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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Video: A Forest Year

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

With a hat tip to Bob's Blog:

According to the YouTube blurb:
This was a year-long experiment with a time-lapse camera in my window, and 40,000 still images made into a short film....


  1. Shades of Edward Steichen, who planted a little sapling he planted outside his window, and took, I believe, one photograph of the tree each day for many years. The result shows the sapling's development into a mature tree in all four seasons and all weathers.

    I have read about this, but I have yet to see the results of this project of Steichen's old age. Perhaps it too is available online?

    We must look.

    At any rate this, whether directly inspired by Steichen or not, is both fascinating and beautiful.

    I LOVE time lapse photography.

  2. The human soul needs a break from politics for sanity's sake.

    We political bloggers talk about the proliferation of ugliness so much of the time, but we must not forget that there is still beauty and tranquility in the world. It's corny to say "Stop and smell the roses." But we need to do so!

  3. Thanks! I needed that.

  4. AOW, your comment on the cell phone disappeared from that photo because I tweaked it a little and reposted it. Comments don't get saved.

    I hadn't even noticed the girl on the phone. It's almost just a matter of fact that group shots will involve electronics a high percentage of the time.

    Yeah, absolutely beautiful day, about 70 degrees, bone dry air with a slight breeze. The swans, robins, and mallards were out. The trees are blossoming. You take a ride on the swan boats and what do you do ... get on the phone of course.

    Nation of addicts. I was aware but you've got me looking a little closer now.

    Someone actually had one go off during a Liszt piece at the Gardner today. FT would have really enjoyed it.

  5. Duck,
    I had to boost the size of the photo to notice the detail I mentioned.

    I am growing more and more disgusted when I'm out and about because of all the people glued to their Iphones, as if the devices hold the secrets of the universe. People are missing out on real life! Parents are ALLOWING their children to miss out on real life. God only knows what's happening to the attention spans of these young people, who won't even leave their phones long enough to eat Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

    I'm finding it more and more difficult to buy a cell phone without all the Internet bells and whistles. Last summer, when Mr. AOW and I had to buy new cell phone because our old ones were acting up, the store didn't even carry a phone that wasn't a Smart Phone! We had to special order flip phones, which we use as the intercom here, for medical emergencies when Mr. AOW has to communicate with me while he's on the paratransit system, and for pick-up notification from the paratransit bus.


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