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Friday, April 5, 2013

Blasphemy Laws Vs. Freedom Of Expression

With with a hat tip to Mark Alexander of A New Dark Age Is Dawning:

Mark also cited the following in his post:
As shown in Silent Conquest, throughout Europe, in Canada, and even in the United States, judicial systems in countries with large Muslim minorities are under pressure to adopt Sharia free speech restrictions. As a result, in many places, including Denmark, it is now a crime to say anything negative about Islam or the prophet Mohammed, regardless of whether such statements are factual or not. The concept that even offensive speech is protected—so fundamental to the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment—is collapsing.
Additional reading (from Creeping Sharia): Another U.S. Muslim calls for limiting American’s 1st Amendment rights…to protect Muslims.


  1. "an imposition of foreign sharia law on American citizens." Since I like my head where it currently resides (firmly esconced on my shoulders) I will not speak or write negatively about islamofacists or their gutter religion.

  2. Europe has never had free speech laws like we have in the US. In fact, they consider our first amendment radical and dangerous, so they have set themelves up for this.

    Holocause denial (a grotesque absurdity) is punishable by law, as is brandishing nazi parephernalia.

    So the Euros were never comfortable or happy with free speech, and now the chickens have come home to roost.

    No worries, they don't breed anymore, anway. There will be no "Europeans" left on the continent in a few centuries.

    A people more robust will spring up in their place.

  3. Welcome to the devolution of the progress of the world. Back to the Stone Age. We will be foraging before this ends.

  4. There are calls on a regular basis for Sharia law here in the US, for our courts to submit to Sharia law when Muslims are before the court.

    I remember reading the book A New Dark Age Is Dawning when it was first published. Scary stuff but I think everyone needs to read it.

    Right Truth

  5. Since Marylander's lost the "right" to bear arms under the second amendment last night, I doubt that the first amendment has a chance in Hell of lasting another decade.

    After all, without the "real politik" power of guns, the people don't stand a chance against government usurpations of power and abrogation of "right".

  6. They demand respect while offering none. How absurd is that?

  7. IF God is truly offended by "blasphemy," those who offend Him will receive condign punishment in God's own time. Punishing "blasphemers," "heretics," and "non-conformists" is no proper business for us mortals.

    If someone points a finger at me, and shouts, "GOD DAMN YOU!" it doesn't faze me in the least. I only feel sorry for the poor fool who said it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with me. The problem exists only between the one shouting curses and God.

  8. Holocaust Denial (an umbrella term with several shades of meaning) may be "a grotesque absurdity," but the very idea that IT -- or any other pattern of thought or mode of verbal expression should be punishable with JAIL TIME is about as NAZI-ESQUE and STALIN-ESQUE is anything could be.

    The post-war proscription against ANY and ALL forms of criticism, analysis or questioning of the motives of Jews is the ROOT and BRANCH of the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that is destroying us today - and has been for a several decades. Policing THOUGHT and OPINION is the absolute ANTITHESIS of LIBERTY and is certain to bring about the DEATH of JUSTICE and a REVERSION to DESPOTISM.

    Like Thomas Jefferson before me "I am UNALTERABLY OPPOSED to ANY form of TYRANNY over the MIND of MAN."

    "I my not agree with what you say, but I would defend to the death your right to say it."

    ~ Voltaire (1694-1778)

    "If men are precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter."

    ~ Washington (1732-1799)

    "We can never be sure that the opinion we wish to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still."

    ~ John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

    "If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought – not free thought for those that agree with us, but freedom for the thought that we hate."

    ~ Oliver W. Holmes (1841-1935)

  9. I do not believe in honoring TABOOS.

    I do not believe ANYONE, any GROUP, or any CLASS has a "right" never to be criticized, insulted, scolded, or annoyed, IF the negative comments can be justified with clear and convincing evidence.

    Paradoxically, however, I do not believe in freedom for those who have sworn to deprive us of our freedom on any and all levels.


  10. Above all remember and abide by these things.




    When it is a matter of kill or be killed, whatever means you must use to survive are perfectly justified. Martyrdom for the sake of Principle is strictly for aspiring saints.

  11. Give me a break!


    This could be the dumbest statement ever made. Must we tolerate those who bully us? Must we tolerate government that seeks to deprive us of our liberty? Must we tolerate abusive relationships? Must we suffer fools?

  12. "Questioning the motives of Jews" is extremism in itself, but I support the rights of free expression, even if it happens to be irrational racism (rabid hatred of Jews) as found in the quote.

  13. As stated before, the only reason that so many Muslim countries have "Blasphemy Laws" is that the foundations and doctrines of Islam are so weak that this religion can't stand up to or hold up to criticism.

  14. Thanks for finding and sharing this important video. Linked here:

  15. Debbie,
    The book you mentioned, The Dawning of a New Dark Age: A Collection of Essays on Islam, was written by Mark Alexander, whose web site is HERE.

