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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Modern Islam

by Sam Huntington

There is plenty evidence in the ancient Islamic texts to prove the negatives of Islam. It is my view that there is nothing attractive about this religion (some regard it as a cult), unless one happens to be an ignorant goat herder who, not unlike Don Quixote,  fantasizes about becoming more than a flea.      The ancient texts are of some interest, even if nauseating, but I think we err by focusing all of our attentions on the past. We should rather be thinking about what the modern Islamacist is saying to the masses.

One scholar that deserves our attention is Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian theologian who has published more than 120 books about Sharia law and Islamic life. More than 60 million Moslems listen to al-Qaradawi on the Jazeera (Gore) Network, and he has long maintained a prominent role within the Islamic intellectual community —which is not altogether over-populated.

No surprise, some of this man’s views are controversial. The United Kingdom refused him an entry visa in 2008; France barred him in 2012; and in 2004, a large number of Moslem academics accused him of giving Islam a bad name. Who knew that was even possible? Yet, in spite of this, al-Qaradawi has a gift for persuasion: a talent that should concern those of us who prefer to maintain our own western culture. Here is an example of al-Qaradawi’s eloquence:

“The condition of the Muslim nation was like a wasteland in the middle of the nineteenth century. The pillars of caliphate had broken which was the last display of unity under the flag of Islamic belief. Islamic countries were breathing their last under the talons of capitalist countries like Britain, France, and others, so much so that Holland, whose population was small dominated over the ten million strong population of Indonesia with the help of force and weapon. It had spoilt the face of Islamic decrees and putting Quran behind was busily engaged in its disrespect. Blind imitation of self-made Western laws and appreciation of foreign values had set over the lives of Muslims. The youths and lovers of new culture who were bearers of the so-called modern culture were particular victims of this. Western domination upon the field of education and means of communication was producing heaps of Westernized honorable people, whose names were Islamic but brains were West-bred.”

This is what al-Qaradawi is telling Moslems who have access to books and radios. What has befallen the contemporary Moslem is not the fault of western imperialism: it is the fault of the Moslem, who has lost his faith. The backwardness of Moslem society is not so much the result of Western aggression as it is Moslem weakness.

He challenges the Moslem to regain his strength, his power, by embracing once more that which made Islam strong in the 7th Century. He ignores American foreign policy, but is bitter about western Christendom. His tact is to transform the inferior Moslem into a superior being that the west can no longer ignore. Al-Qaradawi does not stress Islam as a religion; he speaks of it as a political movement that must grow until the west is incapable of ignoring it further.

Those of us who do not speak Arabic cannot know what Islamacists talk about inside America’s mosques, on Arabic radio or television programs. As someone pointed out on a blog the other day, we have evolved into a culture that thinks Honey Boo-Boo belongs on the Learning Channel. What we can see, however, is ever expanding Islamic populations in several of our cities, increasing numbers of Moslems elected to city, state, and federal positions, and local and state laws becoming Sharia compliant. As Islamacists proclaim to the masses in the Middle East that western society pose a danger to Moslem theology, and while training some Moslems to deliver violence to unsuspecting innocents, Moslem planners wage the real war beneath the surface, inside western societies, where hardly anyone can see it.

As I mentioned a moment ago, we cannot possibly see what is going on because the Arabic language hides most of it. Besides, most Americans have their faces glued to smart phones, their fingers tapping out messages on social media to prove to other morons how clever they really are. We have become a nation of people that collectively agree to limit their inanity to 140 characters per tweet. What this suggests is that by the time Americans find out that Sharia law has suspended the United States Constitution, it will be too late to do anything about it.


  1. I am actually not very interested in what these scholars think; trying to understand their point of view eventually leads the not-so-smart in our liberalist society to think that the discontent of moslems is somehow our fault. It is not our fault. The labors of life in the Middle East is their problem, not ours. I am content to leave those people alone, or to shoot them dead if they don’t.

