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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Political Funny

(hat tip to Who's Your Daddy)

On second thought, maybe not so funny.


  1. The liberal mind set is that we are all potentially criminals - including the granny who lives down the street - and that we must all be monitored to see if she is carrying bombs under her bra on to an airplane.
    Liberals live in their own Bizarro World, liberals will do anything and everything to slander anyone who dares to say it like it is, including lying, slandering, and criminal behavior.. While conservatives believe that the guilty should be punished and those who are irresponsible should suffer the consequences of their bad choices, liberals believe that the guilty and irresponsible should be rewarded at the expense of the innocent and responsible people in America.
    Take Susan Rice for example, she either lied about Benghazi or was irresponsible for not knowing the truth. And now Obama is rewarding her with a promotion. Samantha Power said that America is evil and should apologize for its actions, and she is being rewarded by being named U.S. ambassador to the U.N., where she will fit right in with all the dictators that condemn the U.S. How is it that Liberals, time and again, prove that nothing, no morals, no patriotism, nor ability, nor experience, nor logic has any bearing on their propensity to vote for the very worse of candidates?
    But in their warped mind it is us conservatives who are the bad guys and we are picking on Dear Susan because like her boss she is Black! These idiots really do need some new material. They are too stupid to realize this proves how ignorant and unintelligent they are because all they can come up with is the sane old race baiting game. Their desperation is pathetic. Yet THEY are the bunch who are still keeping the black man down!
    And frankly, Ím getting tired of having to defend myself against their stupid and desperate, baseless charge of labeling conservatives as racists! Especially when we know that occupant of the White House is the Racist-in Chief!
    Meanwhile, the Benghazi whistle-blowers, who spoke truth to power, are being persecuted.

  2. The cartoon makes a fine a point in such a way as to demonstrate with utmost clarity that - unlike political boilerplate - "Brevity is [indeed!] the soul of wit."

    ----------> Katharine Heartburn

  3. The cartoon is spot on! We can thank our education system for the transition.

  4. In some ways todays progressives are yesterdays conservatives. And most certainly yesterday's bolshevics. But then how can anyone explain the evolution of stupidity.

  5. The reason some of you are called racists is because of your violent reaction to Obama who has really been nothing more than a corporate stooge in the tradition started in seriousness by St. Ronnie Raygun.

    There is an element among the fringe right who just cannot deal with the idea of a nigra being commander in chief. Not all of the right but a significant portion.

    The rest of you are still making fools of yourselves yammering about Benghazi.
    Have you noticed that the right is being eviscerated? Not that America has a progressive element that can right the course. We are just going to continue the current Obama way for lack of a sane alternative.

    Now all you fringe right bed wetters smile for the NSA cameras.

  6. Ducky's here said...
    "The reason some of you are called racists is because of your violent reaction to Obama who has really been nothing more than a corporate stooge in the tradition started in seriousness by St. Ronnie Raygun."

    Ducky, do you really think that anyone here gives a Rats Ass what YOU think?

  7. And what makes YOU a racist, Ducky? You could be the worst of the lot ... but typical of leftists, you pretend otherwise.

  8. Duck,
    Speaking of Benghazi:

    ...The bloodshed [yesterday] underscored the growing public anger over the government's failure to build an army capable of reining in the militias that dominate parts of the country nearly two years after the fall of Moammar Gadhafi. The militias have become bolder in trying to shape Libya's politics.


    The militias are rooted in the brigades of rebels who fought to oust Gadhafi in the 2011 uprising against the longtime leader. They have since mushroomed in power and size as the government continues to struggle to build its security forces after the civil war.

  9. "I am a proud racist."


  10. The reason some of you are called racists is because of your violent reaction to Obama

    Huh? Jared Lee Loughner is a leftist. So are the Tsarnaev brothers.

    Violent reactions to Obama? From the right? Where?

  11. Ducky,

    The reason we're called "racists" is because the left wing mind is geared more towards seeing dung as art and not so much at being coherent and articulate.

    You gonna sit there and type baseless insults all day, poop connoisseur?


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