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Friday, June 14, 2013

Video: The Collapse of the American Dream

Accurate or not?

The video is quite long. Nevertheless, please watch it, and provide your critique in the comments section.

(hat tip to Matt of Conservative Hideout 2.0 for the above video)


  1. WOW...I had so little time that i had to fast forward a bit but I'm coming back to watch it correctly...
    what I saw is fascinating.
    I couldn't help but think of Jackie Kennedy and how scared she was for her children after Jack was killed. I know she feared other Kennedys would be killed but by crazed nuts? I think she was more scared of who she might have known killed her husband.
    "This is America!"...well, the dream seems a nightmare lately.
    Can we fix it?

  2. I firmly believe that we are on a course that will not only “Collapse the American Dream” as uyou say but will destroy the America that you and I know and remember so well.
    This nation is repeating the disastrous evolutionary process that has plagued so many failed nations throughout mankind's history. This process begins with a society so hypnotized with their leader that they are willing to reject the fundamental concept that is necessary for any nation to thrive and prosper: respect for the uniqueness of each individual and self-determination. The abandonment of traditional behavioral guidelines and the active denigration of organized religion together with the successful inculcation of the entitlement mentality. The concurrent belief in an all powerful government has unalterably frayed the ties that bind all Americans and greatly eroded the ability of the society as a whole to successfully weather an overwhelmingly severe financial or societal crisis without looking to the government as the savior. Thus the populace was pre-conditioned, when the right circumstances occurred, to elect a charismatic demagogue and radical as President of the United States. Through new legislation, government regulations, tax policy, and direct investment, Obama is in the process of creating a fascist economy whereby major corporations, financial institutions and small businesses will be, on a de facto basis, controlled and manipulated by the government. It is immaterial that this will make American businesses overwhelmingly uncompetitive or be unable to expand and thus create wealth and jobs. The economy that has created the highest standard of living in history will thus stagnate and decline drastically altering the nation's ability to defend itself..
    Through ObamaCare, which was never about health care per se, the government will eventually control not only access to health care but the behavior of all Americans. There will be, in due course, no right to privacy. The Obama cabal is intent on keeping the border unguarded and allowing millions of illegal aliens to become citizens as further assurance of maintaining control of the government. Their unrelenting effort to fight all legislation requiring voter identification confirms this determination.
    Obama and the Progressive Left is a rotten infection that must be lanced....before it kills us..

  3. A vast oversimplification no doubt, but it certainly supports what I believe is -- and has been -- wrong with us for a very long time.

    The film's daring to come right out and name ROTHSCHILD as The Originating Force Behind the Evil Red Shield with the Black Tentacles was breathtaking.

    One wonders how long this film maker will be allowed to live?

    "If I can control a nation's currency, why should I care who makes its laws?"

    That, of course, is the "Money Quote" in the entire piece.

    Absolutely chilling.

  4. A terrific visual aid for homeschoolers, I would think.

  5. Couldn't play the whole thing. So I tried to sample.

    1. A pitch for the gold standard

    Never mind that even the conservatives at the University of Chicago reject it as a terrible idea along with virtually everyone else.

    2. Ban fractional reserve banking

    Seems extreme when a strengthening of reserve requirements may be the most reasonable change.

    3. Easy credit

    Yeah, that's a problem. Greenspan and his asinine belief in self regulating markets was a big part of the problem.

    So a lot can be done with reasonable regulation but the fringe right while producing these ridiculous cartoons would rather return us to the tender ministrations of J. P. Morgan.

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  8. Global banking works best for global socialism and the world-wide communist movement, of which George Soros is a part, along with the Bush family and all their pals such as Hank Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Jack Lew, and Barack Obama.

    This should not surprise anyone with a half-ounce of brains, but tragically, most of our people have even less than that. There are those of us who, understanding that we must protect our infrastructure through a system of taxation, wish to see a lesser burden equally distributed. We do not have that now, nor do I think any politician will run the risk of what happened to Kennedy by seriously considering an alternative system of revenue collection.

    Jefferson famously said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I believe we are heading in this direction. As a society, we cannot even maintain our focus on this one video, without being side tracked to other, less important issues. There is a side of me that hopes we are approaching another revolution, for I have no confidence in the wisdom of the American people to elect genuine patriots: men and women that care more about their country than they do this utterly corrupted system that now confronts us. Now you know why the federal government has worked tirelessly to destroy the sovereignty of our several states. Without our states, a free people have no chance whatsoever of maintaining their inalienable rights.


    In 1907, a severe financial panic jolted Wall Street and forced several banks into failure. This did not trigger a broad financial collapse, yet the simultaneous occurrence of general prosperity with a financial crisis persuaded many that our banking structure was in need of major reform. 

