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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is Allah Satan?

Watch this short video only 3.5 minutes long, and decide for yourself (hat tip to Pastorius of Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Link to Sahih Bukari

Pastorius commented as follows:
There's also the fact that when Mohammed first heard Allah's word he believed he was possessed by Satan.


Allah told Mohammed that he was "the greatest of all deceivers."


  1. Very direct and to the point.

    The longer route to the same place is the archaeological evidence that the name "Allah" is derived from "Ba'al."

  2. For the first time in our lives, the world can literally be on fire. The Middle East is now a tinder box. Prophesy is almost complete.

  3. Cast thy burden upon the Lord
    And He shall sustain thee

    He never will suffer the righteous to fall
    He is at thy right hand.

    Thy mercy Lord is great
    And far above the heavens.

    Let none be ashamed that wait upon Thee.

    ~ Elijah, as interpreted by Felix Mendessohn

    " ... The ungodly are not so,
    But are like the chaff
    Which the wind driveth away ..."

    ~ The Book of Psalms

  4. The power of Satan infuses any determination to inflame passions that lead to jealousy, antagonism, aggression, theft, destruction and murder.

    By that token Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament given to us by the ancient Jews, could also be said to have been demonic.

    READ the OT. It is a grim horror story with few if any redeeming features. Jesus, the Christ, came to CORRECT the misunderstanding of God's true nature as portrayed in the Pentateuch, and REDEEM us from the corrupt, acquisitive, bellicose nature of the ancient Semitic tribes.

  5. FT,
    In my view, the just God of the Old Testament was preparing the pathway to salvation as presented in the New Testament. The God of the Old Testament hates sin the way that little children hate liver -- only He hates it even worse.

    The Law is the mirror which exists to make us see our need for a Savior. In addition, the Old Testament is filled with types foretelling the New Covenant.

    The Israelites longed for an earthly king. Well, they got one: King Saul. Didn't work out so well. He looked the part, but was corrupt in his soul.

    Jesus made it clear that God's Kingdom is not of this world.

    the God of the Old Testament given to us by the ancient Jews, could also be said to have been demonic.

    I don't agree and would like to discuss this further. But I have to shut down the computer right now and head out the door for work! Late already!

  6. I think we throw around the word Satan too freely. Satan can use people, deceive, influence, but there is only one Satan just as there is only one Jesus. Just my opinion. We should not use the term too broadly.

    That's not to say that someone cannot possess the traits of Satan, do evil deeds, etc.

    Allah in Islamic terms never really existed. A figment of a deranged mind.

    Did Satan influence that deranged mind to create the religion? I don't know.

    Is it possible that some who worship "Allah" as in Islam, have simply been caught up in that religion and perhaps in their own hearts are looking to and searching for the real one true God of the Bible? Maybe.

    Right Truth

  7. Video aside, it must be noted that the Qur'anic Sciences confirm that the Isa of the Islamic tradition is not the Jesus of the Biblical tradition.

    "Far be it from Allah to have begotten a son." The aforementioned and other nuggets of information weave a picture of a man who is much different than the Jesus of the Bible.

    Isa - was one of three who spoke from the cradle. (Qur'anic tradition.) He spoke, in defense of his mother. Biblical tradition notes that Joseph married Mary prior to the birth of Christ to protect her from accusation. There was little need for defense for a married woman when giving birth.

    I have always noted that based on the primary source documents of Islam, there is ample evidence that Isa, while being of the prophetic tradition in Islam, is not the Biblical Jesus, who is known by one very powerful name: Son of God.

    *You know the plan.... You get the fatwa, you flee with your cats, and I fly to the east coast to squat in your home. *Be sure and stock the pantry. wink

    Tammy Swofford

  8. Allah is but the creeaion of Muhammad, a evil and despicable man.

  9. So called extremist 'Christians' are hypocritical haters and so open to crap like this. That's the true definition of evil for me

  10. Anonymous is right ... there is just so many cases where extremist Christians are running around cutting off teh heads of innocent Muslims. I say, enough is enough!

    Or, alternatively, anonymous is a verifiable jerk-off.

  11. I have always found it interesting that the notion of good vs. evil never manifested itself in the Abrahamic texts until after the Persians enslaved northern Hebrews, and their exposure to Zoroastrianism for several hundred years It makes one question the chronology of the ancient texts; it makes one wonder about the entire notion of man’s temptation by the serpent.

    Personally, I think the serpents are getting a bad rap, here. I do think there is evil in the world; I do think mankind is capable of the worst possible behavior without blaming some kind of “evil personae.” Remember the comedy sketch from years ago? It isn’t my fault … the devil made me do it.

