criticism, the last Battlestar Obamica leads a rag-tag luxury fleet on a lonely quest... a shining planet known as Hopenchange."


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