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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Musical Interlude

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Christian August Sinding's Fr├╝hlingsrauschen (Rustle of Spring, 1896):


  1. One of my favorite pieces of Parlor Piano Music. My Kindergarten teacher played very well, and played this for us. My aunt played it too, so it was an early inspiration for me. I couldn't WAIT to learn it, and pestered the life out of my poor mom and dad to get me a piano.

    I played this piece for the school assembly when I was ten years old along with Paderewski's Minuet and Felix Arndt's Nola -- a favorite of my father's -- and really thought I had "arrived." ;-).

    My teacher, who wanted me to study nothing but Bach and Mozart was not pleased that I had learned these things on my own, but I played them anyway, and got great applause too. ;-)

    Those were the days ...

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. PS: The blossoming trees made a lovely background. Have the cherry trees come out yet around the Tidal Basin? There's no prettier sight in all the world.

  3. FT,
    Glad that you enjoyed this selection!

    I think that I may have played this piece back in the day.

    Have the cherry trees come out yet around the Tidal Basin?

    We had a recent cold snap, and the blossoms are behind schedule as compared to what was predicted earlier.

    Around Northern Virginia, the trees are not blossoming all that much yet.

    I'm going into D.C. today to a concert and will see what's what. I will not, however, be going to the Tidal Basin per se today.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks, AOW.

  5. I wish I had the talent some of these musicians have in the music videos you post.

    Right Truth

  6. I can picture the "fructifying" breezes blowing the pollen through the orchards...

  7. ...oh, wait...THAT is the accompanying visual. Never mind. ;)

  8. Goes well with the "Welcome to Always on Watch" to the right of it.
    I've a piano background but had never heard it before.
    FTs comment: "was not pleased that I had learned these things on my own" reminded me that I never enjoyed playing the piano til my teens, when I started playing what "I" liked.

  9. I like the new site! Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

  10. Those DC cherry blossoms sure are blooming late this year. Whatever happened to global warming?


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