    On May 3, Mark will be the scheduled guest on The Gathering Storm Radio Show, the internet radio show which I co-host with WC every week.

  16. It is easy to love the idealized figure of a poor, helpless neighbor, the starving African or Indian, for example; in other words, it is easy to love one's neighbor as long as he stays far enough from us, as long as there is a proper distance separating us. The problem arises at the moment when he comes too near us, when we start to feel his suffocating proximity - at this moment when the neighbor exposes himself to us too much, love can suddenly turn into hatred.

    -Slavoj Zizek, "Enjoy Your Symptom"

    Can and will.

    For Žižek this is the predicament of Western civilization. Refusing higher causes or even an ability to imagine what one would fight for, modern man goes the way of Nietzsche’s Last Man who stands for nothing, takes no risks and seeks only security, daily pleasures and basic expressions of tolerance for one another. In this depoliticized realm, freedom becomes freedom from victimization or harassment and passion is mobilized primarily through moral indignation or fear (2009: 25, 36).

    - Tina Managhan, "Krisis

    ...tick, tock! The timebomb of immigration is now "off and running" thanks to the spineless politicians currently negotiating immigration "amnesty" in DC.

  17. "Blasphemy" Laws and new speech regulations like "political correctness" are merely a "symptom" of our alien neighbors being moved more closely in... it's the engineering equivalent of putting a lid on a pot of water... as the temperature underneath it is raised to ever "higher" heat levels... soon it will no longer be able to hold back the "explosive" forces contained within.

  18. America doesn't have a "population" growth problem. Japan and Europe's is even "less" acute. Population levels are FALLING, and are well below replacement levels in ALL developed nations.

    The problem is one of second and third world immigration. There, the population levels are well above replacement levels.

  19. Solve the immigration problem, and the "blasphemey" and "political correctness" problems solve themselves.

  20. Thanks Right Truth. I have just added a link to your website on mine. Kind words.

  21. "Must we suffer fools?"

    Apparently we must.

    As someone quoted not long ago, "The Mother of Fools is always pregnant."

    God must have loved fools, for He made so many of them.

    I suspect fools exist for the sole purpose of making all us smart people feel superior. Ya think? ;-)

  22. '"Questioning the motives of Jews" is extremism in itself, but I support the rights of free expression, even if it happens to be irrational racism (rabid hatred of Jews) as found in the quote.'

    Your rabid paranoia, keen misperception and extreme ethnocentrism are showing, D. Marks, all of which ill become you.

    This tactic may have cowed 99% of society into cringing silence, but it won't silence me. Neither will it shame me, because there is nothing to be ashamed about in telling the truth as one sees it.

    I do not accept your warped interpretation of my sentiments as anything faintly resembling the truth.

    I do not "hate" anything, except most products of the popular culture, which I regard as debased and pernicious in the extreme, but I admit to a hearty dislike of out-and-out CENSORSHIP masquerading as PROTECTION of MINORITY "rights." We call it "PC" and not only does it stink to high heaven, it has rotted out the very SOUL of honest public discourse and principled, well-reasoned debate.

    A brilliant movie called Gentleman's Agreement poignantly addressed this kind of thing from the point of view of a once-despised minority. It was a good movie with a useful message, because it served the interests of Truth.

    Today, however, we have instituted a hideously distorted fun house mirror image of the original "Gentleman's Agreement," and instead of targeting "minorities," which was admittedly bad, we are now using the tactic to destroy OURSELVES, which is equally bad if not worse.

    At the risk of sounding hopelessly trite all I can say to that is TWO WRONGS NEVER HAVE -- AND NEVER WILL -- MAKE A RIGHT.

  23. Obama Department Of Housing Launches Campaign To Encourage Muslims To File Discrimination Complaints: ...In a press release announcing the media campaign, HUD said it is designed to “educate the public and housing providers about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.”

    The campaign will encourage individuals to file complaints under the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which made it illegal to discriminate in the sale or rental of housing based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, familial status or disability.

    A Muslim woman wearing a hijab is the subject of one ad that says, “Is religious discrimination keeping you out of the home of your dreams?”


    HUD said the poster of the woman “wearing traditional Muslim headdress highlights the persistence of discrimination based on religion.”

  24. I don't view being anti-any group of people as necessarily qualifying as extremism. Based on any number of factors, people like whom they like and dislike people whom they dislike.

    Individuals have always disliked and distrusted groups of people -- groups of "the other." However, individuals often find that they actually like individuals belonging to "the other group."

    For example, from 1993-1998, a Muslim man and his wife, a Christian, moved into our neighborhood. Mr. AOW and I were THE ONLY PEOPLE in this neighborhood who were friendly with Mohammed (his actual name) and his family. We housesat for each other, we ate dinner together, etc. My neighbors were horrified and made no secret that they disapproved.