    So I think Right Truth has an excellent point: what we know most about religion was told to us by our parents, and even once we’ve grown to adulthood, some of those things are destined to stay with us for the balance of our lives. We may not agree with the tenets of Islam, but it is certainly understandable why people do believe such things. It is the same reason we believe the things we believe. Like Debbie, I have no clue whether “Satan” is behind any religion, intentionally leading souls astray. Like Debbie, I think we should exercise caution before attaching the personae of evil to one religion. History tells us that much evil was done in the name of Christ, as well.

  12. I truly don't understand.

    You are an intelligent person and I admire your devotion to Mr. AOW but I simply cannot understand what makes you stoop to this shallow silliness.

  13. Islam isn't the first or only religion that states that there is one God and considers the idea that God had a son to be heresy. One other religion that states this is Judaism, the religion from which Christianity and Jesus arose.

    What intrigues me more is how people today readily associate some particularly odious action or behaviour to be confirmation of the long anticipated End Times as envisioned biblically. Is there any possibility that some events of the past have been managed by man himself essentially following a "script" to fool others into certain actions and behaviour? Thinking here about the "creation" of the state of Israel from the writings of Theodor Herzl, the writing of the Balfour Declaration and the push for a new Israeli state ... sanctioned by, of course, The United Nations.

  14. Yes the pagan moon god Allah is in a sense Satan. That is inspite of the the Islamists claim which is that god of Islam is the same god as the God of the Bible. This claim is false. For example Though the passing of time it has become wildly accepted that the word Allah is just the Arabic word of God. This started when truth compromising Bible "translators" substitued the word Allah when the word God should have been uses in the Arabic translation of the Bible. Furthermore, in the glossary in the book ASSASSINS ! by Dr, Haha defines Allah as the "Pre-Islamic lunar god: the god of Islam." Likewse in the book INSIDE ISLAM by Reza F. Safa on pages 22,23 reads "In pre-Islamic times both Allah -worship and Baal-worship involved the worship of the sun, the moon and the stars which defines them as atral religions[Which are condemned in the Bible, Second Kings 21;3,5. 23:5. Second Chronicles 33;5.] The cresent moon, which was the symbol of moon worship is also the symbol of Islam." In short, the god of Islam is not the God of the Bible.

    The words in brackets are my own.
    Moreover,the above truth is further exposed in the books
    WHO IS THIS ALLAH ? by G.J.O.Moshay
    UNVEILING ISLAM by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner
    PHILISTINE by Ramon Bennett
    Theses are just a few of many books which expose this reality.

  15. Well even more parochial is the apparent belief here that "King of Kings" is an expression that has only been used in reference to Christ.

    But the right seems happy in their hermetic world view.

  16. Furthermore, in the glossary in the book ASSASSINS ! by Dr, Haha
    I'm not touching that.

  17. Why did I post this video?

    I found it interesting -- that's why.

    We have free will. Each of us can decide for ourselves whether or not we agree with what the video presents.


  18. Is Satan's servant, The Antichrist closer to us than anytime in our history?

  19. Very interesting. I never connected the two. I always believed that Islam was designed and created by Satan himself and yes, of course, Allah.

    Beamish is correct about Ba'al.

    It's the spirit of the anti-christ manifested through these vile and evil religions.


  20. Is B.O. the Antichrist? He exudes evil with every disingenuous comment that he makes to every outright lie that he tells! He smirks, smiles and fools lots of people (Sheeple). He is the embodiment of a once great nation in deep decline. He has been present each and every time great nations have collapsed. His phantom background is not without reason; he comes and goes, at will!

  21. Allah is just a foreign name for God. The French call him Dieu, the Spanish Dio, the Germans Gott, etc. Every language has a different name for God. It is the complete misunderstanding of prevalent in every culture of who and what God really is that causes all the trouble.

    God is entirely positive. The devil is His polar opposite -- completely negative. Whenever we embrace a negative view we are inspired by the devil.

    The malignant ugliness we see in Islam is as much a part of ourselves as it is the Mohammedans. The twin capacities for good and evil exist in all human beings of any and all faiths.

    The Islamists have just been even more conditioned than we by poor leadership too look on the dark side and take the negative view. What we fear and despise in them is not their "God," Allah, but their tragic misperception of Truth.

    The Islamists are where the ancient Jews and the European Christians were in Mediaeval times. "We" have advanced (a little), "they" still have much catching up to do.

  22. But Islam is a religion of peace...


  23. I cannot recommend the Caner brothers (I have read their work) anymore than I can recommend Greg-the-Liar and his "Three cups of Tea".

    Their scholarship is sloppy at best.


  24. FT,
    No religion can catch up if a fundamentalist tenet thereof involves killing "the other" as the pathway to eternal life.

  25. FT,
    Allah is just a foreign name for God.


    But the larger question is this: How do the attributes of Allah differ from Dieu, Dios, Gott, etc.?

  26. Allah and satan work in collaboration ..proven from muslim sources ...read and prove me wrong...

  27. Allah and Satan work in collaboration with each other ...proven from Muslims sources...read and prove me wrong....


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