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Saturday, June 8, 2013


(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

DC ambulance breaks down while transporting shooting victim to hospital

Georgetown Alumni Petition Cardinal to Remove School's Catholic Status

Obamacare to Raise Californians' Individual Premiums 64% to 146%

HHS Chief Sebelius: Obamacare Will Favor Gays Over Straight People

The Obamas' out-of-control travel spending [NYT!]

Suckers learning a lesson?  Maybe, maybe not.

HHS "sex-education" web site for girls aged 10-16

Former Top Obama Adviser David Plouffe Say IRS Targeting Conservative Groups “Not Political”

Maryland School Suspends 11-Year-Old Boy For Saying Word “Gun” While On Bus


  1. You are simply documenting the decline of the once great nation called the United States of America. Sad indeed.

  2. Wow! It seems that nimcompoopery is bbecoming the norm.

  3. But just in case you've been in a coma for the past 2 years, and you haven’t heard yet, Osama Bid Laden dead, and General Motors is alive.... and so is the Muslim Brotherhood!! Good GAWD what has happened to this country in such a short time.

    Start accumulating mementos of the late, and great United States of America....your great-grand-kids may be able to sell them on Ebay in the future ..

  4. Headless Chihuahua Is Second Maimed Animal Found At Knights Landing Home

    June 6, 2013 5:30 PM

    KNIGHTS LANDING (CBS13) — Yolo County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a gruesome discovery—a beheaded Chihuahua left inside a Knights Landing resident’s car.

    Late Thursday morning, Ashley Immel, 20, reported finding a headless female, brown Chihuahua laying on its back in the driver’s seat of their sedan. The dog appeared to be mutilated with a sharp object, likely a knife.

    The body was just like there, and like the stomach was sliced open too,” she said. “It was properly placed for it to be seen there.”

    A spokeswoman with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department says the evidence of the scene suggests the Chihuahua wasn’t killed in the car.

    “There was very little blood, so it appears the animal was killed elsewhere,” said Vicky Fletcher, the chief animal services officer with the Yolo Sheriff’s Department.

    While investigating the discovery of the dog’s mutilated body, deputies learned it’s not the first time Immel found a dead canine on the property.

    She said she discovered the head of a terrier left in a boat two weeks ago. She didn’t report that discovery until Thursday.

    Immel wonders if a few brawls in her past could be coming back to haunt her.

    “No one likes to get beat up by a girl,” she said. “There were a few tussles. They probably wouldn’t forget something along those lines of getting beat up by a girl.”

    Neither dog belonged to the residents and the sheriff’s office believes the two crimes are related.

    “We are hoping someone might come forward if they saw something, or if they’ve had an animal go missing recently,” Fletcher said.

    The sheriff’s office encourages anyone with information to call its Animal Services Section at (530) 669-5827.

  5. We know Bin-Laden is dead because his name appears on a list of voters from Chicago.

  6. Breitbart's slipping, AOW. That clown Blatty has been suing Georgetown for years.

    The question of insurance premiums refers to the insurance exchange and isn't relevant to individual private health insurers. If Breitfart cared about reporting there would be information about the level of exchange premiums.

  7. Why is it that whenever I see the word Nincompoopery, I think of Shaw?

  8. The short answer to your question, George, is because you're an imbecile.

    If not, you give an awfully good imitation of one. Is that how you want to be known?

    -------------> Katharine Heartburn

  9. Duck,
    What do you make of THIS In Forbes, dated May 30, 2013?

    More information via a Google search of "insurance premiums in california rising" -- without the quotation marks.

    There is also THIS in the Baltimore Sun, dated June 4, 2013:

    ...CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, the region's largest insurer, is seeking an average rate increase of 25 percent for those who buy coverage individually. Some of its customers could see increases of 100 percent to 150 percent.


    Chet Burrell, the CEO of CareFirst, has said insurers need to implement a 25 percent premium increase because the cost of health care under the law is uncertain. ...

  10. Thanks for your idiotic reply Katy Heartburn, coming from the likes of you, that's a badge of honor.

  11. Sam, your comment didn't show up on my Web page. I got a notification of it in my e-mail. Can you try it again? I want to respond to the question about JB.

    InfidelMarine4Ever (aka Chuck)

  12. AKA Chuck, I can’t remember what I wrote now. Did the comment go into your spam folder?

    Are you Mongolian?

  13. Wayne Root, class of 1983 Columbia University FINALLY tells us when the obummer presidency plan was hatched. Very interesting and illuminating reading at my blog today. Please feel free to "redistribute", with or without a hat tip, I don't care.

  14. 34-year-old Nathaniel McRae's family will be living well after they win the huge lawsuit! Thanks obummer!


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