    So, although I am wary of Muslims, especially since 9/11, I find that I like certain individual Muslims.

    The problem with anti-"the other" occurs when the government or individuals mistreat or persecute "the other."

  25. FT,
    The post-war proscription against ANY and ALL forms of criticism, analysis or questioning of the motives of Jews is the ROOT and BRANCH of the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that is destroying us today...

    I'm not sure that it is the root. It may be a manifestation, however.

    As for the Holocaust, it was motivated by both politics (the quest for absolute power) and anti-Semitism. The latter was particularly was because Jews were easily identified for a number of reasons.

    Those seeking absolute power always look for scapegoats.

  26. Since Marylander's lost the "right" to bear arms under the second amendment last night, I doubt that the first amendment has a chance in Hell of lasting another decade.

    Well, Maryland was founded by 17th Century Papists, and the state quickly became the leading African slave importer and breeder, so it's kinda par for the course that they'd continue down their totalitarian road.

    Meanwhile, in the United States of America, legislatures across the country are enacting laws that criminalize the enforcement of any federal gun laws.

  27. @ FreeThinke: "Holocaust Denial (an umbrella term with several shades of meaning) may be "a grotesque absurdity," but the very idea that IT -- or any other pattern of thought or mode of verbal expression should be punishable with JAIL TIME is about as NAZI-ESQUE and STALIN-ESQUE is anything could be."

    We agree.

  28. Dear Mr. President, a title which I pray you soon will not have. You call yourself an American. I’m not talking about where you were born, or what race you are. I’m talking about the American ideals we live by. You say you believe and will uphold these ideals, but you don’t. Like I said, I’m not talking about where you were born or what race you are…. You sir, are not an American.

    I will tell you what it means to be an American. I’m not speaking for every American, I’m speaking for the ideals our Founding Fathers instilled in us. Freedom, justice, liberty. Are you aware of what each of these mean? Do you know what it means to be a Patriot? As a President, you’re our leader. As a leader of a Nation, the people of that Nation need to be your number ONE priority. Americans. You’re number one priority is to keep us safe. So, when radicals are attacking an embassy and FOUR Americans are requesting help, you send help. You don’t go to sleep, you don’t fly to Vegas, you don’t tell anyone to stand down, you don’t blame it on a video and you sure as hell should have some compassion, when they die…Because of you.

    You are a sorry excuse for a leader, you are no American Patriot. You don’t send aid and our tax dollars to support a Muslim Brotherhood that are enemies of everything we stand for. You don’t tell Russia who supports Iran, Syria and the Brotherhood that you’ll have more flexibility after the election. You support the Occupy movement and you said so yourself. The Occupy movement, the enemies of the Constitution? You don’t support the racism of whites by walking with Black Panthers and listening to a “Reverend” that hates America. You don’t say that the Constitution is flawed, racist and imperialistic. You don’t expand the power of the executive branch and you sure as hell don’t take more and more freedoms and liberty away from the American people.

    Patriotism? Please…. The only goal you have is to destroy America economically. Record debt, deficit, and the number of people on welfare is up 17 million? If spending 4 trillion in 8 years is unpatriotic, spending 6 trillion in 4 is anti-American. Socialism is not welcome. To call yourself “not socialist” is extremely ridiculous and untrue. I would also like to know why you sued Arizona and chose lawlessness and open boarders over the citizens of Arizona.

  29. Why do you continue to lie to us? We have more pieces to this Benghazi puzzle then you have lies. Tell the truth and face the music like a man. A man who cares about the better of the nation. You said you would find and prosecute the people responsible for this attack. You received an email that night explaining who did this, they admitted it! You will not seek justice for any of them. An ambassador, 2 Navy Seals, and an Air Force Sec ops are dead. This should fill you with rage and compassion. Compassion for those who have died and those families who have lost someone and rage for those who have committed this atrocity. You know why you have neither of these? Because you could have prevented this and you did nothing. This is YOUR fault.

    You’re bringing my Country down and this cannot continue. I pray that Americans will wake up, and that you may be impeached. Our economy, our defense, our military and everything is weaker. If I hated America I would love to have you as President. But you know I don’t, I love this Country and so do millions of other Americans who will stand with me. You have until January to take away the rest of our freedoms and liberties away, and to ruin this country as much as possible. And then a Real American will move into the White House. Why are folks like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, REAL Americans? They all have one thing in common, they believe in limited Govt., Free Market, Freedom, Liberty, A strong Military, Low Taxes. And they really LOVE America. I think by know you realize I’m talking about all the things you’re against. Being American doesn’t mean you were born here, it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, it doesn’t matter what gender or by what name you call God. It’s about being Free. And Americans will make sure it stays that way.


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