    In 1908, the Congress created the National Monetary Commission. Led by Nelson W. Aldrich and composed of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, was charged with making a study of desirable changes to our banking system. The results called for a National Reserve Association, dominated by the banks. This was received very little public support. 

    In 1912, the House Banking and Currency Committee held hearings to examine the control of our banking and financial resources. They decided our banking and financial systems were in the hands of a "money trust." Defined as "an established ... community of interest between a few leaders of finance ... that has resulted in a concentration of financial control in the hands a few." Awareness of a monopoly on the banking system was crucial in leading to financial reform.

    Woodrow Wilson, elected in 1912, and his Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, forcefully opposed "any plan concentratong control in the hands of the banks." 

    On December 26, 1912, the Glass-Willis proposal was submitted to President-elect Wilson. Instead of suggesting the creation of a central bank, the proposal called for the creation of twenty or more privately controlled regional reserve banks each holding a portion of the member banks' reserves, while performing other central banking functions and issuing currency against commercial assets and gold. Wilson approved this, but also insisted that a central board control and coordinate the work of the regional banks.

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 presented by Congressman Carter Glass and Senator Robert L. Owen incorporated modifications by Woodrow Wilson and allowed for a regional Federal Reserve System, operating under a supervisory board in Washington. Congress approved it, and President Wilson signed it on December 23, 1913. The Act, permitted Federal Reserve Banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to rediscount commercial paper, to establish tighter supervision of banking .. It also mandated a Reserve Bank Organization Committee to designate no less than eight but no more than twelve Federal Reserve cities, thus dividing the nation into districts, each containing one Federal Reserve City.

  10. Ah more wonderful meanderings marking Tim Geithner as a participant in the worldwide Communist conspiracy.

    The Nation has a review this week of a book which tries to paint Harry Dexter White as a Commie. Might be a good read worth picking up.
    This neurosis goes back away

  11. Harry Dexter White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Harry Dexter White (October 9, 1892 – August 16, 1948) was an American economist, and a senior U.S. Treasury department official. He was the senior ...
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    In his long-awaited book on Harry Dexter White, Bruce Craig, executive director of the National Coalition for the Promotion of History, hopes to “set the record ...
    On Harry Dexter White and Pearl Harbor — Crooked Timber
    Apr 8, 2013 – If you're interested in the theory, put forward in Steil's book, that Harry Dexter White caused US intervention in World War II, read below the fold.
    A Soviet Spy at the Center of Bretton Woods: Harry Dexter White and ...
    Apr 4, 2013 – Harry Dexter White, a self-made American economist and senior government official in the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations, was at the ...
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    Treasonable Doubt: The Harry Dexter White Spy Case [R. Bruce Craig] on Amazon.com. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. Whittaker Chambers ...
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    "I would not demean the memory of Harry Dexter White by saying he was not a Communist. If he was one, Communists have reason to be proud."-- I.F. Stone ...
    Harry Dexter White - The Assassin's Creed Wiki - Wikia
    Harry Dexter White (October 9, 1892 – August 16, 1948) was an American economist and covert...

  12. Do check out the above (copied from Google just type in Harry Dexter White, and start clicking).

    Draw your own conclusions.

    The Nation has no credibility whatsoever, except to the followers of Karl Marx and his myriad lackeys and disciples.

  13. When my British ancestors first came to this country, they immediately went to the untouched trees of Virginia, cut them down, and built from their logs a sturdy Social Security Administration, from which all bootstraps could be pulled up.

    I kid.

    There is nothing in this nation that can't be rebuilt.

  14. The Nation is pro-communist, anti-American magazine. The first amendment allows subversives to flourish. We're supposed to be smart enough to spot them on our own, and avoid them, but instead they've taken control. That's the down side of free speech in a country filled with ignoramuses.

    ---------> Dementia Peacocke

  15. The iron fist of the IRS started as 'small camel's nose in the tent of freedom' by Lincoln - to fund the war between the states- called the RS--
    The Dark Side always uses 'small steps'

    Do not forget the usurpation of the U.S.'s once excellent Ed System--starting in the early 1900s--

    Will be passing this video along--
    Thank you for it--I even watched the whole thing!
    I hope the producers will be protected--I am concerned about the safety of Truth tellers-

    Getting up at 5:30 AM helps!!

  16. Carol,
    Thank you for watching the entire video. I hesitate to post a video as long as this one. However, the importance of the material overrode my usual rule about video length.

    The power of the IRS is astounding. Most people don't have a clue as to just how powerful the IRS is. I know -- because my mother (retired 1960) worked for the IRS and was ever lamenting what America has done to herself via the federal bureaucracy, which is, of course, a major power grab.


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