  2. It seems to me that the argument used by Islamic scholars is little more than a variation of the class warfare ploy used by socialists over the past 100 years. By creating a victim mentality, it is easy to divide, conquer, and channel the energies of people who believe that myth—a myth they are inclined to believe because they have heard it so many times. And then, of course, move the subject in the direction the Islamic scholar wishes them to go. For an interesting parallel, one only need to examine how the Progressive movement used race to first divide the races, heap misery upon the American black, and then pretend that to champion their civil rights. Once achieved, invite the black man into your political party: promise him free stuff all the while and then claim that the opposing party are a bunch of racists. It is pure Marxism.

  3. Meanwhile,
    Al Qaeda Terrorist Threat Is Growing: Official, private assessments contradict president’s claim that group is on ‘path to defeat’

    Excerpt from the above link:

    ...[A] U.S. counterterrorism official said the threat posed by al Qaeda is growing. “From Africa to Pakistan, it is spreading systematically,” the official said.

    The official blamed the Obama administration policy of focusing its counterterrorism efforts almost exclusively on central al Qaeda.

    The focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan resulted in a lack of targeted counterterrorism efforts in other locations, the official said. The official added that counterterrorism efforts have been weakened by the administration’s policy of dissociating Islam from al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorism. The policy was a key effort of John Brennan, White House counterterrorism chief during the first Obama administration. As CIA director, Brennan has expanded the policy of limiting links between Islam and terrorism at the agency.

    The result is that Islamist terror groups are flourishing, posing direct threats to the United States and to U.S. interests outside the country...

    We ignore the coming reaping of the whirlwind at our own peril. Ostriches with their heads in the sand make easy targets.

  4. And Obama wants to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees. What could go wrongl

  5. Too bad you don't speak any Arabic, Sam. I'd love to hear details on how the Constitution is going to be supplanted by Sharia.
    Pure delusion.

    Hardly matters. President Big Drone and his enthusiastic Patriot Act bed wetting enablers are doing a pretty good job.


  6. Islam is a cult and it is not a religion of peace. If only people would get their own copy of the Qur'an they would realize how frightening this cult/religion truly is.

    It's about domination, control, tyranny, slavery and death.

  7. I'd be surprised if you have read the Q'uran or an analysis. Leticia.

    I can't imagine you reading a sacred text other than the Bible.

  8. exactly what Mustang expressed in spades!

  9. Outstanding, Sam and Mustang!

    And thank you, 'DUCK... There's A Whole Flock Of 'Em!' and the 'Nameless One,' for YOUR edification on the subject. Y'all wouldn't happen to sorta roll that Islamatic way, would you? When the Sharia hits the fan, remember to tell 'em how smart you are. They'll be impressed.

  10. P.S. -- 'DUCK... There's A Whole Flock Of 'Em!'

    I was gonna light you up about that remark you said to Leticia -- then I thought about the mentality I would be dealing with... or, lack of it.

    But I will anyway.

    Example: "I can't imagine you reading a sacred text other than the Bible." Your words, 'Duck For It' -- not mine.

    1) Very few Christians are going to read the filth in its entirety for fear of being struck down by a bolt of lightning. 2) There is no sacred text other than the Bible -- The Trinity said it, I believe it, end of discussion. 3) Take the day off and rearrange your stacks of porno mags and videos and stick the Quran on top of 'em -- or, where the sun don't shine. 4) Here's hoping you and the 'Nameless One' have an Islamic Day (literal translation: Helluva Day.)

  11. Marine4ever,
    I see that you couldn't resist. **chuckle**

  12. AOW -- my tolerance level (like my attention span) is very short! LOL!

  13. Ducky: From your comments here, do I take it that you agree with the idea that Sharia should work its way into the lawbooks?

  14. Ducky said: "LOOK OVER THERE, SCARY MUSLIMS !!!"

    If just a few people had pointed out the scary ones and not ignored them, 9/11 would not have happened.

  15. A good start would be a 2x4 up side your head, FT.

  16. Marine4ever,
    FYI...The FT you commented to is an imposter of FreeThinke, who is also called "FT."

  17. So, for future reference, did I do good or a bad? I just do what the voices tell me to do.

  18. Marine4ever,
    You did good.

    Just be aware that I have an imposter hanging trolling my site.

  19. AOW -- That's what I hate about all this blogging stuff. Can't get any one-on-one (or, one-on-three or four) physical contact.

  20. Marine4ever,
    Blogging is a strange venue -- that's for sure.


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