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Monday, July 1, 2013

EDL Leaders Arrested

First, English Defence League leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were assaulted during a charity walk to Woolrich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was slaughtered on May 22, 2013. Then Robinson and Carroll were arrested.

Regardless of your opinion of the English Defence League, please note that the two men were arrested while participating in a public charity walk.

The video posted at YouTube on June 29, 2013 (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Note this portion of the exchange:
Tommy Robinson to female police officer: "How have we obstructed you?"

Female police officer: "I'm sorry, but I can't explain"
Information about the charity walk for The Neuroblastoma Alliance UK:
Millie’s mum Angela said, “Our beautiful gentle daughter is fighting for her life. On her second birthday, just two days before she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, Amelia-Mae told us she wanted her party guests to be two kittens, a rabbit and a hamster. Please give Amelia-Mae a chance of life by making a donation, help her by fundraising, or by sharing her story with everyone you know. The more people we can reach the more chance we have of meeting our £250,000 target and getting Amelia to the United States for treatment. We can’t do this without you! I ask everyone who reads this to do whatever they can to give our baby the chance to grow up.”...
Read the rest HERE.

The charity has refused donations from the EDL:

Perhaps the participation of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll in the charity walk for Amelia-Mae was a disguise for the EDL's political agenda. Nevertheless, Robinson and Carroll were arrested AFTER they were assaulted. Furthermore, the police officers in the video appear not to have said anything about the violation of a permit.

The question remains: Why were Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll arrested while they were participating in a charity walk?

To close this blog post, I offer the 2009 video below as a contrast to the video posted above:

According to the blurb at YouTube:
This video has been posted elsewhere by Muslims as a display of power...Muslims intimidate London police and force them back while yelling "Allah Akbar" and "run, cowards, kuffar; swine, pigs." They shove, beat and harass them with impunity. This is the largest city in Europe, heart of the West.


  1. Gives a new meaning to "Secret Police".

  2. Too bloody civilised, if you ask me. Had he resisted arrest, he might have inspired others not to knuckle under to the new Sharia compliant United Kingdom.

  3. I just LOVE Tommy Robinson and the EDL. It's the last best hope for man on earth, if you ask me.

    Just tell me where t send the check to help with his "defence,"and it will be in the next mail. Or don't they ALLOW political prisoners to BE defended in Britain anymore?


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. If buttercups buzz'd after the bee
    If boats were on land, churches on sea
    If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows
    And cats should be chased into holes by the mouse
    If the mamas sold their babies
    To the Gypsies for half a crown
    If summer were spring
    And the other way 'round
    Then all the world would be upside down!

  6. Everything going as planned. Pamela Geller banned in the u.k. Freedom is ringing out all over the world.

  7. Each day something else.

    Right Truth

  8. "Every day something else." The Sharia plan, it is.

  9. YE, GODS!

    Cops arrest EDL leaders for entering Islamic no-go zone in London

  10. Kudos to the charity for wanting nothing to do with the EDL.

  11. Duck,
    I knew that I count on you to comment along those lines.

    I'm not sure that the family of the dying child feels that way -- although the family did issue a statement of "understanding."

  12. Like the subtlety of a snake, sharia law has crept in and made it's nest in the United States.

    Christians and Jews are becoming the enemy of the state, we are losing our freedom, because of the immorality of this nation that has turned its back on God.

  13. Anislamic MiniState within London... who knew???

  14. Remainds me of the good old days... sailing into the Gulf of Sidra or the Taiwanese Straits. If you fail to chellenge them... you lose the right of free passage.

  15. They need a good old fashioned revolution.


  16. __________ To Our Dear Canardo _________

    Grating on our nerves with irksome quacking
    Offered in a bilious spirit vile

    Find some better occupation than this hacking.
    Use your time for something more worthwhile.
    Could you for once relent, and quit your jeering?
    Kindergarten kids show better manners.

    Your comments sound too often like Bronx cheering.
    Oh why must you into our works throw spanners --
    Using childish taunts and gibes and sneers?
    Regale us please, instead, with something merry.
    Surprise us after all these noisome years.
    Entertain -- enlighten -- serve some Sherry --
    Let your mind subject itself to scouring
    Filth away that keeps you dark and glowering.

  17. I think we've lost our identity as a people, -- and our liberty - because we let too many non-Anglo, non-Christian types come in and overwhelm us with their innate hostility, and in certain cases their incredible stupidity.

    And I'm NOT talking about Mexican illegals.

    I think it's those damned LITHUANIANS, myself. };-)>

  18. Tommy Robinson threatened with arrest if he re-tweets death threats directed at him:

    @bedspolice just called me to say don't retweet death threats or I'd be arrested as they cause people distress?

    Disrupting the narrative "Islam is a religion of peace" will not be permitted!

  19. I hope native Britons rise up and RECONQUER their homeland. They need to overthrow their present liberal establishment by main force.

    If they don't, England, as such, will soon be no more.

    Tommy Robinson is a very common man -- dreadful accent -- no polish -- very little education -- even less sophistication, BUT he and his kind may very well be The Hope for a Better Future -- a return to basic honesty and an end to the idiotic capacity leftists seem to have for self-delusion.

    The very idea that a native son of Britain -- an ENGLISHMAN! -- would be forbidden to DEFEND himself and his own best interests by his OWN British government -- a government still run by native, white Britons, I think -- is beyond absurd. It's INSANE.

  20. Blasphemy law comes to Facebook. What other web sites will be next?

    We're on borrowed time. There will be no dissent allowed to the Islamification of the West.

  21. Infringing freedom of speech and assembley to appease an Islamic mob is a sure sign of the end times.


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